Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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My wife and I were recently in a well known sporting good store. Out of curiosity I went to the ammo case to see what was available. The case was pretty much empty. A fellow patron was also looking to see what was on the shelf. We had a brief conversation after I remarked, "So it's true" The gentlemen added, "I have looked across our city and each place the same story, no ammo!"

Well, I'm that guy who uses the Internet like my own personal library and so I start looking for articles concerning what I keep hearing. Wow, look at what I found:

On the other hand, I also found the following:

Nevertheless, the store shelf was nearly empty. The store manager said to me, "Yes, we are having a heck of a time restocking."

I also found these articles too:

Could it be that the reason the shortage is occurring is because the largest standing army in the world is the American citizen who is simply rearming due to the economic nightmare brewing in our country? Or could it be that Abba, Father, is preparing to send His king into the earth to wage war against everything that would assert itself above the throne of David or King Dawid?

As one of those nutty guys who believes in the infallible words of the original scriptures presented to Moses and the commentary presented to the world about the coming Savior [via the Disciples] who has died as the sacrificial lamb of Yahweh. I am a little more concerned with the weapons he has at his disposal. He is coming, returning in a very physical way you know? I mean, you all do know this right?

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