Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mikael Thalen

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Mikael Thalen is the son of a friend of mine...He too, is my friend. It is quite amazing to me to see what all of his thoughts concerning various conspiracies and plots has metastasized into. Mikael is a very excellent writer, far better than am I and he is making a name for himself with well researched articles...I don't think he is yet 23 years old? Stay tuned...his articles are extremely informative.

After operating a clandestine ID program for over three decades without any statutory authority, the Washington State Department of Licensing in conjunction with the WASPC (Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs) introduced S.B. 5591 last February, in an attempt to give the program legitimacy after information of the program began to come out.

Although at least 22 states operate legitimate fictitious ID programs to aid undercover officers according to an American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration survey, Washington state's program was never authorized by the legislature and had virtually no rules or oversight. Not even the state's current and former Governors were aware allegedly. "We really have to have faith that these law enforcement agencies are using these properly," Department of Licensing Spokesman Brad Benfield said.
Benfield admitted that no one at the DOL even knows when the program began. According to agency officials no one has ever been turned down when requesting false IDs to their knowledge.

After the bill was rushed through the senate, questions were raised in the House Transportation Committee over details on the secret 30-year program which prompted a public records request by several representatives, who to this day have yet to receive any substantial information in writing.
“This is not a small program. We have been told there are over 1,200 active fake identifications that have been issued by the State of Washington," said Rep. Matthew Shea (R).

Information obtained thus far has revealed that multiple federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security took advantage of the secret program. One of the more shocking finds was the report that at least 288 false IDs have been issued to CIA agents since 2007. With such a large number currently in circulation, questions arose over how many IDs the CIA have received over the last 3 decades. Also given the fact that the CIA is not a law enforcement agency, massive constitutional violations are in question.

Other information obtained showed that the Department of Defense received the second most IDs behind the CIA with 198. A DOL email released Friday listed the official number of IDs given to federal agencies without naming specifics. Federal law enforcement agencies received 595 which accounts for 53 percent of the 1,121 currently issued. "A source inside DOL has even told us some were issued to law enforcement personnel of foreign governments. Are foreign law enforcement officers acting in a law enforcement capacity on US soil? This raises all kinds of constitutional issues and questions,” said Rep. Shea.

According to reports, Royal Canadian Mounted Police have illegally received IDs under the program. Whether or not any other foreign government took advantage of the program as well remains to be seen at this time. “We made very clear to them that we did not want to see any identifying information that might compromise undercover officers. However, I remain especially puzzled by the delay in giving us information on policy manuals about how the program operates and the portions of applications that identify the requesting entity and the stated reason why they need the fake identifications,” said Rep. Taylor.

Even with the Senate bill introduced, several representatives saw the program as too secretive regarding the guidelines for issuance. Rep. Jason Overstreet (R) introduced an amendment to define legitimate use and provide some transparency and accountability to the program. The WASPC and DOL claim the program’s internal rules are enough to control abuse and are taken seriously by everyone involved but have accepted Overstreet's amendment for oversight.

"This is about a basic level of accountability and oversight inside of a program that has been working outside of statutory authority since the 80s. No one is interested in compromising the safety of those individuals willing to put their lives on the line for the people of Washington state," said Overstreet, commenting on the need to protect officers while also protecting the rule of law.
If the senate bill does pass, the CIA would no longer be able to use the program. The CIA has refused to comment on their involvement at this time.

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