Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Becoming Jewish, why?

When I first became aware of the Messianic Movement, Hebrew Roots and the study of Torah, I have, to this day, never had the inclination to dress Jewish or to look like a 1st century Hebrew. It has never been a part of my revelation to emulate the Jewish people. The fact of the matter is one day the LORD spoke to me and made clear to me that he existed and was very involved with Israel. The nagging questions that I had the more I practiced my faith were somehow arrested that day.

I understand that God created all things and in him all things are made.

I started following conferences that shared about the Torah. Another reality of my, "Journey of faith" poured out before me. I wanted other Christians to see what I was seeing. The excitement that I was experiencing about God was and continues to be overwhelming. Not everyone agreed nor did other Christians come running. I lost all of my Christians friends the more I spoke about Torah. Well to be fair, I moved a couple of times, friendships faded, life changed. My best friend of 20+ years threw me under the bus. My faith however, exploded!

Nevertheless, I began to see people dressing different, dancing and singing differently. Please forgive me for the analogy that I am about to give but, for me it has always been like seeing a man dressed as a woman but who is not a woman. I am not speaking about the prayer shawl or wearing of tzitzits but rather the identity of people changing, morphing into Jewish people that are not Jewish people? I remember in the black community when folks started dressing like ancient Africans.....I have yet to see Vikings roaming through the halls of churches! Come to think of it when I see anyone dressed up in a religious garb none resemble what Aaron was commanded to wear

I went through the confusion of the two house vs the one house theories concerning Ephraim and Judah and continue to seek understand through the Scriptures concerning that conversation. I am learning about the birth of Judaism from Babylon and Rabbinic Judaism after the demise of the 2nd Temple along with the foibles and failures of the Jewish people to keep the Covenants in between.

The Christians tossed all of this understanding out and largely live and breath New Testament doctrine. The primary reason why I did not know the study of Torah was because of Christianity. It's all ironic to me anymore.The Christians cling to what they know and they know the Gospels and the writings of Rabbi Shaul. Most lack the Jewish understanding of the scriptures and so it goes. Once this reconnection is made many start dressing like Mary Magdalene or even Caiaphas himself, go figure!

I have numerous friends and former acquaintances who have considered the teaching of the Orthodox Rabbis so much so that they have tossed the teachings of the Disciples and Rabbi Paul or the New Testament under the bus which includes the redeemer of the world. I know Christians who refuse, absolutely refuse to consider the Hebraic originality of the Scriptures opting instead to remain secure in all that was born at Nicea and the Council of Trent

Proverbs 30:4 He said to me: “Who went up to Heaven and came down, and who is holding the wind in his palms? Who has bound the waters in a napkin and who has established all the ends of the Earth? What is his Name, and what is his Son's Name, if you know?

I am an American because of who Yahweh is. I was born Black because of what he decided. I am trying to live as a child of Yahweh because of a choice that I was given. [I  have been waiting for about 20 years for someone to explain to me what an African American is exactly.] I am  heading towards 60 (With a few years to go) struggling through the ups and the downs of life just like believers the world over. I pray for Israel and I pray for my needs and the needs of others. (I wish I was better at praying most of the time)

I pray for Israel because I know that the end all, be all is this very, very special place. The nations have been fighting over this land for centuries. It is also because the LORD spoke to me and said, "Learn about why I was Jewish!" Nevertheless, I have never wanted to be Jewish. I could careless if I have Jewish blood in me. I live in a world yet to be restored, just as does everyone else. I have never wanted to be religiously or racially connected to the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He was in the beginning and he came to us in the flesh. I now KNOW that he was pretty active in between as well

Why would I want to be Jewish? The Jewish people have a history of causing the LORD to burn down the house and toss them out of the country. All of humanity is waiting for Israel to Shema, to keep covenant. It's the truth! Why on earth would I want to celebrate that history? On the other hand, Christianity has more doctrines then I have hair on my head these days. Getting out of that confusion was like coming up out of water having held my breath for 30 years.

Nope, for me, its not about looking, thinking or becoming Jewish. I just want to overcome my weaknesses, deal a death blow to the evil inclination and honor the Messiah with my life. I want to produce fruit with the time that I have been given to serve in the kingdom of Yahweh. My life is the battleground, my thoughts and the issue of overcoming me, is more important then moving to Israel and dealing with the lunacy presented by the Islamic religion.

I don't want to be religious...I am reading the scriptures and learning how to run from religion! I want to go back to what Adam, to what Noah saw. I don't want the interpretation or the facsimile, I want to be somewhere in the crowd dancing as did King David.

I am returning to the beginning, long before dysfunction embedded itself into my spirit. I am doing so with the Messiah of Israel and his Father........Un- Broken, Un-Ashamed and Un-Colored by the hell of being lost.

I spoke with my friend Rico Cortes a few days ago. We both agree, how can we possibly welcome our King with so much in fighting, so much arguing, so much division? We both want to see Isaiah, Chapter 60 fulfilled because of what Yahweh declared not because of what we are wearing or because of disagreement and pride.

It is not possible for me to deny Yeshua's birth, life, death and resurrection nor is it possible for me to wear another dyshiki

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