Thursday, January 24, 2013

Okay Guys, "put up or shut up!"

 A peek inside of how we celebrate our wives!

To the men who come to my home every Wednesday in order to read the book, "Garden of Peace"

We have to do this in one week. Michael Y is leaving us and I would love to have him here to participate. So here is the deal...

If we can do this and put together a few bucks to pay for the filming and, editing etc, etc with me. I would like to then put this for free on line...YOU Tube, Vemeo whatever. I would like to encourage other men to consider doing the same thing across the nation.

Men we have got so much wrong!

Adam was supposed to slap the fruit out of Eve's hand and tell the satan to hit the road
Abraham was not suppose to agree to take Hagar to bed, duh!
King David was supposed to take a cold shower and leave Bathsheba alone

You have to contact me asap. If there are those who would like to come an sit in on this you also have to contact me and come prepared to make a contribution towards the


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