Wednesday, January 16, 2013

THE HEADLINES, "The Earth is a Global Bomb, ticking!"

Netanyahu to Obama...Suck Wind!

Here come the Persians

Civil War, "Stupid verses the America Gun Owner!"

Hotel Hell has new residents

Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky "SPEND EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE until the whole damned thing collapses"

We need your money at least three days before we get shot to death

Yo Bro, I will trade you my badge for a few bullets!

You asked for A Black President and you got a mixed Arab now, 
"Have a coke and a smile and shut the f_ck up!" Richard Pryor

Global warming freezes, STUPID?

Hey Obama,  here is another Opportunity to give away tax money

The French launch ground combat in Mali, in preparation for combat with Muslims in France.

President appears with aborted children during Gun Control edicts (Oops, I mean Children who were not legally murdered due to abortion)

 Obama asked secret service  to not use weapons, specifically any guns while protecting his daughters....NOT!

We have entered the "No Spin Zone!"

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