Monday, February 25, 2013

Money, I pray that you fix yourself!

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1: the act of sequestering : the state of being sequestered sequestration

2 a : a legal writ authorizing a sheriff or commissioner to take into custody the property of a defendant who is in contempt until the orders of a court are complied with
  b : a deposit whereby a neutral depositary agrees to hold property in litigation and to restore it to the party to whom it is adjudged to belong

So what is FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, & MSNBC trying to get into your brain?

As we all watch the United States of America collapse, $17 trillion dollar debt, fiscal cliff, and sequestration now a part of the never ending conversation one begins to think that money truly is the god of this nation. In fact, a handful of people watched the Oscars whereby the Hollywood millionaires gave to one another a golden statue honoring a world of make believe. Mean while, the political parties have become an irritant as our nation follows the gods of greed and selfishness into the history books.

Money, the driving force behind a proposed salvation! Our nation would be better, do better if we could just get a hold of the money problem. For anyone of us to think this to be the case I would offer a comparison. The person sitting in front of the new and improved slot machine is now an entire nation pulling the credit card out in every state, every city, and nearly every home in America hoping things will get better. Things have not gotten better but the hope and dreams of this happening now depend on the elected officials, most of whom are rich and benefit greatly after being elected. The American public pays them to be amazing! None of them are amazing these days!

If we can just get our spending in order the next generation will benefit?
As we all watch our nation collapse the next generation on the whole could careless. The occupy wall street movement revealed our youth defecating on police cars, having sex and getting high while benefiting from the companies they hate! The irony, lunacy really of what far too many of our sons and daughters fought for is now humiliating..Freedom is now enslaving a nation with the notion that one does not have to do anything in order to get what were all supposed to have...

The government is taking our money and using it to leap, catapult really, an entire nation into the abyss. So far, the elected officials are doing a brilliant job of killing the integrity of our Republic. As long as we have a micro wave, big screen television and gasoline who cares? After all, we keep sending in our ballots after making random checks in the boxes. We really don't have to do anymore than this these days in order to declare our constitutional right....What is the American Constitution to Lady Gaga, or better yet the drug house down the street?

Money.....It is my prayer that you fix yourself so that we can get back to living free! 
(See what lunacy causes the American public to "Hear and Obey!")

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