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A Personal Salute to my friend, Love ya Bro!

Lieutenant Colonel James Michael Yates
Thank you for your service, your friendship, and entering into the "Garden of Peace"

I raise up before the presence of our Creator a spirit of appreciation for the crossing of our paths!

My friend, my brother James Michael Yates.

When Islam is faced with the Messiah, "Things Change!"

Remember, those who follow the Messiah are following the appointed King
The Video Speaks for itself...[Thanks Renee for sharing this with me]

Allah will soon meet, "I AM"


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Help Needed

Would like to put a professional video together outlining the Festivals in Sequential order when Moses led the descendants of Jacob out of Egypt and when Joshua took them into the Land that would become..Israel...

Need contributions toward that effort....Please click on the contribution tab via my blog to help
As always, I will be using Carroll J Productions to produce the video...Thank you

We wrote the Scriptures but don't believe them, Huh?

Pastor Jason Swofford and I will chat this Sunday night for two hours on my Blog Talk Radio show, "UnColoring Race, Returning to the Beginning" Please, join us at 6:00 Pacific time live. (All of the shows are immediately archived) Click here

If you have new Music that lifts up the Messiah from an Hebraic perspective that you would like to promote...I will promote good edifying music on my show with your written permission
I was listening to a radio show driving into work. The Pastor, Allister Begg made the following statement (Paraphrasing)

"The Jews did not believe in Jesus (Yeshua proper), even the Gentiles had trouble with his resurrection."

Pastor Allister Begg
I almost pulled off the road so that I could scream..."The Jews did not believe in him" The subtle insinuation is that the Jewish peoples did not believe in what was happening! It's like saying, "Millions of years ago The dinosaurs were having pizza long before the 7 days of Creation! Sorry Pastor Begg but I have to challenge your statement and the assertion implied

Luke 6:17 And Yeshua descended with them and he stood in the valley and a great crowd of his disciples and a multitude of crowds of people from all of Judea and from Jerusalem and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon

Matthew 4:25 And great crowds went after him from Galilee and from the Ten Cities and from Jerusalem and from Judaea and from the other side of the Jordan.

Acts 21:20 And when they had heard, they praised God and said to him: “You see our brother, how many tens of thousands are in Judea who have believed, and they are all zealous of The Law.”

Matthew 9:8 But when the multitudes saw it, they marveled and glorified God, who had given such authority to men.

Acts 2:47  Praising God, and having favor with all the people. The Lord added to the assembly day by day those who were being saved.

Acts 14:1 And they came and entered the synagogue of the Jews, and thus they spoke with them, so many of the Jews and of the Greeks believed.

Acts 9:20  And within an hour he was preaching in the synagogue of the Jews about Yeshua, that he is The Son of God

Chloe Simone Aldary
The following verse is what has always been Ezekiel 47:22 You are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the foreigners residing among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel
Acts 11:18 And when they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then to the Gentiles also hath God granted repentance unto life. AGAIN, RETURN TO THE BEGINNING

Pastor Begg's statement is a direct result of Replacement Theology which is taught as an undercurrent but never been true in virtually every Christian church that I have been to.

I could list scripture after scripture after scripture...pointing out to anyone who is actually reading them..Many Jewish Leaders and those who were followers of those leaders did not believe....Jesus lined up his teaching with Moses, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, and Noah because...God's word never changed...This is why the crowds most of who were Jews followed what Yeshua (Jesus) was restating! They had heard it before...from the writings of Moses which the Religious leaders had corrupted...Sort of like Pastor Allister Begg, today!

May YHWH bless his first born and those who are returning to the beginning

Exodus 4:22 You shall tell Pharaoh, 'Thus says Yahweh, Israel is my son, my firstborn,
Hebrews 12:22 To the assembly of the firstborn whose names have been written in heaven, to God who is the Judge of all, to the spirits of righteous people made perfect,

Replacement theology was taught by most of the early church fathers of the gentile teaching. The concepts are a staple in much of western doctrine...This is why many Christians understand the en-grafting but not God's commandments. Instead the church was taught Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc, etc Most do not understand what every Jew listed about would have practiced during the life of the the flesh.
I say in the flesh because that was a planned occurrence not a new idea...He was in the beginning too! Leviticus 23 is proof! The Church does not honor these festivals which are to be done forever!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Next Interview on Blog Talk Radio

I will have a conversation with Pastor Jason Swofford on the Blog Talk Radio Broadcast

So, let me share with you a little bit about this Baptist Pastor who is sharing with his congregation, Myer's Road Baptist Church, located in Bonneylake,, Washington.

The New Testament Scriptures are a lie?

According to a whole bunch of Rabbinic Jews the Gospels are an absolute lie, made up by Christians who threw their Jewish identity under the bus, Huh?

According to Vatican Christians...God's laws have been replaced, fulfilled and yet Jesus died because the law said he had to? Romans 6:23 But the product of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life in our Lord Yeshua The Messiah. Yeshua accomplished both because he obey God's laws

As Walid Shobat would say, "Something is a a bit fishy here!"


