Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bill Cloud, is coming to Bonneylake, Washington

Tony Robinson, Bill Cloud & Jeff Morton

My good friend, Bill Cloud will be sharing on May 16, 2013 at Myer's Road Baptist Church. this is a small church located in Bonneylake, WA. The seating is limited so you must, absolutely must RSVP if you plan on coming out for this special night

Never stop Returning to the Beginning, to our Great God

You can contact Myer's Road Baptist Church directly

Here is what is confirmed on Bill's website "Itinerary"

Myers Road Baptist Church
6221 Myers Rd E
Bonney Lake, WA
Meeting @7PM
You MUST RSVP by email:
or by calling 253-863-7733
May 16, 2013 (Thursday night)

Bill Cloud was raised in a traditional Christian home in South Georgia. Yet, he has only been truly interested in his faith since the fall of 1988. After being born again, Bill immediately developed a hunger for the Word of God and in particular the Hebraic perspective of the Bible.

Shortly after his “born again” experience, Bill had the opportunity to visit Israel and participate in a
celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. It was during this time that God gave him a deep love for the land, the people and the language.

Under the tutelage of a local rabbi, Bill began studying Hebrew very soon thereafter and has become quite prolific at reading and writing the Holy Tongue. Since then, he has spent many hours studying, not only the Hebrew text, but the Hebraic roots of Christianity as well. This research has been rewarded with a keen insight into Biblical Judaism and its relationship to Christianity.

This interest is tied to Bill's desire to unlock the deep secrets of the Word of God and to teach them, along with our Hebraic roots, to believers in Messiah. Furthermore, this insight has allowed Bill to better understand the prophetic element of Scripture. As a result of this study, Bill has developed a variety of media resources dealing with prophetic themes as well as teachings related to our lost Hebraic heritage.

For five years, Bill and his wife Beth served as Youth Pastors in a large church in Central Florida. For over three years, Bill served as chief researcher, writer and Publications Director for Perry Stone and Voice of Evangelism Ministries. Since that time Bill has written articles for the Voice of Evangelism magazine, as well as for God's News Behind The News.

Bill is a featured speaker in venues throughout the country and has appeared with notable teachers such as Hal Lindsay, Jack Van Impe, John Hagee, Grant Jeffrey, Perry Stone, Tim La Haye, Chuck Missler, the late Yacov Rambsel, Zola Levitt and  J.R. Church
. He has also made several appearances on a variety of television broadcasts seen on TBN, Daystar, Inspiration, SkyAngel, WHT, and TCT.

Through Shoreshim Ministries, Bill and his family have launched an effort to re-introduce Christians to the Jewish Y’shua and to educate believers in the Hebraic roots of their faith. As a benefit of this information, disciples of the Messiah can more accurately interpret end-time events and better discern our role in these last days. Bill, his lovely wife Beth, and their four children reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.

 El Shaddai ministries welcomes Bill Cloud
April 11, 2011: Bill Cloud at El Shaddai Ministries - "Come out of her..." from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

Perry Stone & Bill Cloud

"Come Out of Her..."

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