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Another article from Victor Schlatter

April 1, 2013

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Lucifer's Left-Leaning Legacy

To my friends who know--as the old Adage goes--that The devil is in the detail,”
Everyone knows that Barack Obama went to Jerusalem in mid-March, but those who get their news from secular sources wouldn’t pick up what his real agenda was all about.
In Israel it’s no big secret that Obama declined the option of speaking to the Knesset where most of those newly elected lawmakers represent an Israeli cross-section of 80% who were less than cheery about his coming.  The grim irony, of course, is that just across the Pond, it was the votes of some 70% of the US Jews that helped him get elected!
While the 600 selected University students that he did address in Jerusalem’s main Convention Center were undoubtedly among that remaining 20% of “peace-mongers” who with knee-jerk glee, would gladly cede their birthright to Amalek with no thought of the Grad Missiles guaranteed to follow!  These younger liberal minds whose pity falls to Palestinian propaganda that—void of all history—has leapt into a crescendo of global venom in the last few decades against the offensive Jew—once again!  Notwithstanding, that hatred expressed in Arabic jihad-jargon consistently harks back to their hero Hitler, who “never finished” the genocidal job against those hated occupiers!  Self-hating Jews can also be conned, and crafty politicians know how to do it!
But we might also mention that those more patriotic tertiary students from Ariel University in Samaria, the Heartland of Israel--aka “The West Bank” by the more Islamic oriented--were strangely absent from the guest list of that handpicked 600!
So what!  Maybe those more liberal learners will pick up a few helpful clues?  A few clues indeed—but maybe not!  So just what new clues did the American President give them?
Among other issues, he did say a lot of nice things upon which these younger minds might meditate.  And that happened to include: “Israel has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.”
Seemingly there’s nothing wrong with that?  Not exactly, unless we check up on who the President might be quoting and why?
Ever hear of Saul Alinsky?  Unless you’re one of those bomb-building Underground Weathermen or the radical Black Panthers from the 1960’s and 70’s, or someone like Bill Ayers, you may not know.  The above quote came straight out of Alinsky’s infamous “Rules for Radicals” hand-book published in 1971.  But that may not be such a bad statement either, until we find out a bit more of Alinsky’s agenda not to mention his motivator!  Let’s have a look at World Net Daily’s full article on the matter:
World Net Daily Exclusive:   Obama Quotes Alinsky in Speech To Young Israelis--Channeling theme of 'Rules for Radicals' a book dedicated to Lucifer
JERUSALEM – In his address in Jerusalem today, President Obama channeled Saul Alinsky, citing the radical community organizer’s defining mantra as he urged young Israelis to “create change” to nudge their leadership to act.

Obama told a crowd of college students at Jerusalem’s main convention center that Israel “has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.”
One of Alinsky’s major themes was working with "the world as it is" to turn it into the world "as it should be.”
In his defining work, “Rules for Radicals", which he dedicated to “the first rebel,” Lucifer, Alinsky used those words to lay out his main agenda. He asserted radical change must be brought about by working within a system instead of attacking it from the outside.
“It is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system,” wrote Alinsky.
Obama related his Alinsky quote to a suggestion that “peace” begins with the people and not just the leadership – a statement some may relate to community organizing.
He further suggested Israelis do an end-run around the country’s leadership and “create the change that you want to see”…
For much  better insight, read the whole WND article:
Any guesses why he didn’t give this speech to the Knesset?  Any clues why he steered it to a combo of Arab-Israeli young-minded University students?  Any insight into why his advisors bypassed the 12,000 much more nationalistic students of Ariel University?

The whole deck is so stacked, my friends, it’s going to take the Messiah to re-deal the lot!

And on the more practical side:  Isaiah 64:1 cries out:  Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you! 

And also for more very serious research, I highly urge you to Google “Cloward-Piven Strategy--influence on Obama”: 
Or just simply Google:  “Cloward-Piven Strategy”.  I have already warned of some of this Marxist sleight of hand on our website under Israel Awareness Bulletins as early as 2007. Yet making an early forecast on the Web is one thing, while adding up the outcome of every Mid-East move the President has made since that time—reinforced with staged Cloward Piven economic chaos—is quite another! Moreover what is happening fits hand in glove with the above WND exposure of the man’s true agenda. And 80% of Israel has long-since discovered it!

Also there are two more “must-Googles”: "Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky" by Richard Poe and “Wayne Allyn Root a Classmate of Obama’s”.  Even Snopes has a positive pass on Wayne Allyn Root’s report with one noted hiccup—Obama did not go to Columbia University.  Instead he did 4 years of Political Science at Columbia College in New York prior to his law degree at Harvard. But all else is right on!

There is much data to dig out, garbage to Google, suspicions to sort and truth to be told.  But the bottom line is that the political power of the Caesar's plus the golden calf of Baal mentality is still alive and glittering!

So what’s the finale? I have no interest whatsoever in US politics or any other political shenanigans elsewhere, except as they intersect with the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Zephaniah or Zechariah. Significantly, this of course ties in to what now unfolds in Israel or with any major global players and how they in turn regard  Israel.

Moreover, in research on Cloward-Piven and Barack, Bill Ayers or the bomb builders, we dare not ignore that unmistakable drift to the New World Order. If you want to do a bit of Bible backup on the NWO, start with Isaiah 5:20 and search on through 2 Tim 3:16. Of course there is plenty more in between, so may the na├»ve take notice!  It hardly began with 9-11.

Shortly the globe will offer two “free and fair” democratic choices. One is a Judenrein, Ten Commandment-excised, Creation-cleansed society on a humanistic and Hellenistic free-for-all planet.  The other, if anyone still prefers a few “moral guide lines” for old-time’s sake, there’s always the Sharia law option that literally gets away with murder. So  that shouldn’t bother the politically correct anti-Judeo-Christian protesters one tiny bit!

But hold on! The Good Book does say that we should respect our leaders. Yet Yeshua did call Herod "that fox", and reformer Jehu did utter a few unmentionables for King Ahab’s wife Jezebel, but you could be forgiven for supposing that the world's morals have gone a bit downhill even since those days!

On the other hand, God calls crotchety Nebuchadnezzar “my servant” three times in the book of Jeremiah. And Pharaoh—as a tool of the Almighty—is much the same. In Ex 9:16 or Rom 9:17: He says to Pharaoh: "I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

I have met very few real believers who are not aware that the Western World is in for judgment big time!  Look at the leaders He has allowed! This bulletin goes to quite a few nations beyond the US and Israel.  The joke is these excuses of honorability cloud-over disasters as “Climate Change” and then even have the audacity to put a tax on the Judgments of Jehovah!  God have mercy!

But no fear here, my friends!  There are actually three options, not just the NWO or Sharia. Be assured, the real King of the Jews will come into his Kingdom quite on schedule!  And the way time flies these days, He’ll be here before we know it!

Psalm 68:1  May God arise and his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him. 

Victor Schlatter
South Pacific Island Ministries, Inc. 
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