Note to the reader: I am not about to tell any of you that you are wrong. What this post is about is How YHWY, the God of Creation continues to blow my mind.....I can never return to the way it was as a result.

I have friends who returned to Torah subsequently tossing the New Testament and the 1st coming of Yeshua into the wind. Equally, today, unlike 2000 years ago, the "Born Again" nation of Israel lives outside of the knowledge of the Messiah's 1st coming while millions of Jewish people residing in America could careless about Biblical truth. I can't think of a better example of grace! The ritual traditions keep many connected to a sense of Jewish identity often not from the heart. I once had a Jewish man say to me, "We Jews attend synagogue because it's expected, it's what Jews do." He is the owner of several pornographic video, sex shops. I was unplugging his main sewer line for one such business. He was a very good customer of my former business. He always paid me....I first learned about what goes on in these places that day, YUCK!
Within the Christian community their is a denomination for just about every theory concerning the life and times of Jesus. There are neighborhoods with six or more churches in close proximity of one another. Those attending differ in beliefs and so most don't fellowship together or present to the communities a unified message. When I was first saved, as a Christian I slept with half the girls attending the church that I went to and a few of their mothers. I was 18 years old, new to the West Coast. This was during the last part of the 70's. Years later I would attend church high on crack cocaine.

I just never got what the message of Christianity was supposed to do? Everyone around me was getting divorced, having sex with one another, married or not, having abortions, doing drugs or practicing homosexuality. I was attending one church when suddenly it was made known that one of the youth pastors was molesting younger boys. I remember on another occasion while attending a mega church in Portland, Oregon using the rest room when suddenly two of the elders both of  whom I loved, respected and admired entered. They did not know that I was in the stall. They proceeded to speak about a friend of mine. The vulgarities and expletives (which included the word nigger) that were coming out of these two men shocked me, I was stunned! They were aware of something that I was not but to them, both he and I were niggers. My friend was gay and was under investigation for molesting someone's child. I was crushed....Later that day, I found out that what was being said about my friend was true. I called him to ask if this was true. He said, "The boy was 16 and consented." My immediate thought was, "Sick!"  I didn't even know he was gay! I stopped attending church for many years that day......

As mentioned earlier, years later I returned to church. This time with my current wife and four children. I was addicted to crack cocaine. I wanted God to save me. I wanted help. I wanted my children to not know who I had become...I hated me!

I remember vividly in 1998 collapsing onto my living room floor crying out to God,  
I had not hit rock bottom but I was truly at the end of! 

Three days later while driving down the road, I was broadsided by a church van moving at about 45 mph that should have killed me. That day Yahweh stopped me!

Today I am drug free, no cigarettes, alcohol or misery. I live with adversity and challenges but do so with unquenchable joy. Not because I found Jesus, on the contrary...I have a better understanding of YHWH. The Jesus that I was taught in the church is not the God who sent his only begotten son. I don't see the Bible or the story of Israel and that of the nations from the lens of any denomination or religious persuasion.

The Jesus I was told about does not keep the Festivals of the LORD, or the Sabbath. To this very day no Christian Pastor has from my past explained to me why he was Jewish or what the implication of him coming in the flesh, Jewish actually means. I have never been in a church where I was taught about "Shema Israel" or Deuteronomy 6, Jeremiah 31, or Ezekiel 36,37, 38, or 39 or much concerning the unlimited amount of information presented in the "Old Testament." No one ever taught to me about the mezuzah, or the covenant of salt, ancient custom of adoption or land agreements between ancient kingdoms and how they all relate to the Kingdom of God being constructed in the earth. Not one time has a church pastor taught about the numbers God created and why, or the patterns, thematic connections that reverberate throughout the scriptures. Not one time in the churches has a pastor broken down a scripture in the Hebrew revealing how screwed up a great deal of the translation to English changed the entire context of what is being shared. I have never sat in a church were the words, Paleo-Hebrew or Proto Canaanite (Picture language) was uttered. God has a calendar and a language but no one in the church ever mentioned either to me.

Now I understand why churches exist throughout neighborhoods but don't know one another or fellowship among the communities they dwell in. I understand why the Jewish people are full of knowledge but lack the spirit of God via relationship....All of this is a matter of record concerning what God said would occur.

I can with conviction based on my own personal opinion say that apostasy is a direct result of religion.
I understand how we keep the adversary at the head of the table because we truly have lost the identity of the God of Creation. I have had Jewish Rabbi's say to me, "Your ignorance is astounding." I have had churches ask me to leave or Christians say to me, "I am concerned about your salvation, Jeff!"

Meanwhile, I am watching what God said.........this for me is the creme de la creme.

can you see the tav?
God said, Israel is the Apple of his eyes. He would scatter them all over the earth and bring them back. He said that he would redeem the nations and raise up a prophet who would bring salvation to the whole world. He said that his Kingdom would be established in the earth with people that he created. He said that the kingdom would be governed by Commandments, Statutes and Laws and that he had appointed a Messiah to rule and to reign over all that he had done, forever! He said that not one jot or tittle of his laws would be discarded. He keeps the earth protected, the water drinkable, and the earth producing while he maintains the air that we breath. Ezekiel 20 and Isaiah 60 are excellent references about what GOD said...Not what the nation of Israel did or failed to not do....What did God say...this is what our focus must be on!

