Friday, January 25, 2013

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Are you all listening to this young Black woman?
A friend of mine sent to me an article introducing to me, for the 1st time a young lady who attends the University of New Orleans

From time to time I am sent information concerning an African American who, like myself, "Get's it" concerning the unholy distortions, lies, fabrications, and worldwide campaign to nullify [and, in fact, eradicate] an entire segment of humanity, namely the Jewish people, and the multicultural nation of Israel. This time was a little bit different. Well, actually a gigantic difference this African American female, Chloe Simone Valdary is just 19 years old.

Let me share an experience:

I remember standing before a room full of "I HATE ISRAEL" college students who were praising divestment from Israel and the lunacy of the Arabs that the world Media calls the Palestinians [who have no history outside of Egypt and Jordan.] I was probably one of two black folks in the room. It was my turn at the mic. The room was silent because a black man (African American if you are ignorant of Africa) was naturally going to throw everything Israel under the bus. I was watching the anticipation, I could have quite easily experienced a moment of celebrity. I stepped up to the Microphone and said, "I just have a few questions to ask."
1) Can anyone in this room name for me the number of times that Jewish men boarded a commercial airline, murdering over 3000 Americans?
2) Can anyone in this room name the Jewish women who strap bombs onto their backs and who then murder other women because of hatred?
3) Can anyone in this room name for me all of the Jewish children who have been forced to wear bombs, to become living weapons designed to kill other children?
4) Can anyone in the room recall for me the economic, scientific, archeological, and academic, historical contributions of a people named Palestinian?
5) Please name for me the ancient Kings and Queens of the Palestinian people and recite for me the ancient battles that this people fought in order for all of you to be gathered here today celebrating their accomplishments at the expense of Israel.

I placed the microphone back into its sheaf, paused for a few moments and walked away!
The youth in the room looked as if they had seen a ghost and the adults in the room, the old folks, if you will,  looked at me as if they wanted to cut my throat!

This young 19 year old is looking to raise $10.000 in order to present truth and then to do so in the minds of the youth who otherwise are being fed insanity! Please, I don't have the money to support this sort of thing but I do have this keyboard and a host of friends around the globe.

Christians United For Israel...I am writing this to you to David Brog, a prayer raised up has produced the heart and spirit of this young person...lend her an ear.
Bridgette Gabriel thank you for Act for America....You would do well to know this Young lady please give her your ear
Mark Levin well?
Glenn Beck....shine a light over hear Mr. Beck!
Pastor Mark Biltz El Shaddai Ministries
Pastor Michael Stevens
StandwithIsrael hey Rob, what say you?

I appreciate all of you and those who are not listed here...I am sure that you all know this. Please don't ignore this young lady's courage and don't underestimate her strentgh

Again, Are you all listening to this young Black woman?
Here is what she needs:
What is it: A campaign that inculcates pro-Israel advocacy into pop
culture via film.

Our First Project: A music video that pays homage to the victims of
anti-Semitism, both recent and in the past. Highlights the resilience
of the Jewish people even as anti-Semitism rises.

How much we need: 10 grand

Website to Donate:


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