Friday, March 8, 2013

Misinformation as "bleeted" by a Jewish Girl.....

I went to hear a young Jewish woman, Emma Klein speak at the University of Puget Sound last evening
She was introduced by Sallie Shawl who I had never seen before nor was I familiar with. We listened to Emma Klein describe, "A Jewish Activists Journey to Human Rights Work With Palestinians"

Emma Klein
 The Wheelock Student Center Rasmussen Rotunda had about 15 people gathered to hear Emma Klein speak. Of course and as usual I was the only person present who knew a little bit about being black and volumes about South African apartheid, more on that later.

Emma Klein, a very pretty young women who was perhaps a bit older than my eldest daughter shared a very brief history concerning Palestine, careful to add that she was not an historian. She presented maps of ancient Israel after Emperor Hadrian effectively "Wiped"  the Jewish people from the land in 136 AD . Of course, this was not mentioned. Emma Klein did mention a "roman emperor" in all fairness but she did not mention the renaming of the land of Israel to Phillistia or Palestine as it is now called.

The speaker addressed more, a rather personal, emotional experience concerning the plight of a young Arab child who is born a Palestinian refugee. The young man she stated now lives with her parents as a result of the effort to bring this gifted young musician to, "Freedom!" Emma Klein spoke about the repressive turn styles and the ever present "Fence for Life" that separates other Arabs from family members.

Complete with overhead projections of pictures that showed a home demolished by the IDF Miss Klein shared another story of heart breaking proportion concerning another Arab family dispersed as a result of the cruel Israeli government.

Anyone have any questions?

When Emma Klein opened up the room taking questions one young college student asked, "How do we bring the people together?" She appeared emotionally drained, exhausted at the personal defeat she was realizing concerning the conflict.

Another person asked if Israeli's had to get permits in order to build just as do the Palestinians? A point Emma Klein used to show the personal injustices of the Israeli Government. Her answer was YES! Nevertheless, no one can build just willy-nilly as it turns out......

I asked, "You mentioned occupation throughout your presentation, can you name for me the ancient Kings and Queens of the Palestinian people. Can you tell me of the scientific, academic, archeological, and societal contributions of the ancient Palestinian people who you say are the legitimate people of Palestine? And please tell me of the military conquests or political victories of the people you say are the indigenous people of the land of Palestine? I was interrupted at this point by a person who began to speak over me in support of the speaker. This individual directed his rather indignant conversation to several in the room. Obviously, he was emotionally bankrupt due to the fact that he was much older than the earlier mentioned college student. I ignored his rudeness having become very, very familiar with this sort of person.
Emma Klein had no idea what I was inquiring about so, I moved to my next point:

I said, I find it offensive that you would stand before this room and equate the conflict in Israel, a people surrounded by millions of Arabs who want to wipe a part of our humanity off the map and bring up South African Apartheid as though the two were related. The Israeli government, the Knesset has a variety of Arabs serving, the nation is full of differing races and ethnic groups all of who experience freedom when not trying to blow up their neighbors, and or kill the sons and daughters serving in the defense forces of the nation of Israel.....

This is not the South Africa that I know well concerning Apartheid. I explained that South Africa currently has the highest incidence of rape due to the spreading of AIDS and that lawlessness is rampant in the country. Agreeing apartheid was horrible but what is now occurring is almost worse now that the blacks govern the land. I also stated the fact that the soldiers of Apartheid South Africa would hunt children for sport earning a bounty when dragging a dead youth back for payment and kill blacks for being black.....How can you equate the two?

A supporter of Emma Klein addressed my question however, when I pressed her with facts she said, "I did not know this!"

I find that when ever these so called activists are presented with facts and not just an emotional reaction most have no idea. I was saddened to hear a Jewish girl stand before a small group of people and truly embarrass herself. However, I also know that what she espouses goes a long way in an empty head!

I approached this young woman after the meeting and told her that I respectfully listened to what she shares but that I vehemently disagreed with her on every point made. I assured her that I would be a voice in the crowd that would stand against her and her message. And so it goes........
As for the house demolished....The Israeli government routinely destroys the homes of Palestinian Terrorist, a point Emma Klein failed to address

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