Saturday, February 16, 2013

Murline, You Go Girl!

If you enjoyed the teaching above (done 2 years ago)...order Murlin's new book as she further brings clarity to what is went wrong or what has been wrong according to the way we have learned the pagan practices embedded into how we have learned about YEHOVAH CLICK HERE for details on how to order.

I met Craig and Murline Miles several years ago. They invited me to Texas to speak awhile back for Tabernacles  We have been friends, fellow "Kids of the Kingdom" from a distance ever since. Murline is quite possibly the sweetest, most gentlest person, "Jewel of Creation" that I have met since returning to the beginning. I know her heart and I know why she does what she does.
Thanks for standing in the battle!
If you can imagine what it would be like to one day realize that the mother or the father you had always known was not your biological parent how would this affect everything? Well, it is sort of that way with understanding Yahweh...Millions of us have been taught a mixture of the Biblical story. How many times have we gone into the church, heard a very powerful message but then never came home to verify the information presented or at best to research the actual foundation of the sermon? Imagine 12 Jewish disciples sitting in the very same sermon....would they understand the message? Murline attempts to share with all of us how deception also sits in the pews...She does so using the Hebraic originality of the Bible as opposed to the interpretive understanding alone. My copy is on order and why would it not be? I know this woman, I know this married couple and I know that you will be blessed reading her new effort. Most importantly, I know that Murline wrote this book for us!

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