Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republican or Democrat or Yahweh, vs another god

Not sure how long the video of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn below is going to be available. They are taking it off the Internet with enthusiasm it would seem. Those who don't care to watch it are why the video is pivotal for such a time as this. The political rational of America does not really matter anymore.

The election cycle has come and gone. We have heard the presidential inauguration speech and seen the fanfare associated with seating the President of the United States of America. The country moves forward, the process continues.

For a couple of days now I have been summarizing the nation as a whole knowing that we are not the same nation since my birth. So much has changed, so many attitudes and individual constitutions are now independent or even, disassociated with the articles of our Republic. The nation is long down the road of godlessness.

When speaking with liberal Democrats their are two camps. There are those who love the ideal of big government and then their are those who love the idea of a black man rising above the fray. With the conservative Republicans the idea of big government and skin color dictating policy is ludicrous. Whereas too, the Republican party has been compromised with those who feel compromise is good!
Meanwhile, our country is speeding like a bullet away from the God who is not godless.

This is the change that I am watching. Our country is riding a bullet train away from holiness serving champagne and hors d'Ĺ“uvres as we head towards a trestle that is removed by the hand of God. This trestle is the one that rides over the pit of hell.

When speaking with folks about these concerns most are oblivious! I realize that this too is due to the hand of God. Jonathan Cahn is not oblivious. The course of our nation seems to be set and we are careening towards an inevitable consequence. Dancing with the devil is what our nation is doing. Our nation is celebratory as it moves forward

Today is the Sabbath, a commanded holy day instituted by the God of creation. The majority of Americans think this commandment is Jewish and therefore insignificant, meaningless. Think about that? Jesus was Jewish and he obeyed the words of the Elohim of Israel, the commandments but today our nation, which HE ordained, is drunk with rebellion!

We passed the point of Republican or Democrat a long time ago.We exist as the God fearing and the Godless. The nation voted and the Godless won.....
You see, deception also agrees with the American political leadership, with gay marriage, gay rights, abortion, divorce, pornography, murder, envy, adultery, fornication, pride, arrogance, corruption, greed and our last vote by the people, for the people. The evil Inclination loves man's governmental systems. God has folded his arms allowing some of us to see clearly what is ahead for America. Millions of Americans have laid the course, determined their future, setting into stone a horrific crash!

When the train wreck occurs retaliation against Yahweh is not possible.

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