Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanks CHERYL, great analogy!

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Cheryl Lewis at our dress rehearsal for our wedding
My friend and Brother J Scott Morton writes a blog trying to get the attention of Christians to try and tell them that they have been lied to and had man made traditions pushed on them like it is biblical truth. Some get it, but the majority get angry with him and accuse him of all kinds of stuff.

It dawned on me this morning what this situation is like. This is like trying to tell a wife her husband is cheating on her. She doesn't want to hear it and calls you a liar and maybe even a few choice names, because the man she married who she trust with her life and thought would never cause her any hurt, harm or danger would never do this to her!

Even when she ask him if he is cheating he will lie in her face and say NO! She will believe him and he will continue to cheat until the day she finds out the real truth and wonders why he lied to her and why everyone else that knew never bothered to tell her.

For all our Christian friends and family know you are being lied to and cheated on! Do the research for yourself. And for all of you who have never heard of Mithras, I would recommend you google, bing or yahoo search. This would be good information to learn going into 2013. Why? Because the Father wants you to know the truth. Does he tell us His people perish for lack of knowledge? Empower yourself with the truth.
You can read J Scott Morton's blog at

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