Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Beauty of my Newest, Youngest, Friend!

Last night at our El Shaddai Ministries' [Monday night] teaching I happened to notice a friend of mine come in a little bit late [of course] with his wife and kids, smile! There are four children one of which is just flat, out, special to me. Well, I found out that my little buddy, the son is a twin, I didn't know!

Anyway, these four children are just beautiful. They range from 6  years old to 17 or 18 the twins being the middle children. Not sure of their ages. I have always noted the beauty of the other twin, a daughter but last night something happened. As I was looking at her I could sense Yahweh saying to me, "Her beauty is inside too, I am with her!"
Now these are not words that I actually heard but rather an acknowledgment of his presence. It was one of those surreal moments that are common when one walks in spirit and truth with our Elohim.

Who is not a religious practitioner, I might add!

Well, for the sake of brevity YHWH illuminated this child to me revealing His personal involvement in her and her family. All in all, last night I saw the family and Yahweh walk into the congregation. I took notice for this reason [not because they were late, hehehehe!]

Today I had breakfast with the father of this young girl. During our discussion I mentioned the strange thing that happened the previous night. Abba, Father, can be strange at times, this time was no exception (Smile)
I exclaimed, "Your daughter seems rigid, possible extroverted? However, her beauty if captivating, tell me about her." Her father, who is truly like a mack truck, with no breaks, driving through a maternity ward [not really] said to me, "Yes, but she is so shy" Well, actually and in his own way, he did the mack truck thing of which I am coming to know him by. (That's another story! Her father attends the weekly gathering of men in our home and has become a fast friend.] His love for those children was ever present during our conversation. This is always a fun thing to watch. I understand this joy, I understand a father's heart having raised four children myself. 

My buddy said, "She can sing too!" This perked me up because I was trying to put my finger on what Abba, Father, was pointing out to me the previous night concerning this child.  Well, her dad went from the, "Mack Truck" personality to that of a man who was just as astonished concerning his daughter. It was not the boastful type, or the  "Proud Dad" sort of posture but rather his recognition of that inner beauty. After all, he along with his wife are privileged to have been blessed with this child and her siblings, they get it! This young lady is possibly 13 or 14, not sure. I will have to ask that question when next I see the family.

Kim Kardashian
Nevertheless, her dad is a man of faith who was intimating to me that he too, was aware of his daughter's beauty. Make no mistake, he nor was I, comparing the sort of beauty that the Kardashian family, who to some are famous for. Nope, the Kardashian family is super silly and the American public is asked to suffer through that sort of beauty. My focus and certainly her fathers, was on the Godly beauty that this child seems to be draped in.

About an hour ago I asked the young lady if I could write about my experience last night and to then also post what her father shared with me today. She said, "Yes, but please don't post my name" Of course, I had this conversation with her along with her parents.

You see, Yahweh shared the beauty of this young girl with me last night and confirmed his presence today. He is the beauty that this child radiates. What He deliberately let me know about this daughter, His daughter is that he was with her. I was able to share that with this young lady a little bit ago by phone.

I shared this story with her moments after opening the email from her dad with the following attachment
I hope this blesses you in the same way that I was blessed.
Recorded at age 11

Thank you my new young friend!
You have touched my heart and so too, has your family!

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