I left the church so that I could learn about HIM!......It's not possible for me to return to the lies that we have inherited...What the Church had not taught to me I realize now is due to the fact that the church does not know. What is taught is done so, "Darkly"...Nevertheless, I was exposed to the Gospel of the birth, life, death and resurrection of the one whom God has sent to speak for him and to make atonement so that I might see my God face to face through his son.
This is what God promised to Israel, I am part of this relationship. He never promised a corrected religion but rather a corrected relationship.

In many Synagogues when the TORAH scroll is lifted up (Raised) many will stand to their feet.John records in his letter to fellow Jews, "And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, thus The Son of Man is going to be lifted up, So that every person who believes in him shall not be lost, but shall have eternal life. [John 3:14-15]
Numbers 21:19 And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

The God that I serve is active in the churches, within Islam and Judaism. He is active in the life of a cricket and the majesty of the mountain top....He is lifted up in my life and his identity is not what I was taught but rather who he said he was......

He is the Elohim of Israel who brings forth redemption of the world. I don't know him from a Jewish perspective or a Christian perspective...He is, "I Am."  The more that I learn about him this way, the more that I realize how much I don't know or have to unlearn!

Genesis 17:7 I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.
Exodus 6:7 I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the LORD your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians.
Moses taught that someday God would send a Prophet greater than he was (Deut 18:18).
Daniel taught us when this person would come (Dan. 9:24-27).
Micah taught us where this prophet would be born (Micah 5:2).
Isaiah taught that this prophet would be born from a virgin (Isaiah 7:14).
Isaiah taught that this person (our redeemer) would be both God and King (Isaiah 9:6). 
Zechariah taught that the first appearance of Israel's king would be humble, coming on a donkey (Zechariah 9.9).
Isaiah taught that this person would take the penalty for our transgressions and through his death we could be healed (Isaiah 53).
King David taught that this redeemer would be put to death through crucifixion (Psalm 22).
King David also taught that after the death of this anointed one he would be resurrected (Psalm 16:10-11).
Zechariah revealed that when the King (the Lord Himself) comes back for the second time, He will fight to protect Israel (Zechariah 14:1-4).

One final note....I continue to pay for the choices that I made. My past is a train wreck. The difference is I understand my redemption. I don't live in the past and I don't support religion. When I sit in the churches I understand the message but it is like sitting in kindergarten learning how to say the alphabet...Truly, I mean no disrespect.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Kingdom of Stupid Must Fall


Caution: I make a few statements allegorically here.....

I have for the last few days spoken with many Christians, all of whom are "Rock Solid" in their faith. All of them, every single one knowing very little about the Hebraic reality of the scriptures. Of course, I began to connect what they did know to the Old Testament or Tanakh. Every single one was stunned. Last night, I spoke with a gentlemen who said, "But the Jews killed Jesus and they really don't know the New Testament." So, I walked him back through his statement and pointed out to him the inaccuracy of his words asking, "Where does the Bible record that the Jews killed Jesus and that they don't know about him? I shared with him the actual truth saying to him, I know this to be true because those Jews that you speak of told me everything that I am sharing with you. I said, "They wrote it down; do you have your Bible with you?"

This sort of conversation is constant because of what Christians are taught or what is touted from most pulpits for nearly 1800 years. The facts are glossed over because of the indoctrination or subliminal antisemitic rhetoric that is woven into New Testament theology...Christians good, Jews bad! The person I was speaking with last night appeared confused for a moment but then his mind begun to adjust to what was the truth.  

If the Jews did not know about the Messiah why then did they record from Matthew to Revelation the story of his birth, life, death, burial and resurrection. Furthermore, why did all of the writers, before the disciples present to the world the planned entrance of whom Yahweh has designated to rule the nations from Jerusalem? The entire Bible is a book about a kingdom being established in the earth....

The nation of Israel would bring forth the King.

When we discard the lies that we have inherited we begin to see a confirmation of Yahweh doing exactly what the Jews recorded. One can bare witness of this from the beginning, from Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the Gospels, Islam, Russia, The United States of America, the rebirth of the nation of Israel, Hitler, Barack Obama...Ahmadinejad etc, etc, etc.

When we take off the lens taught to us by the believers who see "Darkly" and then return to the scriptures with the lens of God we begin to see his patterns and method of communication. This begins the process of confirmation of what the Holy Scriptures have always declared.....

The United States of America is discussing gay marriage through the highest court in the land. People are rallying all over the country in favor of this abomination. The confirmation of God establishing a kingdom in the earth absolutely guarantees a blistering judgment from the God of laws and statutes. His king will utterly destroy this concept from the coming kingdom.

