Saturday, January 19, 2013

Of Course They Knew The Master

Revisiting the historical information from those our Master appointed to teach us about His people, His Father and Israel.

Un-Published quotes according to Boaz Michael  of FFOZ
Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein, translated by Vine of David.
Thanks Boaz for sharing
Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein 
"It is usually the endeavor of Jewish Christians in the very first generation to be rid of every Jewish impress, to amalgamate with the Christians, and be lost among others. The individual is lost, but the people remain. Israel, as the elect people, the everlasting witness to the peoples, cannot, and ought not, to disappear in the tumult of the nations."

 Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein
"The anti-Semites will cry “murder” over my interpretation of Christianity because, in their confusion of ideas, they have not the faintest notion of the Rock who conceived them, nor the faintest idea of the soil out of which they arose. They think they must prove the truth of their Christian convictions by hating Jews. They forget only a small detail—that salvation comes from the Jews. that the founder of Christianity was a Jew, that all the holy Apostles were Jews, and that the true apostolic community, the members of the first “church” in Jerusalem, were all Jews."
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