Thursday, January 3, 2013


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I have watched the words, "Fiscal Cliff" grow legs immediately after the presidential election. I have watched the political pundits fall in line discussing the "Fiscal Cliff" on every news outlet in America. The drama, the midnight emergency sessions and the entire media blitz concerning our countries vulnerability to chaos if, something does not happen to avert the, "Fiscal Cliff"

I personally feel like I have been driven to a place that I did not want to go to, dragged from a car that I did not want to be in and then raped repeatedly by people that I did not vote for! These political leaders that we have who just received a pay increase and raised taxes are the biggest club of good ole boys in these United States of America. While our current president is hell bent of killing the Greek template of wealth otherwise known as capitalism. He has done a remarkable job thus far. All of these people are taking our money and laughing all the way to retirement. God is the one who blessed this nations wealth but none of these people think about this at all. They are self serving bastards of the devil doing what comes natural for the Godless

We are witnessing the leaders of our country build a house of cards while at the same time dismantle the blessings of our Great God. The bankrupting of America has been underway for sometime now. I am watching the hand of Abba, Father, allow the failure of the "God Fearer" to stand for righteousness experience the consequence. I am watching the enemy of the throne of God capitalize on the lack of spirit in our citizenry. I am watching the voice of chaos say to all of us, YOU ALL ARE SO STUPID!

God Bless America has truly become a cliche. America entered a biblical judgment several years ago and refuses to Teshuva. I have listened to counteless Americans say that Obama is going to save their jobs. I have heard folks say that the first black President is amazing, one of the smartest men on earth, really! Read it for yourself, click here Jamie Fox called him, "Lord and Savior"

This post is not about the President but rather about feeling raped by our government and needing to take refuge in our Great God. It is quite clear to me that our country, the country of my birth is gone. What we all have these days is a gigantic collapse occurring on every level of our society. Those causing the collapse think us stupid apparently! They are causing what is happening because they don't realize that our Great God is allowing the wisdom of men to go forth. We the people are being led by we the people, not God

I am watching God do what God does...he is letting this nation go it's own way. He put the right man in office to ensure that his judgments are carried out

This is why the "Fiscal Cliff" is happening.

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Roger said...

I absolutely cringed today listening to Nancy Pilosi introducing John Barner (sp?). Near the intro she said something to the effect of "God bless congress and God bless America".

This is from a woman who feels it's her duty to insist that the names of God, Jesus, the 10 Commandments, guns, etc are removed from all public buildings, meetings, and book. And moronic sheeple clapped when she said it. The word that immediately came to my mind was... HYPOCRITE!