Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loving our Wives, Having Peace in the Garden

She has always been the Crown Jewel of Creation while men have lost our original identity. Thus, their is no peace in the garden. We continue to misunderstand the heart of Abba, Father....which is his daughters!
My wife Michele with our youngest daughter, Myklen
On August the 15th, 2012 I started a Men's group in our home. I wanted other men to read the book, "Garden of Peace" I felt as though God was giving to me a mandate. We have been doing this ever since. We are currently in chapter seven.

I took a call from a woman in California who said, "My husband needs to know about this" having read several of my blog articles concerning the book. I woke up the next day with the thought, "Film our gathering, put in on the Internet." I asked the guys if they would be willing, most were, two were not.

The following presentation is 1 1/2 hours long. We were at Mike's home. Actually, we're are on his semi enclosed patio complete with fire place and propane heaters sitting in a semi circle in order to film this meeting. Planes are flying over head and it's getting colder by the minute. What you are about to see is a group of men learning how to be "Biblical Husbands"...
No one taught us how to have "Peace in the Garden" until now.
[The video may need to load completely]

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  Men Discussing "The Garden of Peace" from Carroll Gleason on Vimeo.

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Claude Armstrong said...

I was happy someone on the Chat line asked about this blog, Jeff. It reminded me to come back after not seeing the video you mentioned last week to see if it was here yet.

I've sent the link to the guys I know - Wish I'd had this B4 my first marriage. Sadly, I know the agony of Divorce.

Shalom, beautiful Brother.