Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If Yahweh is not with me than I am the luckiest man alive!

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. http://jeffmorton.blogspot.com/2012/12/money-money-money.html (Thank you) The goal is $2000. (Very little support has come in so far order to get this moving forward. I will update you all along the way

It's not about the money folks but about the blessings read further....I had an incredible year in 2012 (Trusting YHWH for everything)

January 19, 2012 I endured 8 1/5 hours of surgery to find and remove a cancer. I was diagnosed with stage four (Interior) Basil Cell Carcinoma. I was facing a pretty dim reality at the time. When YOU folks found out about what was happening I received countless emails, hundred, perhaps thousands. Many had remedies and concoctions that honestly, I would not have tested on my dog (Warm Smile). I received well over $1200.00 in gifts and support from many of you.

My wife and I remarried restoring a 26 year relationship. I understand so much more, Abba, Father apparently agreed. Our wedding had 75 guest many of whom prepared a pot-luck meal. A friend sent me a gift certificate for the Men's Warehouse which paid for the suit, shirt, and tie. I paid a dollar, this after asking Abba, Father if he would provide a new suit. My wife's dress cost just over $100.00. A very good friend who attended the wedding asked, "How much did this wedding cost?" I said, less than $400.00 He was so impressed exclaiming "This was one of the best weddings he had ever attended!" Abba Father draped over the building three rainbows that day. I am glad to have Michele back.

I started a men's group in my home where several guys gather for one purpose; We are reading the book, Garden of Peace together. The fellowship, friendships and time spent with one another has been therapy, really! We continue to grow as husbands with remarkable insight. I was handed $3000.00 in order to rent our first home in three years. Prior to this moment I was living with friends since moving to Tacoma area in 2009

Sadly, my dog was ripped to shreds by another, larger dog. It was like having my heart ripped out. I was on a plane to Las Vegas when this happened. My wife watched our little "Scruffers" die. YOUR support was amazing. The emails that we received still resonate. This was a tough day for Michele.

I am recently returned from Rochester, New York visiting my Mom and family. I boarded the plane 12 days after having double hernia surgery, still healing as a matter of fact. I spent about $100.00 all the while in Rochester, NY. My elder Brother paid for my being there. I was having the cancer surgery when my Mom suffered the 1st of three strokes I am happy to report that she is doing much better than I thought. Yahweh allowed me to visit with her answering prayer.
I asked my Yahweh if he would remove the rain, this picture represents his answer. This sunshine happened right above the church
The most amazing part about this year next to my wife and I remarrying is how many people from the Internet are now a part of my world. The support, emails, comments and friendships that I have now, the world over is staggering when I consider all of you beautiful people. I have an average of 170 people reading my blog. I take hundreds of calls from around the globe discussing our Great God. It is amazing what Technology affords.

I really am writing this to say....THANK YOU. You have been as much apart of a "CHANGED life as is the God of Creation. I look forward to doing the impossible in 2013 that really is not so impossible at all.

My goals for 2013: (I am trusting that I am in line with the Father's will. He will let me know, of this I am confident!) I don't know how to do nothing!

1) Promote Pastor's meetings/luncheons in the Seattle, Tacoma area "Taking our differences to lunch"
2) Continue sharing why we need to shed "Racial Identity" opting instead for Kingdom Identity. The Messiah is coming!
3) Put together a couple of filmed, focus groups discussing why we need to revisit TORAH and stand with Israel. I am asking Christians who have returned to the Beginning of God's purposes to participate and support with the cost.
4) Help People.

I think that this years is going to be rough, "Biblical ROUGH!" Get your house in order folks!

I need your help, your prayers and your support. I am prayerfully asking YHWH for help

I have had an amazing year. I am looking forward to serving the Kingdom in 2013 as well as learning how to get better at being better.
My hearts cry is for the Christian to reconnect with our Jewish brethren and to learn what Abba, Father poured into this people nearly 4000 years ago.....IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND

I am committed to supporting El Shaddai Ministries Live Streaming...You can help by purchasing a T-Shirt. CLICK HERE. A donation of $7.00 from every T-shirt sold will go to this ministry in order to support LIVE Streaming (I have yet to place the 1st order.)

May YAHWEH Bless and Keep You.

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