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The Focus of My Blog

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Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God's law, I will also forget your children.
Proper Context: Hosea did not know about any of us when he wrote this but he did know Israel, the culture at the time, and what Abba, Father wanted them to hear. We have to put what is being stated in context.

The focus of my Blog is threefold:
1) Educate Christians beyond what we have been taught or how we have been taught to study God's word
2) Encourage everyone who is a believer in the one God of the Bible to do so, Un-Colored and or, less a racial identity
3) To bare witness to the fact that Israel is not just a land, a people or a place on this earth.

I also write to the average person who is seeking YHWH, trying to understand more but who is not necessarily scholarly. I also point people towards those persons Abba, has chosen to bring an amazing revelation concerning the scriptures forward for such a time as this.

1) I spoke with a Christian Pastor a while ago who was learning how to see the Bible from an Hebraic manner as opposed to the Western theological manner that virtually every church in the western world adheres to. He expressed to me that the turning point for him was when he began to see the abstract manner that is taught concerning the scriptures in seminary verses the cyclical or repetitious patterns that much of the Bible  presents. He said, "I feel like I am learning God's word as opposed to interpreting God's word."
All of my children have been to El Shaddai Ministries. All of my four children were raised up in a non denominational church. I asked them what they thought. Each of my children expressed to me in differing ways and at differing times, "I feel like I just went to school!" Our congregation teaches how to understand the Scriptures from a culture that is not Western.

When I speak to most Pastors or recall certain conversations with former Pastors [Where I once attended services] Virtually everyone of them absolutely, unequivocally and without reservation are clueless as to what I am sharing. This is not to say that these men of God are idiots, not at all. They just understand the Bible from a Christian context. 

An example:  
I asked a Pastor about the miracles that "Jesus" performed concerning the body. He healed a lame man, a deaf man, a blind man, a sick man, and a dead man. He did all of this in Israel among his Jewish brethren. My question was why did he do this and why is it recorded for generations. His answer: He was demonstrating the authority of the Father over death and sickness. This is an abstract answer open to interpretation...key word..."INTERPRETATION"  I then showed to him Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said to them, “I am not sent except to the sheep that have strayed from the house of Israel.” 

I suggested to this Pastor that God is communicating that He is restoring Israel. He will make them hear again, see again, walk again, healed again and live again. He is restoring the House of Israel, the body, the bride. The Pastors mouth dropped! Incidentally, in 1948 this was further demonstrated with Israel being, "BORN AGAIN!"

There are layers, of information being communicated via every word in the scriptures. It is easy for one to say that God intended the Bible to reveal himself...But he also intended that revelation to come through the Hebrews so we should consider what the difference is.....
The Christian mind looks through the window into the candy store. The Hebraic mind is looking at the Christians from within the candy store while sampling the candy.

2) Black people, White people, Yellow people...How about just living as God's people! (Nuff said)

3) The Arab world is wanting to wipe Israel of the map. Translation: Yahweh is building up their strength so they can continue to do battle with him, He is hardening their hearts? Now watch this so that you can see what "Hardening Their Hearts" really, truly means! 

Israel is the place on earth where the God of creation will magnify who HE is, why HE is and what HE is purposing for eternity. Messing with Israel is like going swimming on Canus Majoris...Stupid is the mind trying to kill Israel, wipe her off the map, or push her into the Mediterranean Sea, Ovey!
Somebody tell the narrator  that the suns are less than 7000 years old.....

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