Monday, January 14, 2013

Kicking The Church Under The Bus

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Gone are the days of, "Fire and Brimstone" sermons. So too, are the "Tent Revival" meetings that blanketed America. The Billy Graham Crusades are now part of special showings on a few Christian Television networks, no longer considered appropriate for network broadcast. The legacy of Billy Graham is passing into the seldom read history books that are not part and parcel of today's education system. Many of those who filled the stadiums to hear the Reverend Graham present the Gospel of Jesus Christ are also passing away with every digital blink of today's time clocks.  Mainstream Christianity is almost invisible in American society.

I asked the question yesterday on Facebook, "In America we are witnessing a complete muting of the Christian churches. If the LORD is the head of the Church why is the church failing?

The question was prompted by the hub-bub concerning Pastor Louie Giglio's decision to bow out of giving the benediction at President Obama's 2nd inauguration. (Click Here) The issue was over a sermon given several years ago were Pastor Giglio spoke the truth concerning homosexuality. A few Godless organizations made a few phone calls and the Pastor of Passion City Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia is tossed under the bus. Of course, the White House was looking forward to Pastor Giglio's offering the benediction due, "In part because of his work combating human trafficking."  
Pastor Louie Giglio
Combating human trafficking, combating Homosexuality......according to the White House, one is Godly, the other is not! The kingdom of satan loves this sort of mixture!
Our Government would rather defend homosexuality at all cost seeing as how the President of these United States does. The Homosexual lobby has the power to effectively "Kick the church under the bus!"

Here is my dilemma with the Christian church and I will use this one example above to make my case [I could use a dozen more]. If the most powerful entity in all of creation namely, the Son of God is the head of the church where is the power and the strength of the Son of God to challenge the homosexual agenda? Why is he not smacking those godless folks down into hell....Why is he allowing them to toss his Father's will under the bus?
It is becoming obvious to me that the power, the authority of the Son of God to raise up a Godly opposition to anything that the godless do.... is missing?

I have for several years watched a host of legislation pass within the states in support of gay marriage, gay couples having equal rights, raising children, while protesting against marriage ordained by God himself. The perversion of what our Sovereign Creator made natural with the creation of Adam and then Eve is now etched into the law books. Similarly, abortion, legal suicide and our children now have legal rights protecting them from the parents. Young girls don't have to tell their parents they murdered an unborn child. Young boys don't have to be responsible. Your 12 year old only but has to Google for supportive information. Click Here

Many of these kids attend church youth groups on Wednesday nights where the draw is music and fellowship. Unfortunately for some, this is a  breading ground which perpetuates much of what is now cause and effect. I attended many mega churches over the course of my 53 years and trust me, sex among the youth who also attended is as normal as is breathing.

Yes, you can rock till you drop in the churches

So where is the power of the head of the church?

My pastor often says "God is standing outside many churches across America pounding on the door shouting, "Let Me In" but, many churches across the country are too busy to open the door because they are.....having church?
I find his statement a very, very sad commentary especially and in light of the work of the Reverend Billy Graham and so many others.

I have read articles of bankruptcy concerning several very large churches. The Crystal Cathedral readily comes to mind . Where is the power and the prosperity of our Savior whose birth, life, death and resurrection was the message that gave rise to the Crystal Cathedral?

How is it possible for the Son of God to allow his church to be batted around as though it was worse than the Aids Epidemic or better yet, Radical Islam? Radical Islam has grown faster than every Christian church anywhere on the globe. In fact, some reports suggest that Christianity is disappearing in the Middle East.

I am of the mind that says, "No power on earth can stop God from doing what God is going to do. Therefore, and perhaps what we see happening must be due to the power of God concerning the churches. I have said, "The attack on anything Christian is coming from the hand of the Father otherwise it ain't going to happen!" I would contend that our conformity to a collapsing world system is likely reason enough for Abba, Father, to correct wrong behavior.

I am part of a growing revelation concerning God directing the believer to return to HIS word. I challenge what and, more importantly, how I was taught about our Sovereign God via Christianity. My wife says to me, "In all the years we attended church, I have never learned as much about the Biblical Hebrews and Israel from the pulpit of any church, anywhere, ever! Yet, they wrote the Bible and most of the stories in the Bible are about them. Even the book itself was written by them." My wife continues to say...."SO MUCH IS MAKING SENSE the more I learn about Historical Israel. It is my contention that God is calling many folks out of the comfort of what we have believed. I think he is offering a panoramic view of what he is doing from Genesis to Revelation. I think he is demonstrating his power and authority but that it has shifted back to Israel. I think the time of Gentile interpretation is coming to an end...We seem to have lost the ability to fight in mainstream Christianity.

Matthew 5:17 "Don't think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets. I didn't come to destroy, but to fulfill.
Romans 3:31 "Do we then nullify the law through faith? May it never be! No, we establish the law." 

What part of Fulfill and or Establish...have we screwed up in our understanding of the Holy Scriptures? Is God schizophrenic? Of course, not! The laws of men destroy freedom. God's law delivers freedom.

The head of the church raised up a nation, a people and an identity that was Jewish and I think if one is able to crawl out from under the bus and reconnect faith to God's people the panoramic reality of what is actually happening becomes Crystal Clear!
Is the God of Israel kicking the church under the bus? Whose power is capable of undoing what the Christian church has always claimed exists because of the "Hand of God" If this is true, why is his hand not smacking the hell out of those who oppose what he has raised up? The world and the church look almost identical anymore and for those who don't fit the mold and who do stand up for our coming King....where are you? We should be visible in every debate, every discourse that throws our God under the bus. Israel is fighting for her existence and she was, "BORN AGAIN?" Interestingly the church is declining while Israel is revived...I often quote my friend Walid Shobat, "Something is a bit fishy here" because truly, something is wrong!

Just for the record, I would not read a Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum wrapper at the 2nd inauguration of our current president 

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if the Elite Church leaders secretly would like to see Israel just disappear. That way The Church can move forward in promoting Replacement Theology. The Church as THE CHOSEN people of God. I've come to the conclusion that the Christian faith is a faith of convenience. If something is not convenient then just change it. The Church's values and beliefs are pretty much the same as the world's, just a few decades behind, basically continually changing, and the changes are walking away from God.