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Paul taught about the Messiah before he wrote about him?

Abraham with Isaac
 The following verse, differing translations would have one think that all of the Jews rejected Yeshua...It is the translation that suggests all Jews however, Paul was dealing with a very specific issue concerning a Gentile teaching the TORAH (The New Testament had not yet been written) The issue was proper interpretation of the scriptures..(The New Testament had not YET been completed) The Jews who were convinced (Proper translation) were actually convinced by other Jews as well as Gentiles who were keeping TORAH...Christianity did not exist. Neither did Rabbinic Judaism. The understanding of TORAH had gotten so convoluted. However, the issue was showing that Jesus was the Christ (Yeshua the Messiah) from the Scriptures.  

The New Testament (testimony) of what was always foretold had not yet been penned as a completed work

3 Translations

Acts 18:28 He was powerfully instructing contrary to the Jews before the crowds while showing from the SCRIPTURES concerning Yeshua, that he is The Messiah.

Acts 18:28 for he powerfully refuted the Jews, publicly showing by the SCRIPTURES that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 18:28  For he with great force convinced the Jews publicly, shewing by the SCRIPTURES that Jesus was the Christ.

Jesus was Jewish and would not have gone against TORAH...HE IS TORAH or the LAW, or the instructor delivering God's Instructions, God's Torah, God's laws...perfectly! had he have gone against what Moses or even Abraham Jew in the world would have followed him!

Question: How do we show that Jesus is the Christ or the Messiah using only the Tanakh or if you are GREEK TRAINED...Old Testament.

Paul clearly was able to do this according to the WORD Equally, most of Paul's letters were written, circulating through the region. Unfortunately, the Greek mindset which was more philosophical (Abstract, if you prefer) was dominant  hence, this facilitated a cultural dominance away from an Hebraic identity or original framework. The New Testament survived with the Greek template as opposed to the intent of Rabbi Shaul. Paul, [Rabbi Shaul] quotes the Tanahk more than any other person in the scriptures. He understood who the Messiah was and used the scriptures to reinforce the facts He used the WORD as he wrote his testimony.
They knew the Scriptures but had mixed into them a religious system. Sort of like exactly what the Gentiles have done too! 36,000 denominations is the best example of how that works.....really!

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