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Laurie Cordoza-Moore...Understands what God spoke to me!

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Many of you know that when YHWH spoke to me he directed me to understand why Israel exists. I have since that time realized that what the nations do to Israel will be done 7 fold to them.....I understand that Israel is not about a people, place and nation to the father but rather and end all be all to the plan that he formented when Adam sat up and then spoke!

The following I encourage your to read:
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(Washington, DC) - January 10, 2013 - The leader of pro-Israel organization Proclaiming Justice To The Nations (PJTN) is today calling on the United States Senate to refuse confirmation of President Obama's standing nominees for the posts of Secretary of State, CIA Director, and Secretary of Defense, citing a collective lack of responsible leadership towards their positions on foreign affairs and support of Israel.

"Once again, President Obama's nominations for key leadership positions reflects an inability to stand strong in the arena of Foreign Affairs, America's support of Israel, and ultimately the security of US interests domestically as well as in the Middle East," noted Laurie Cardoza-Moore, head of PJTN, in a message to the US Senate citing the selections of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and John Brennan for major posts in the Obama Administration.

Citing specifics in her communication, Cardoza-Moore noted:  "John Kerry throughout his tenure as Senator refused to join his colleagues in signing letters to put pressure on Iran, refused to support sanctions against them as a rogue nation and refrained from signing a letter urging the European Union to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.  His inability to stand strong in the arena of foreign affairs-and in particular-the Middle East-casts a strong foreboding shadow on his representation of America's interest around the globe, as well as the interests of our key ally, Israel."

On John Brennan's nomination as CIA Director, she noted further:  "I find this nomination disturbing as Mr. Brennan has historically been soft on terrorism in his endorsement of the Administration's decision to delete 'jihadist' and 'war on terror' from the lexicon. He has referred to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and Judaism, as 'al-Quds' suggesting that Jerusalem is a holy city to Islam when the city is not mentioned once in the Koran."

"Finally, the enemies of the US, including the Muslim Brotherhood - the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) praised the Obama Administration's decision to nominate Mr. Hagel as Secretary of State and earned him the title of 'anti-Israel' on Iranian state television-a fact that should give Americans tremendous pause in his potential to represent US interests.  Historically, Mr. Hagel has supported negotiations with terrorists, including the chief purveyor of terrorism, Iran. His lack of support for Israel has included anti-Semitic remarks against the 'Jewish lobby' and his position as the only member of the US Senate who refused to sign a statement condemning anti-Semitism in Russia. He did, however, sign a letter to Mr. Obama prior to his assuming office encouraging him to talk to the leaders of Hamas, an organization repeatedly behind numerous attacks on Israel, a country it vows to wipe off the map."

PJTN is calling on its members to contact their Senators, encouraging them to withhold support from the three nominees.  Cardoza-Moore noted in her closing remarks: "With the majority of Americans supporting Israel and the fight against terrorism, we are calling on President Obama to nominate candidates that represent the values of the majority of Americans and individuals of leadership that have a proven record of protecting America's interests around the globe and our only Middle East ally, Israel.  If President Obama cannot recommend viable individuals, then the Senate needs to step up and make recommendations for him."

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