The Babylonian, Greco-Roman system of governmental rule which is directly in opposition of how God ordered Israel to treat one another will also be shattered. Some will say that the people of Israel have never done this... obeyed God....Okay, let's say this to be true [Which is not true], this does not negate the ordinance or statutes of the LORD...His King will destroy everything that asserts itself against what the Creator of all things commands. "Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil though shall not eat"...sets the standard. The standard has not changed or evolved....It was written in stone, not open for debate!

A pastor said to me while in the restroom Sunday night, "So much hidden stuff in God's word" I responded, "Actually most of what you are learning tonight (Passover Seder) is not hidden at all." You have on the lens of seminary as opposed to the lens of Moses...I explained my statement and showed to him patterns, themes and concepts that reveal what seminary theologians have never known. As we walked out of the restroom he was teary eyed and said to me, "In less five minutes you have blown me away, thank you, thank you very much!" He extended his hand, told me his name adding, I have so much to go relearn.

I did nothing, the Bible has a way of bringing clarity when we are no longer bound by what we have been taught or how we have been indoctrinated based on the teaching of the past 1800 years that has always been against the Hebrews [in favor of the church]..........

America is about to experience the consequences of tossing God under the bus....Perhaps this will wake up our nation but the cost of breaking the laws of God will be devastating......If you think marriage between two men or two women is an acceptable thing in this modern!

Supporting gay marriage is part and parcel with Babylon, Assyria, Persian, Greece, Rome and now Western civilization....God's kingdom is not religious nor is it based on abomination and rejection of his ordinances nor is it hidden! The rebirth of the nation of Israel is a marker of things to come! All hail the King of the Jews who saves the whole world from the lunacy of disobedience

A man cannot impregnate another man and a woman cannot impregnate another women hence the kingdom of stupid cannot prevail.

To every single Christian who asks, "Why don't I know any of this stuff?"...I salute you from the depth of my spirit!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Christians Returning to the Beginning

No Communion, No Last Supper. Both of these come out of the Court of Emperor Constantine who rejected anything/everything....Hebrew

Jesus was Jewish, so too, were the disciples, the prophets, Moses, Aaron, Esther, King David, Paul of Tarsus  and so we are returning to what that means, King Solomon, etc, etc, etc

A celebration of keeping God's Holy days, His Appointed times, understanding truly how and why we are grafted into Israel as a result of the coming King of the Jews occurred last night in Tacoma WA. The Pesach or Passover celebration commemorating God's commitment to Israel was held. Understanding His commitment to Israel, 1500 years later when he sent a deliverer like Moses to Israel is what most in the Tacoma Convention center were learning about. We were not having communion or discussing the so called Last Supper. Instead we were putting into proper context what actually occurred within the nation of Israel God wants all of us to understand...Let the Festivals of the LORD commence for the year 2013 because the year 2014 and 2015 are explosive prophetically.........
To see the number of Christians wanting to understand what we have never been taught was for me....amazing! To God be all Glory!

Jeremiah 16:19 Yahweh, my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge in the day of affliction, to you shall the nations come from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, [even] vanity and things in which there is no profit
Websters  O LORD, my strength and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come to thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things in which there is no profit.

Please, take the Gospel and return with it to TORAH.........The amount of people who gasped, cheered, and were reconnected to why certain things occurred in the telling of the Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection of the Messiah....warmed my spirit on such a level that I simply cannot express. All of the story or Our Lord dying on Feast of Passover, buried on  Feast of Unleavened Bread, being lifted up on Feast of First Fruits and sending the Spirit of Yahweh on the Feast of Pentecost is connected to Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy. The 3 remaining Feast of the LORD will be completed to the day, to the Hour very, very soon

Leviticus 23:1-3 Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, "Speak to the children of Israel, and tell them, 'The set feasts of Yahweh, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my set feasts. "'Six days shall work be done: but on the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation; you shall do no kind of work. It is a Sabbath to Yahweh in all your dwellings.
If Jesus (Yeshua proper) had not participated in the Feasts of the Lord he would have been a liar

I spoke to a young man last night who loves the Lord...I showed to him all of the things that Jesus was doing in the first five books of the Bible. I thought he was going to cry. He asked, "Why don't we know any of this?
I responded, because the church does not teach us anything about the Jewishness of the people they talk about in the book that the Jewish people wrote, were created to become and who are going to be restored

Zechariah 8:23 Thus says Yahweh of Armies: "In those days, ten men will take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, they will take hold of the skirt of him who is a Jew, saying, 'We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Witnesses

Most Jews have never read the Brit Chadasha, wrongly referred to as the New Testament or Christian Bible. The Talmud teaches that it is blasphemous to speak against a dead Jew yet some Jewish Rabbis do this regularly when speaking concerning Mattiyhu, Marqas, Luqas, Yocanon and Shaul of Tarsus. As a result, most Jews won't go near these Scripture penned by their ancestors....Great deception is not exclusive but global.

When HaShem put into his WORD all of the prophetic verses declaring a Mochiach most Jews don't know what the aforementioned Jewish men wrote.
Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries breaks it down....

Rabbi Itzahk Shapira picks up the rear with Hebraic qualification using the Talmudic writings.....You Don't Say!

And God said, "Let There Be An Easter Bunny!"

