Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Kingdom of Stupid Must Fall


Caution: I make a few statements allegorically here.....

I have for the last few days spoken with many Christians, all of whom are "Rock Solid" in their faith. All of them, every single one knowing very little about the Hebraic reality of the scriptures. Of course, I began to connect what they did know to the Old Testament or Tanakh. Every single one was stunned. Last night, I spoke with a gentlemen who said, "But the Jews killed Jesus and they really don't know the New Testament." So, I walked him back through his statement and pointed out to him the inaccuracy of his words asking, "Where does the Bible record that the Jews killed Jesus and that they don't know about him? I shared with him the actual truth saying to him, I know this to be true because those Jews that you speak of told me everything that I am sharing with you. I said, "They wrote it down; do you have your Bible with you?"

This sort of conversation is constant because of what Christians are taught or what is touted from most pulpits for nearly 1800 years. The facts are glossed over because of the indoctrination or subliminal antisemitic rhetoric that is woven into New Testament theology...Christians good, Jews bad! The person I was speaking with last night appeared confused for a moment but then his mind begun to adjust to what was the truth.  

If the Jews did not know about the Messiah why then did they record from Matthew to Revelation the story of his birth, life, death, burial and resurrection. Furthermore, why did all of the writers, before the disciples present to the world the planned entrance of whom Yahweh has designated to rule the nations from Jerusalem? The entire Bible is a book about a kingdom being established in the earth....

The nation of Israel would bring forth the King.

When we discard the lies that we have inherited we begin to see a confirmation of Yahweh doing exactly what the Jews recorded. One can bare witness of this from the beginning, from Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the Gospels, Islam, Russia, The United States of America, the rebirth of the nation of Israel, Hitler, Barack Obama...Ahmadinejad etc, etc, etc.

When we take off the lens taught to us by the believers who see "Darkly" and then return to the scriptures with the lens of God we begin to see his patterns and method of communication. This begins the process of confirmation of what the Holy Scriptures have always declared.....

The United States of America is discussing gay marriage through the highest court in the land. People are rallying all over the country in favor of this abomination. The confirmation of God establishing a kingdom in the earth absolutely guarantees a blistering judgment from the God of laws and statutes. His king will utterly destroy this concept from the coming kingdom.

The Babylonian, Greco-Roman system of governmental rule which is directly in opposition of how God ordered Israel to treat one another will also be shattered. Some will say that the people of Israel have never done this... obeyed God....Okay, let's say this to be true [Which is not true], this does not negate the ordinance or statutes of the LORD...His King will destroy everything that asserts itself against what the Creator of all things commands. "Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil though shall not eat"...sets the standard. The standard has not changed or evolved....It was written in stone, not open for debate!

A pastor said to me while in the restroom Sunday night, "So much hidden stuff in God's word" I responded, "Actually most of what you are learning tonight (Passover Seder) is not hidden at all." You have on the lens of seminary as opposed to the lens of Moses...I explained my statement and showed to him patterns, themes and concepts that reveal what seminary theologians have never known. As we walked out of the restroom he was teary eyed and said to me, "In less five minutes you have blown me away, thank you, thank you very much!" He extended his hand, told me his name adding, I have so much to go relearn.

I did nothing, the Bible has a way of bringing clarity when we are no longer bound by what we have been taught or how we have been indoctrinated based on the teaching of the past 1800 years that has always been against the Hebrews [in favor of the church]..........

America is about to experience the consequences of tossing God under the bus....Perhaps this will wake up our nation but the cost of breaking the laws of God will be devastating......If you think marriage between two men or two women is an acceptable thing in this modern world.....duck!

Supporting gay marriage is part and parcel with Babylon, Assyria, Persian, Greece, Rome and now Western civilization....God's kingdom is not religious nor is it based on abomination and rejection of his ordinances nor is it hidden! The rebirth of the nation of Israel is a marker of things to come! All hail the King of the Jews who saves the whole world from the lunacy of disobedience

A man cannot impregnate another man and a woman cannot impregnate another women hence the kingdom of stupid cannot prevail.

To every single Christian who asks, "Why don't I know any of this stuff?"...I salute you from the depth of my spirit!

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