Monday, January 7, 2013

America Was Different.....

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I watched the following two video presentations by 119 Ministries and continue to see an America that we in our life time is not the America created out of the mind of God so many years ago. I don't necessarily agree with all of the information presented

Part Two

I have long held the belief that one of the main reasons that the slaves were brought to the Americas was because of the freedom that God was offering to an enslaved people. The African continent had been enslaved or under the oppression of many kingdoms (I refer to them as the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar)
America is the first Super Power that did not colonize the known world. America is also the first nation that was made up of all of the nations of the earth where people could come to experience something the rest of the world did not offer, individual success.

Blacks were treated by a hand full of godless people as property in much the same way a handfull of people are voting in gay marriage. Much of the nation was against the slave trade. The Christian church as well as the Jewish synagogues were not promoting slavery on the whole. The society was more righteous than not however sin was just as alive then as it is today.

After World War II the nation opened its doors to immigration the world over and people came, millions of them. This all occurred at roughly the same time that Israel was "Born Again."

In the last 70 years we have seen a complete collapse of a biblical nation........I don't know how to connect all of this to one particular biblical narrative but I am seeing God abandon the country as a whole. We have gone our own way.

The African American is following a Godless President but 200 years ago much of the African people who came to America came singing the praises of Moses. This is not how the descendants of those people see the world today.

We celebrate holidays that are commercial opportunity and balance our money, income, and wealth which is also gone on what our government does or does not do. We are a taxed people who are racing to conform to the world and not the biblical foundations that are revisited in the above two videos.

John Dewey introduced evolution into the school systems years later the God of the Bible is not welcome in our education system...One man rejected the things of God and the nation bowed to his philosophy.

America sacrifices its kids and does so because of choice...Sort of like what happened in the garden of Eden. Do I live or do I eat the forbidden fruit and die?

We are dismantling the church due to the church forgetting its roots...You can go to a concert in many churches across our nation and hear about how the church, God's love for the church is the be all, end all while the church is now irrelevant in American society.

Our politicians are as corrupt as was Roman politicians...Rome no longer exists!

I am appalled at what we have forgotten to stand for. I challenge what Christianity has morphed into because it has morphed into a feeling and not a following of the commandments of our Great God. I am appalled at what Black America has become.....I look at the black entertainment industry, pants dangling below the knees, with black women looking like sexually depraved morons in most rap videos. I am appalled at how most have no idea who Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington or Frederick Douglas Jr. lived and died so they would know dignity, freedom, real dignity of life.

The children of the 60's who were having sex in MacArthur Park or Woodstock while onlookers cheered are now running the country...These are the ones who are legalizing pot, gay marriage and just about anything and everything that resembles Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lady Gaga would never be invited to perform before King David. Michael Jackson would never have been invited to dance before the Messiah of Israel.

I was watching a relatively new artist's video asking..."Who is she performing for Satan himself?"

I have posted the following from Wayne Perryman a few times because like the videos above Wayne shares the truth about what was America

What we have going on is a bitch slapping of God by a handful of Americans while those of us who appreciate why God created this nation are lackluster at best in being heard...We are the reason that these things have gone unabated......

America has a bigger purpose in the world but the people living with in her boarders [for such a time as this] seem to careless anymore.

I am convinced that what John McTernan espouses as well as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is warning are but mere ripples in the water compared to what the King of Creation always does when bringing correction.  I pray that we return to the purposes of God. We must return to the root of why America is created out of the mind of the Creator before his displeasure with how far we have gone is realized.......

I fear for our nation because, I don't see the nation repenting!

Where are the Christians and the Jews whose desire is to please the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob?

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