If you are out in a field somewhere today looking for Easter Eggs due to a chocolate bunny then you are participating in a pagan tradition that Emperor Constantine placed into Catholicism so that you would not participate in what the Hebrews were commanded to do in Exodus 12.

Okay....if you call it "Resurrection Sunday" but do not understand the meaning(s) of the Festivals of the LORD [Leviticus 23] then you are compromising Easter with Jesus....Neither have much to do with Yeshua of Nazareth if the foundation of your tradition is not born from God's prophetic absolutes about HIS son coming to restore the nations via His "1st Born Nation" or Israel. Exodus 4:22 & Matthew 15:24

If you do any of this because you have been taught that the church is the Apple of God's eyes then you have a skewed concept of Ezekiel 37:15-27, Jeremiah 31:31-35. Nowhere in the scriptures does God call the church the apple of his eyes but he does say this concerning Israel.
Deuteronomy 32:10
Psalm 17:8 
Proverbs 7:2
Zechariah 2:8
In every verse above the reference is made concerning Israel or a Jewish person (King David of the tribe of Judah)

So if you are picking up eggs with your kids today....You do so based on Replacement Theology which incorporated this tradition into your Biblical understanding specifically to confuse what grafted into Israel is all about...This was done to Replace Israel......

Teaching your kids to participate in this pagan ritual is not the same as teaching your kids about God's Seven Festivals

Holy Appointed Times
He died on Passover, buried on Unleavened bread, raised up on First Fruits, Holy Spirit on Pentecost and he will return on Feast of Trumpets, Make final atonement Feast of Yom Kippur, rule and reign or Feast of Tabernacle during the millennial reign or Sabbatical Rest
The Jewish Holidays are actually Yahweh's Holy Appointed times. Leviticus 23

Now concerning Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, St Nick or Santa Claus........ which most of you are familiar with
And the truth shall set you free


You Don't Say? [Idiom Alert]

I am posting the following because it reflects truth...

Reflects Truth as opposed to theorizes truth

 Equally, I don't say that what Judaism teaches is inherently wrong nor do I say that what Christianity teaches is inherently wrong. I recognize the mixture of truth with falsehood in both....[Hence, religiosity, self righteousness, pride, separation or division and justification, condemnation, murder, abuse and disunity....are all born from the words of hasatan]

But first...When God prophecies a matter...he is 100% accurate. Please consider the scriptures that declare Yeshua would come:

LETTER: Writer disagrees with columnist

Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 6:00 am

As a native born Israeli Jew and a Messianic Rabbi who was raised within Observant Judaism, I must respectfully disagree with Rabbi (Holly) Cohn’s thesis. She claims that Jesus can’t be the Messiah because there’s no world peace. But the Hebrew Scriptures state that Messiah must come first as our atonement, to deal with sin, before He returns to rule and reign and usher in an era of world peace.
Indeed, the Jewish sages in the Talmud even liken Messiah (the last Redeemer) to Moses (the first Redeemer).

Just as Moses was rejected the first time he came to our people in Egypt, and only was accepted later on, so also Messiah will at first be rejected and then accepted upon His return. Likewise, just as the Jewish people rejected the Word of God (the 10 Commandments) the first time and Moses smashed the tablets, and only received it the second time, likewise Messiah, the Living Word of God, will be rejected the first time and then received upon His Second Coming.
The belief in a Messiah who will come as a redeemer is rooted within the Hebrew Scriptures. However, in

Isaiah 53, Messiah is described as One who is despised and rejected, a Suffering Servant, “the Leper Messiah,” who has come to take the sins of the Jewish people and all humanity. The suffering Messiah had to come and to deal with the issue of sin and atonement once and for all, which is why the Temple was destroyed (and the blood sacrifices done away with) within one generation of Messiah’s death and resurrection, just as the Jewish Talmud describes.

The Talmudic Sages came up with one of two possible Messiahs based on the spiritual condition of the Jewish people. If they are worthy they will receive the King that will come on the clouds of Heaven (as prophesied in Daniel); if they are not worthy they will receive a Messiah that is lowly riding on an ass (as prophesied in Zechariah). This approach of two possible Messiahs falls short because a “conditional prophecy” means that either the prophecy of Zechariah or the prophecy of Daniel must end up being untrue. The answer is not two different Messiahs (a Suffering Servant Messiah and a King Messiah) but rather the same Messiah coming twice. This is Jesus of Nazareth.

Messiah will return, and all the Prophecies in the Hebrew Bible concerning Him coming to usher in world peace, will be fulfilled when the Jewish people “look upon Him whom they have pierced,” and cry out “Baruch Haba” or Welcome in the name of the Lord, just as our sages predicted. Before one can do true “restoration of the world (“Tikkun Olam”),” he must receive “restoration of the Soul” or in Hebrew Tikkun Nefesh. This restoration can happen only through T’Shuvah (repentance) and trusting in God’s Pesach Lamb, who by His sacrifice takes away the sins of the world. Look around us, the world today is falling faster than any other time in our history. The answer is not “Tikkun Olam” but rather surrender to the God of Israel through his son Yeshua.

