Thursday, January 10, 2013

God does not see Israel through the eyes of the world

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I was attending Living Water church in Vancouver, Washington several years ago [in 2007] when the audible voice of the LORD spoke to me saying, "I was Jewish, go learn why" One month, later while attending a conference at the Hilton Hotel also in Vancouver, Washington I experienced a download of revelation concerning what God thinks about Israel.

If when you speak about Israel the words, "But the Jews screwed up and did not keep the commandments" you take a turn down a road that causes you to examine, with criticism the Jews. You will stay on this concept for as long as your thoughts study from this perspective. However, if you say the words, God never changed, never broke any of his promises, was never dependent on the Jewish people's obedience and is doing exactly what he has always planned to do....then and only then can you see HOW HE SEES ISRAEL!

I can say with absolute conviction, "Dividing the land of Israel" will be worse than the flood of Noah's day for those who spearhead this effort. I can also say with absolute conviction that The Creator of the entire world is not the progenitor of the Church. He is the one who established his identity through...ISRAEL and he is going to fulfill setting up the intended Kingdom upon this earth ruled by his Messiah...................................

Their is no power, no authority, nothing in all of creation that will cause this to not be so. Our great God is doing everything that will be done in a fallen Kingdom to bring restoration. Adam failed to establish the very reason for his creation. This does not mean that God has failed at anytime, anywhere in human history. He promised to revive Israel. This is being done. Their is not one covenant promise written anywhere in Scriptures that is not directly related to the nation of Israel, God's first born!

He did not tell Abraham, Isaac or Jacob to start a church but rather presented to them like Adam a land agreement 

Imagine a powerful 10.1 Magnitude earthquake 400 miles off the Atlantic coast of America causing catastrophic collapse of almost everything along the eastern seaboard but that also produces a wall of water 100 ft high....One begins to understand the pattern of warning concerning the East Coast cities of the United States of America

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