Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Growing Heartache of Watching America Fall

In 2001 the world witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Center. The shock and shear terror that gripped our nation can still be felt when ever a rerun of the events of that day are portrayed via the History Channel or the various anniversary specials [For those who have finally mastered the micro wave.] As a result of that one day, America realized how much the country was changed. We were no longer impervious! Those Americans who experienced WWII, Korea, and Vietnam were faced with a different hatred. One that has always been there but not in the minds of the American public.

They came, they successfully accomplished the task of collapsing the Twin Towers. They also came at a time when the American public was divided.The enormity of what happened is not in the heart of America. This one event did not cause our nation to forge ahead in the same manner as we did when the British were defeated in 1783. Our collective soul, spirit, national Judeao-Christian embodiment of God's ways, the bedrock of our very existence is now mocked and spat upon by America children that are raised to not know this heritage [Many are those very children conceived in the neighbors house or on a park bench in San Francisco]

Our nation built the Golden Gate Bridge, turned an island in New York into a center for world commerce. The launching pads of Cape Canaveral, Florida have the dreams and aspirations of a nation etched into the foundation. We changed the course of the world allowing millions to enter the nation of America for freedom, opportunity. The Industrial Revolution, technological age, both medical and electronic were signatory of the USA. Our citizens with pride, commitment and integrity rose to the occasion. America broke the mold, redesigned the tools and challenged the nations to, "Keep Up!"

September 11, 2001 our nation, replete with divisiveness, bickering, corruption, debauchery, abortion and lawlessness replaced the national identity of  "Land of the Free." What has risen out of the rubbish pile is unbelievably, more rubbish! The American public is now living in the  garbage it produces. We seem to be learning how to get good at this?

Michael Medved reported yesterday that the American public was receiving nearly 80 billion dollars in food stamp assistance. I almost pulled over to catch my breath! Not because of the amount of money being spent but precisely because of the money that millions of Americans are no longer making for themselves. The very idea that millions entered the United States of America seeking freedom and opportunity is over, done, kaput! The government of our nation is supporting the people who pay the government of our nation in order for our government to exist. This is not an idea, this national shame is real. Simple math clearly will show each and every time, that if I am not making an income, I cannot support any part of the, "American Dream" [which includes strong government!] cns news

Our nation has fallen off of a variety of cliffs. The integrity of our leadership, the ability of trust, the sincerity in doing business fell a long time ago. We began to realize this when Bernie Madoff was the first to hit bottom. The momentum of his collapse should have reminded us of Enron and AIG. The American public was  asleep. On September the 11th, 2001 those who hate America knew we were not only divided but, divided and asleep! We seem to be the only people on earth not seeing what is now obvious? Our sleep is actually better described as a coma while the bastards of our society feed on our dying skin!

Monica Lewinski showed to the world that our nation was not so much interested in personal integrity and accountability. Today, Kathy Griffin proves that debauchery and sexual immorality are not just making news on the soap operas anymore. The "American Girl" is a filthy pig and we don't care! If it sells, if it's sexy and if its gay or lesbian put it on the marquee and wave flags and banners!....

Black America cries for free phones and sings songs about gay love calling Barack Obama, "Lord and Savior!" Meanwhile, Mexico lives free damn near anywhere it wants to within these United States of America. Who has time for greatness in our nation when are nation is now crawling around the mud? White America seems to be running for cover. What sort of cohesion is this? Show to me the nations that have survived for centuries this sort of intellectual disparity? Show to me a nation that calls this type of mental capacity, intellectual? We are the people that allowed those who brought down our Twin Towers to now infiltrate our government, this is not greatness!

We fell over a cliff a long time ago. The rest of the world was smart enough to see what is no longer America and turned up the flames. The World Court would have the American public answer to them for just about everything including our right to bare arms. There are those of  whom we elect to office routinely I might add, who love these concepts. The people who hate America seem to be joining forces with those who lead America....what sort of freedom is this?

Our nation's political machine is off the tracks careening over every available cliff while demonstrating to the American public, fiscal idiocy! The American household is collecting 80 billion dollars worth of federal income that is written on a bad check bouncing along side of the political machine hell bent on seeking out to the next cliff to launch our nation over. Our great grandparents are glad to be leaving. Checking out before Obamacare throws them out!  America is today, reliving the heartache of watching Pearl Harbor destroyed but for many, the Japaneses are not flying the planes. Pearl Harbor was rebuilt by Americans who remembered the British. Today most are trying to remember how to reset the microwave time clock before the Jerry Springer "Hour of Power!"

May God bless America is fast becoming an insult to the prayers that God use to answer. The public that took hold of the reigns around the turn of the century or the year 2000 barely notices that the heart of our nation collapsed one year later!

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