R. Cohn’s narrow view of a messiah is not fully agreed upon within all of Judaism. The Lubavitchers expect R’ Schneerson to appear again as reincarnation of God any day now. Some within the reform movement reject the idea of a messiah altogether, and some are yet awaiting the Messiah’s appearance.
R. Cohn makes it sound like Judaism speaks with “one voice” on the identity of the Messiah. This is clearly not the case.

Historically the Jewish people have embraced many potential Messiahs, yet their followers were not seen as “un-Jewish.” What gives R. Cohn or anybody authority to define faith in Yeshua of Natzerth as un-Jewish? The great Jewish Talmudist Daniel Boyrain for example argues for the Jewishness of the New Testament as a Jewish book. What defines something as Jewish is an important question. For instance, in Israel, Rabbinical ordination and conversion by Reform Judaism is not accepted, as Orthodox Judaism does not accept any form of Judaism except their own.

The truth of Yeshua must be looked at in a proper context with the appropriate lenses. Sadly, some of the context has been lost through 2,000 years of pogroms, inquisitions, Nazism and much more. However, we must make a separation between these things and the pure Messianic faith. Let us set the record straight:
In reality, Yeshua was the greatest Jewish Rabbi who ever lived. His message, the New Testament, and His disciples, were all extremely Jewish. His disciples were not only Jews, but lived a Jewish lifestyle based on the traditions and Halachot of their time. Boyrain continued to declare:”The theological controversy that we think exists between Jews and Christians was already an intra-Jewish controversy long before Jesus.”

The picture that R. Cohn is trying to paint of a “Christian Messiah” simply does not exist when the NT read in its proper 1st century Jewish context. Rabbi Daniel Zion (Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria), Rabbi Lichtenstein (leading Rabbi in Hungry) among many others who read the New Testament under Jewish eyes without bias, came to the conclusion that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah while maintaining their Jewishness. I challenge anybody that claims that “Jews and Jesus don’t mix” to locate a single occurrence in the New Testament where Yeshua broke the Torah or Judaism. If R. Cohn can find an instance to support her position, I am willing to reconsider my position. However, if she can’t prove her statement, would she be willing to consider the Jewishness of the Gospels?

In fact, if Yeshua is not the Jewish Messiah, He is not anybody’s Messiah. According to Daniel the prophet the Messiah had to come before the destruction of the second Temple as well as provide true atonement to the Jewish people from their sins. So if Yeshua is not the Messiah, there is no Messiah, as the second Temple was destroyed some 2,000 years ago.

I urge R. Cohn to reconsider her position on the basis of the words of the Torah and the New Testament based on its contextual truths.
For those who are interested in learning more about the Jewish Messiah in a Jewish framework, I welcome you to visit and or call me at

Friday, March 22, 2013

God spoke, satan interpreted, Adam made a choice!

I will not broadcast for the second week in a row on the Blog Talk Radio Program due to the Pesach Seder being held at the Tacoma Convention Center

I was asked this week the following:
Jeff, when "God" downloaded much of what you now understand about the Bible that is different, what exactly was it that changed? I am going to attempt to answer his question via this post, via this key board.

I have been thinking about so many things this week, asking YHWH to help me understand the never ending separation between what HE spoke and what we interpreted from all that He has done.

In the garden of Eden the enemy, a being that suddenly appears, entices Adam, via Eve away from what was spoken. Whatever it was, however it appeared, it too, was in the garden. Equally, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was also in the garden. The opportunity to fail was in the garden. All of these were created by YHWY and all of these were in the beginning. The Scriptures record: "Yahweh God commanded the man, saying, "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die." [Genesis 2:16-17]

In Isaiah 45:7 we read, "I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create calamity. I am Yahweh, who does all these things"
However, from the beginning YHWY separated, "God saw the light, and saw that it was good. God divided the light from the darkness." [Genesis1:4]
Water from dry ground, man from woman, heaven from earth etc, etc.

When YHWY separated me from what I was very familiar with namely, my Christian understanding of the Bible it was so dramatic, so overwhelming that I have been for nearly 8 years trying to share with who ever will listen.....I don't see the Bible through "Interpretation" anymore. I don't see YHWY via the mind of any man.
For me it is not about knowledge but rather wisdom! I read over and over in the scriptures how Israel failed, to honor what was presented to Abraham....Abraham was not living vicariously from an interpretive understanding of Yahweh....He heard God's voice, kept his statutes, his commands and his laws [Genesis 26:5] Jacob wrestled with a man who suddenly appears and who causes his thigh to disjoint. Isaac saw a burning bush on what would become Jerusalem. Both Adam, Noah, Enoch, walked with YHWH. All of these men to this very day present to all of us the "Wisdom of the Torah" Nearly 8 years ago I was separated from what had been taught to me. It happened in a nano second. I thought and still think, "My Gosh, people need to know this!" My excitement was uncontainable, still is to this very day.

