Friday, March 1, 2013

And The Battle(s) Continue!

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Let's just get a few things out of the way:

Those of you familiar with me know that I think Black folks who follow skin color and find their identity in race are possibly just as deceived as is the Taliban. I also think that the Republican Party was a party of value but the democrat party has always, always been evil. I don't think much of the republican party but I relish conservative values. The Political system(s) are bankrupt. What men have raised up is collapsing into chaos because where ever godlessness rules Godliness is lacking, self destruction or destruction by design always, always follows!
I think the Christian attitudes that were born into the faith by the enemy via European sensibilities which include Catholic traditions destroyed what the Jewish Disciples where sharing namely, the Kingdom of God is at hand as opposed to theological interpretation. I think ALL religions  stem from the words, "Did God Really Say?"

I think that what is coming as a direct result of Abba, Father removing his hand of protection is that the world will truly see just how wicked the heart of men is without Holiness. I think that what Hitler accomplished will look like a little man having a tantrum in comparison to what evil is soon to be unleashed upon the world. God had the Jews write,

Matthew 24:21 Pray that your flight will not be in the winter, nor on a Sabbath, for then there will be great oppression, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever will be.
And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. (Imagine that, Matthew kept the Sabbath and Jesus, [Yeshua proper] spoke about his Jewishness rather eloquently throughout Matthew 24 as he warned his beloved Israel )

Currently,  I do a radio show on the internet. The quality is not what I want nor do I have a full understanding of how to do all of this. My friend, my brother Craig Miles assures me that the "Learning Curve" will produce the desired effect. I on the other hand, will be interviewing his wife on the next show, PRESSURE!

I have bills that I cannot pay, a job that does not offer regular full time work and people contacting me from all over the world to talk about...GOD! It is  a surreal reality for me....[Because, in truth, I am one of you folks!] I just decided to get into the battle as opposed to go to church on Sunday, hear an interpretation only to go home and wait for the next "word of a pastor" tell me something that is not useful in my quest to know the Bible. I am not seminary trained, cannot stand the "Race Card" nor the idiocy of racial segregation within the Family of God...I think a person who accepts the covenant that the blood of our Messiah sealed, who is race based is as foolish as is all of the rest of hell. After all, what changed in your/their heart. As an example: When the celebrity Jamie Fox suggested that Barack Obama was LORD and Savior, because he is black I quietly hoped that a bolt of lightening had incinerated him! I am sick of my Savior being so blatantly disrespected and treated as those his name is a catch word!

Margret Sanger glorified the white race and created Planned Parenthood in order to kill, murder black children. Today, many so called African American  men are responsible for many black women catching the bus (no less) to Planned Parenthood in order to celebrate the desire of Margaret Sanger. Note to those men: Your type of manhood, I pray rots in hell! I don't hate the difficulties that many face but I absolutely hate, STUPID! [Yes, I can say that as a black man, deal with it!] now I do what I do because those of us who are really seeking...really seeking to understand the eternal reign of the King of Israel [who is sent by the God of creation] cause my soul to jump out of bed everyday.. If you don't want to know my God, the God of Israel and all of Creation, see ya!

If you think the Holy Scriptures and the promises made to Israel are foolishness, I really don't want to have a conversation with you at all, anyway! I truly could care less about your salvation. I am called to pray, and so I will pray for your eyes to be opened. If you are a believer my hearts cry is that we all return to what God spoke, not what satan interpreted [and so I do what I do with those folks on this journey.] I tossed away most every single tradition of men within Christianity so I don't relish talking with those who cling to them. I also think that the Jewish people who insist on pointing out to me that the Brit Chadasha is a book of fables and declare this to be so today are still wandering around in the desert!  Your temple was destroyed and you were tossed out of the land a few times for doing such a bang up job with Judaism! I read Ezekiel 20 and realize that God's set apart nation has had it's share of problems keeping covenant too! Nevertheless, I will die for the nation of Israel if this is my lot in life. I know the end of this trek and it all has to do with the nation of Israel.

I think that the people seeking God and the truth of what HE is doing are the most amazing miracle of our time. The world is nuts and full of rot as a result of lawlessness, NO TORAH, NO GOSPEL..and yet WE are marching onward believing, persevering, and fighting the good fight! We just need to stop engaging one another with the rule book of satan...This is killing our resolve!

I think we all need to stop being ridiculous because the eternal reign of the Mochiach is soon, very soon. I cling to the promises that were made to Israel and I relish the thought of being a participant in all that God is restoring as he tosses religion under the bus!

Those of you who understand this please support what we are doing.....and there are a whole bunch of us! We make mistakes while we bring the book that Daniel sealed, now opened to the conversation. And none of us know why God chose us to jump out on the field with mind boggling revelation but he did and here we are.
So now you know that I am an opinionated, God loving child of the most high. I am a "Kid of the Kingdom" doing what Abba, Father has poured into my spirit to do. I do all of this as a servant, not a super powered man of steel! Sometimes this is very, very painful and sometimes some of you hurt me to the bone and so it goes. Many thousands more support what goes on in this, world that I live in...

From the depth of my spirit, thank you for reading what I write and being involved in what I do...I would not, in a million years have ever figured that my own personal restoration from crack cocaine would involve all of this too! I had a Christian believer write to me asking, "Do you know how foolish you look?" I pictured my Savior hanging on a tree, the disciples slaughtered and those dying globally for standing up because of YHWH...Okay, so I look foolish, so be it!


Nancy said...

Great article!! I enjoyed reading it very much. I always love reading your posts and knowing where your thoughts are taking US~

Jeff Morton said...

Thanks Nancy..really, thank you!