Sunday, January 6, 2013

Understanding what is embedded in the entire purpose of ISRAEL

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Our friend Karen Motherway wrote the following: 

Since the very purpose of creating the Israelite nation was to bring the Messiah to the world, It is of utmost importance to not to try to remove him from his heritage. What we all need to keep in mind is that all of scripture is written by and for the Hebrews. All of prophecy relates to Israel and unless we are grafted in to that Tree, through Messiah, we have no part in that Kingdom. To the Jew first, THEN the gentile, does not remove the Jew and replace him with gentiles. It is a joining together, not a replacement.

Has anybody else seen John Hagee's sermons on the coming blood moons? I watched them last night. Its great to see this information going a bit more mainstream. I did not agree with everything he said concerning the "rapture" but all in all he really delivered a very powerful wake-up call to the church!

I agree with Karen one kaBillion % This information is critical for the believer in this hour to see God doing something extraordinary

Our Pastor, Mark Biltz is credited with connecting the following information to the world via a revelation from Yahweh

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