Currently, my wife and I cannot pay our bills, struggle from month to month and are doing life just like so many of you. The difference is that she gets to live with a man who no longer lives according to what men have raised up. My entire being is full of anticipation, expectation...sometimes, I find it hard to breath.  I watch world events from a place of separation. I live spiritually with the "Tree of Life." I am no longer bound by what is happening in the world. I have for 8 years tried to share what this is like.
[Not always successfully.]

The more wisdom God pours into me the more unlimited He becomes. I continue to marvel at what swirls around in my head. When speaking with Christians of all denominations I [many, many times] weep, literally cry at night because of how limited the religion has made my God. With Judaism and the absolute self righteousness of the rabbis, who refuse my is almost debilitating. Christianity changed the identity of YESHUA and Judaism denied him...God's WORD never changed. He showed to me his presence in all of this chaos...He is in complete authority looking forward almost, like a "Kid in a Candy Store" doing the following:

Many peoples shall go and say, "Come, let's go up to the mountain of Yahweh, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths." For out of Zion the law shall go forth, and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem. [Isaiah 2:3] If we all know his WORD, why then does he have to teach us HIS ways? He also understands the devastation that we are soon to unleash upon his creation. With great sadness our choice must follow the rules and the rules state...their are consequences.

Destroying Israel is like saying..."I am going to suck the universe into my vacuum cleaner" Their are men in this earth who think they can accomplish this task...These are truly those who believe in evolution....the evolution of stupid!

His Kingdom restores what he commanded: They shall bring all your brothers out of all the nations for an offering to Yahweh, on horses, and in chariots, and in litters, and on mules, and on dromedaries, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, says Yahweh, as the children of Israel bring their offering in a clean vessel into the house of Yahweh. [Isaiah 66:20]

The nation of Israel has yet to honor the covenants and the church is something raised up by the hand of men because the nation of Israel fails to honor the very reason why God raised them up! Ezekiel 20 bares witness of this fact. Judaism is an interpretation of what was always planned. Christianity is an interpretation of what has always been planned...The God of creation set out to establish a kingdom in the earth. This has always been the plan! He gave to those who would be subject to certain rules a choice to serve the kingdom or self. Men have been serving self since Adam hence, the kingdom is a mess before it is realized. The Messiah, from the beginning, after the flood, after the birth, death, and resurrection is preparing always...this kingdom!

The nation that was raised up to teach us HIS ways has been scattered all over the earth as a direct result of not keeping the rules. The nation(s) which were raised up out of Noah's seed have never honored Israel and so it goes........

So I asked Abba, Father why me? I ask this question daily it seems.
This week. I realized something. Now you have to really think about what I am about to type. In the Beginning YHWY "Spoke"........His word never changed. What he said was not modified by him. He is not reactionary but very precise and very committed to what he says...READ Ezekiel 20 again, notice how many times He takes an oath and with whom..

The Jewish people today have given away the temple mount after YHWY gave it back to them. They gave up Gaza, the very land that the Messiah has a birth right to. Through Judaism, many teach that the Messiah has not come. Most of the restored nation of Israel rejects the writings of their brothers, their ancestors of 2000 years ago namely, Mattiyhu, Marqas, Luqas and Yocanon as well as the very learned Shaul of Tarsus.

Christianity teaches about Jesus but not the Festivals of the LORD. The Church(es) do not teach anything about his Hebraic identity. What was sown into the people of Israel specifically because HE was to come through the son of Judah the church has replaced. When I ask Christians, "What does the LION OF THE TRIBE OF YEHUDAH mean exactly" I get a blank stare almost every, single time! Most know nothing about YHWY's Calendar and why he commanded it to exist [Exodus 12.] Christianity does not understand TORAH and refuses, in most cases to understand YHWY's Commands, Statutes and Laws. This is done solely because of the translations or interpretation of the Bible which was done predicated on the hatred of anything Jewish. The church equates what ancient Israel did...[men]... with and to God's law.... God's laws never changed nor did his commandments and yet the church says....We are no longer under the Law...this statement is based solely on "Replacement Theology" and interpretation..."Surely you shall not die" [Genesis 1:4] I have never been in a church anywhere in America that does not practice Replacement Theology.

Nearly 8 years ago YHWY replaced the line of division...he showed to me the most amazing, most awesome truth about what he is doing, why he is doing it and what is coming........I have tried to put into words what he showed to me for as long....It is impossible! I understand what Noah experienced while building a boat where there was no water, no lake, no ocean. I understand what is was like for the Disciples to share the "Good News of the prophets realized in an environment of ridicule and deception. I understand what Adam and Eve experienced when the satan obfuscated what was SPOKEN! My friend, one of the people on this earth who I truly admire from the heart, Rico Cortes, wrote the following a couple of days ago:







I understand this....What is getting ready to happen in the earth is truly horrible....unlike anything humanity has ever committed against one another previously. Make no mistake about it...We are going to do this to ourselves. We are going to take killing and murder to a level unknown. We are going to do this because we changed the WORD Spoken....If what God spoke is true then what we have all done is insist on letting the satan obfuscate...the Wisdon in the Torah! What now goes on in my head is a "kaBillion" times more assuring then Judaism or Christianity is able to communicate....I am no longer living sick in this world.
*Eight years ago God showed me that we have all heard wrong and live accordingly!*

