Monday, February 18, 2013

The Internet Radio Show's 1st broadcast Sunday, February 24, 2013

I will be putting together a Blog Talk weekly Internet Radio broadcast this week. Their is a back story concerning how this is coming together:

Late last year I was contacted by a company that does radio shows out of Chicago. They have numerous syndicated radio broadcasts both atypical and Internet. One of their producers reads my blog and contacted me. I was presented a draft contract but was not able to generate the funding for the first 13 shows. Of course, I took all of this to prayer. Abba, Father did not provide the funding and so I moved on thinking, "Well, I didn't know anything about hosting a radio show anyway!"

I have known about the Blog Talk Radio format for sometime having been interviewed a few times by those who were using this format. My friend Craig Miles of Messiah's Truth Ministries comes to mind having done two interviews with Messiah's Truth several years ago. To be honest, I was not really "digging" to much on the Blog Talk Radio format. The following Wednesday interview was done on February 13, 2013 [Just click the arrow]

Listen to internet radio with Cornerstone Baptist on Blog Talk Radio
Keep in mind, I have been writing a blog for 7 years complete with horrible grammar, a poor vocabulary and a writing style that comes out of my brain as opposed to a trained professional. I ended up sitting before four Doctors in December, 2011 detailing to me that I might not have a voice, may have to have a voice box, that part of my vocal chords were going to be cut away (along with part of the base of my tongue?) and that I might die from Interior Basil Cell Carcinoma, stage four. Any future speaking engagements, teaching and sharing were all in jeopardy. On January 19th, 2012, I went through 8.5 hours of surgery. To this very day I am still recovering as my face feels like I have a porcupine stuck to my right cheek and neck, my throat is tender and yada, yada, yada! [Thank you Father for bringing me through]

So, I start reading Dr. Pastor Russ (Pappy) Houck's book, "Epidemic" a few weeks ago, wrote a couple of blog posts concerning the book which I highly recommend. Dr. Houck and I have, as a result of his book spent hours on the phone discussing a variety of issues and learning from one another where we agree and disagree. We are becoming fast friends, kindred, "Kids of the Kingdom!" Russ and I have a lot in common....We speak straight, often hard and often very direct...I don't know how to be quiet spoken. God, simply put, did not wire me this way! The cancer almost took my voice, my life and God's ability to use me for his purposes, I almost destroyed myself. Smoking Crack Cocaine and cigarettes all of those many years ago was not wise.....the consequences are very, very ugly!

Russ offers to me a time slot on his Blog Talk Radio while at the same time I am getting to know Dr. Pastor Rick Chesher from Salem, Oregon who also is using Blog Talk Radio. Dr. Chesher offered to me a time slot as well. I go to prayer asking of God, "What's up? Both of these offers caught me by surprise! I contacted my friend, my spiritual brother, Rico Cortes asking his advice. Rico said, "If you are given an opportunity to share bro, do it!"
On Sunday evening February 24, 2013 I will be introducing a weekly two hour Blog Talk Internet Broadcast. The show will be called "Un-Coloring Race,  Returning to the Beginning."
The show will feature Biblical discussions, feature guest speakers and a variety of topics concerning getting out of a religious mind, adopting instead a Kingdom mind. The show will be geared towards believers and anyone who wants to participate in the Kingdom of Yahweh. Our Lord, Our Savior is returning. He will do what Abba, Father has commanded. Skin color and or religious persuasion won't be one of HIS directives.

I don't think we have a lot of time to choose. I spend virtually every hour of every day focused on the revelation(s) happening all over the globe. I am not a prophecy person but rather a watchman. If my voice can cause one person to want to know Abba, Father or if what was birthed into my spirit in 2009 can cause one person to challenge how we have been divided against the Kingdom...I live to that end. I am also working with El Shaddai Ministries concerning our Men's group (Developing possibly more groups) as well as looking forward to being a part of Pastor's luncheons here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I do have a part time job which helps to pay for toilet paper and gas...literally! Overall, after reading this post can any one of you imagine for a nano second just how grateful, how privileged I am....?

As always, your prayers and continued financial support matter. Nancy King is working on the New Site Your financial support helps get all of this done...
Thanks everyone.
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