Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dan Calic writes......

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Dan Calic writes:


As many of you know there are concerted efforts to come against Israel by
many groups from divergent locations and perspectives.

Our internet security ranks as one of the most attacked in the world.
According to a 2012 article, Israel faces between 10-20,000 cyber attacks
every day!
Now, a new effort to come against Israel has been announced.
A group of international hackers have apparently combined efforts to
"erase Israel from the internet." The attack is scheduled to take place
Sunday April 7. For an article on this click here.
To view a list of articles click here.
Interestingly the evening of April 7th is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Should the effort be successful, our ability to communicate to the outside
world will likely be compromised. This may impact our website, email, and most likely
our US phone number which is internet based.

We are sending this notice out in advance so you can be aware of this
evilness, and pray against it. Pray that G-d will thwart any effort by evildoers
to come against us. Pray that if our internet access is impacted,
the problem will be remedied quickly.

If there is an interruption our dear friends Brannon and Helen will provide
updates until we are back online.

Daniel Calic

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