It is my contention: 
When the country of Greece falls so too, will the system that men have raised up that rejects the rules of the Kingdom to come! I don't know why this is in my spirit but it is almost like a drum beating
Everything that asserts itself above the "Planned Kingdom" that the purposed Mochiach will rule is collapsing.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A prayer for the families of the seven Marines lost

Of the seven Marines, the seven very young men who lost their lives due to an accident at Camp Hawthorne Nevada....Father, I raise this prayer up before your majesty, before the throne of your appointed King..I speak before your Spirit thanking you for the lives of these seven men. I ask now my Abba that you would please visit the families with the fullness of your peace, the fulness of your very presence. Father bring comfort to the brothers, the sisters, cousins Aunts, Uncles, Grand Parents and most important, the parents who must now endure saying good-bye to their child. I humbly ask my LORD for you to be very much apart of what happens next, to be visibly seen doing what you infinite love always does...bring revelation of your person, your presence to these who are in mourning. For your glory my Great God, I ask these things and do so in the name of Yeshua whom you have appointed to bring order to chaos, Amen
The names of seven Marines who lost their lives were released Wednesday by Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The military men, ranging in age from 19 to 26, were killed Monday when a mortar detonated during live-fire training at an Army munitions depot in western Nevada.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Washington State

***Action Alert***

By Kerry Hooks, Washington State Director

and Kelly Cook, National Field Director

Mark your calendar—if at all possible, be in Concrete, WA this Tuesday Evening
at 7:30 PM!


In October of 2012, a local teacher in Concrete, Washington with a spotless 20 year record was talking to a group of middle school students about the “Rachel’s Challenge” Assembly on bullying they had seen earlier. Later the teacher talked to the class about bullies who use threats of violence and intimidation tactics to impose their will on other people in history, such as the Nazi’s. Students talked about what they knew about Hitler and the discussion led to the subject of terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. One student raised her hand and said, “My dad is a Muslim and the things you are saying are not true.” The teacher explained that she was not talking about individual Muslims or even Arabs but only the groups that have indeed used violence to impose their will on others.

The student went home and told her dad, a convert to Islam, who went directly to file a complaint with the Washington State Affiliate of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Neither the school nor the teacher knew there was a problem until CAIR filed a complaint with the school. The school district did an investigation and was satisfied that there was no factual basis for the claims and dismissed them. By their own admission at a press conference last week, CAIR-Washington had not spoken to anyone other than the child in question and the father. Not being satisfied with the results of the District’s investigation, CAIR-Washington filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and was attempting to find a venue for a community meeting where they could explain Islam to the community. CAIR-Washington is appearing to smear this good teacher’s name on their facebook page and website and has put this teacher in unnecessary fear—all on the false allegation of one 13 year old.

Isn’t it the height of irony that all this started around a reasonable discussion about how kids can handle bullying? CAIR-Washington is providing the ultimate object lesson on how to bully a local community into submission.

A committee of town’s people were informed by a local resident familiar with ACT! for America’s mission to stop radical Islam, that they have a choice—they stood at a fork in the road—to simply let the school district remain silent and handle the matter with their legal counsel or they could DO something to stop CAIR-Washington’s bullying tactics.

The citizen explained who ACT! For America is and what ACT! can do to help. If they decided to do nothing, their decision would be respected, but if they wanted to fight back, ACT! for America would be there for them. The town’s people sat in stunned in silence as they heard these things. The citizen asked them for a show of hands to let the attorneys handle it. Not one hand went up. The teacher began to cry. Then the citizen asked if they wanted to fight back and every hand shot up! The teacher covered her face with her hands, put her head down and let out an audible sob.

The teacher could not believe that so many people cared about her and are willing to fight. The town of Concrete will not be bullied! They are ready to ACT! But they could sure use your support!


***Action Alert***

This Tuesday night, March 19th, at 7:30 pm, the community of Concrete and supporters from around the state will come together at a local church (The Concrete Assembly of God, 45734 Main St., Concrete, WA—just under 2 hours north of Seattle) to stand up to the bullying tactics of CAIR-Washington.

ACT! for America’s Washington State Director, Kerry Hooks and Shahram Hadian of The Truth In Love Project will be discussing the situation that resulted in the filing of a complaint with the Department of Justice and will be exposing CAIR and their radical agenda that includes being the U.S. propaganda arm for Hamas.

We need to generate as large a crowd as possible that night to show the media just where the citizens of Concrete and all of Washington stand on this issue and that this teacher must be supported! (Please realize that we don’t have to act by our enemy’s standards. We can resist in a respectful, but firm manner.)

CAIR-Washington is testing the waters—just like any bully does. If no one stands up to them, they will only push harder in the future to “educate” Washington students about their agenda. If we stand up to a bully, they will back down. The school yard knows this—it’s time CAIR did.

Today it’s Concrete that’s getting this unwelcome attention. Tomorrow it could be your town.

Be there. Fill your cars with your friends and family and be there!


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