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Brother, May I Speak With You Concerning A Matter

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Yesterday I posted an article concerning a passage in Scripture [Acts 18:28] making the statement "GREEK TRAINED" I was referencing the millions of Christians around the globe who only have a New Testament concept of the Bible. Notice, I did not say understanding. Many Christians [certainly not all] don't even read the Bible or challenge the Sunday morning messages. This is common place, I am basically addressing something that many of us know to be true if or when we are honest.

Anyway, my use of the words, "Greek Trained" intimated to one Pastor that I was suggesting, anything Greek is bad. My phone rang and our discussion ensued. Here is a man who reads the entire Bible, understands the Hebraic concept or original cultural mindset of the Scriptures but who also is a Greek Scholar. His fear was that certain individuals..many of whom do not read the Bible would think, "Greek bad therefore New Testament bad" Equally, those who only know the New Testament would dismiss my article as heresy. The Pastor asked, "What is your position on the Apostle Paul?" I explained that I believed Paul was sent to the Gentiles in the same way that Moses was sent to the bring Good News. We agreed!

Funny, I was just thinking about what to write next and the thought of the Hebrews complaining about food and water and just about everything, popped into my head. Likewise, the Christian has complained about the Jews for almost 2 centuries. Nevertheless, I understood the Pastor's concern. The two groups stopped being part of the family of God a long, long time ago.

What often happens is those who begin to challenge Christianity many end up leaving the faith in order to do a complete conversion to Judaism. Those in the "Messy-Antic" movement begin to mimic Judaism. Sort of like the youth who mimic the guys in prison, who has given up his belt as a result of being owned by another inmate hence, sex slave! Yes, it is true..the saggy pants idiocy is portraying this rather horrific prison behavior! I have no desire to look like a 1st century Jew, but, that's just me! I don't plan on going to prison anytime soon either. This is a rather drastic comparison, yes I know.

Then you have the Jews who don't know anything about Judaism but hate anything Christian or Messianic. Many, and trust me when I say MANY, don't know their history. They know the high points such as the Exodus, the destruction of the Temples and certainly the Holocaust. Ask about the Azazel or the book of Yoma? Ask about the crimson cloth or the temple doors opening all by themselves after Yeshua was slain. Ask the question of those who ascribe to Rabbinic Judaism, what where some of the changes made after the destruction of the 2nd Temple or to explain why Israel had such a difficult time following the God of their Fathers. What did they bring out of Babylon that became a religious system of rules and regulations having no temple. The discussion becomes a war of ideology to protect the religion as opposed to discussing the coming Kingdom and the God who created the Jewish people, the nations, the child, the virgin and the dust particle rolling around under your sofa!

spare me the emails...just making a point
The Pastor's concern was for truth...I get that. It is nice too, when a Pastor calls and wants to discuss truth as opposed to his or her offense at something I wrote. I made an addendum to my statement as a result of his concern. I not only agreed with him and realize that most of Apostle Paul's...[who was a JEWISH RABBI] letters were already in circulation throughout the region. Nevertheless and we agree, the books of the Brit-Hadasha or so called, "New Testament" were not yet a collection of 27 books.

Yesterday was a phone day I suppose because after this call I spoke with Russ Houck for pretty much the rest of Sunday. We talked for quite possibly a  total of 5 hours on the phone, I lost track. Russ wrote a book, "EPIDEMIC" Examining the Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity
I have been reading this book for a couple of weeks. I think that every Christian as well as every Jew living in our time would do well to read this book. Here is the reason why....When the Messiah is crowned King over all the earth he will crush the religious systems that the enemy has used to keep all of us killing one another. Asserting our beliefs on others using rocks, spears, bullets, and bombs in order to prove our God, has always been evil IS STILL EVIL! I thank God that he used a nation called Israel to carry his word through the centuries...The entire Bible is recorded by their hand. Two of my brothers, who are destined to be a part of the Kingdom called me yesterday, we broke bread together in our conversation. This is how the "Kids of the Kingdom" should behave. The Godless are picking up weapons of war and setting their eyes upon us. We need to stop being bitter enemies because the real enemy is still sitting among us preparing to attack in the physical world.....and this too will be allowed. What remains divided cannot stand!

Note to Brenda, Get out of my car! hehehe, hahaha!

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dr.rhouck said...

Hey Jeff, I'm really enjoying our conversations. I find them both challenging and inspiring. I wish we had spent more time together. I look forward to our trip up there in May after we get back from South Africa. WE get to do Passover in South Africa with a number of Messianic Congregations, it should be a very blessed time. Shalom, Pappy