Thursday, January 17, 2013

Have You Ever Wondered How Emperor Constantine Screwed All Of Us?

A very dear friend of mine sent to me a book

"Examining the Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity "  
 By Russ Houck, PH.D TH

I have been reading the book for a few days and find it most enjoyable. Russ Houck has done the research. I am most impressed with how much research is presented as he addresses his narrative, and heart concerning the title.

I often, [now days] imagine the person wanting to know about the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob in earnest facing a series of nagging questions that should instantly percolate but don't initially. As I read this book, agreeing with  much of what is written, not all, why don't believers ask the questions?

For example: Where did saying the sinners prayer actually come from?

How many believers, even for a nano second ask, Why am I doing things that are not found in the scriptures, what is the back story? Why do we ask the LORD to enter our Heart? Why am I making a public declaration about an unknown Creator.....?

 Likewise, and in Judaism, why do I have to put my right foot on the floor first when I awake from slumber. Why does the Talmud exist and how does following the traditions outlined further my relationship with Hashem? Why am I dressing this way or why the black hat or the tallit? What is the back story?

Why are the differing sects announcing one HaShem, actually different? Why are there churches in virtually  every Western nation promoting a Western Theology [of a New Testament origin] that is different from one another?

These questions are often realized years later and so they are asked and answers are sought.
So far, as I continue reading Epidemic, a great deal of these answers are presented. Russ Houck asked the question and then researched, apparently researching for 31 years. This book is one that you have to read through the pages. This is not a "skip to the end" read.

I met Russ Houck a year ago in Portland, Oregon. We did not spend near enough time discussing anything really. Having this book is wonderful. At the conclusion of this read I will  know more about the man, my brother in faith, and how the epidemic of confusion continues to infect the family of Hashem!

In reading this book, I am not looking to see where the book is wrong but rather to see what God has revealed to my brother. This is the way to approach knowing anything. Now if I can just apply that to the Christian who does not know any of this material....

I love the books that are not scholarly written but rather simple and easy for the average person to comprehend. I have never understood why people have called me an intellectual?...Thanks Russ for seeing it my way, you kept it simple!

Seeking funding for two projects. Your thoughtful prayers and financial contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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