Monday, December 31, 2012

Jesus kicks Baal to the curb!

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As I continue to study ancient practices speared on by my friend, Rico Cortes so much of the scriptures start making sense. Largely due to the fact that I am able to see why the Disciples asked various questions of Jesus (Yeshua) or what was protocol in how kingdoms existed with one another. Rico is opening up doors to a greater understanding for me. Of course, I then go and do research that supports what Rico is advancing and also line up the facts with biblical integrity.

I was watching an archived session of Rico's Live Streaming from December 25, 2012 when he said something that I had never considered: Paraphrasing, Yeshua walked on water in order to kick to the curb the notion that the god of thunder or Baal was in charge of the storm!
Ezekiel 20:8 But they rebelled against me, and would not hearken unto me; they did not every man cast away the abominations of their eyes, neither did they forsake the idols of Egypt: then I said I would pour out my fury upon them, to accomplish my anger against them in the midst of the land of Egypt.

For proper context I Googled looking for relative information and found the following site which is copyrighted. The information is supportive with good historical data. 
What is most notable given the history of Israel the idea that the thunder god was responsible for the storm would have been in the minds of the Disciples. This was a powerful god to the Israelites for 800+ years possibly longer....

Mark 4:39 And he arose and rebuked the wind and he said to the sea, “Stop! Shut up!”, and the wind stopped, and there was a great calm.
Luke 8:24-25 And they came and they awakened him and they were saying to him, “Our Master, our Master, we are being destroyed!” But he arose and rebuked the wind and the waves of the seas, and they ceased and there was calm. And he said to them, “Where is your faith?” But they, being in awe, were marveling, and they were saying one to another, “Who is this, truly, who commands even the wind, the waves and the sea, and they obey him?”

Yeshua asks the question "Where is your faith?" I suggest to you that he used the word faith as if to it in with Baal or the one whom the Father has sent? [Of note, the Father sent him from the beginning not just when Mary or Miriam gave birth]

We tend to discuss the Disciples as if they were somehow disconnected to the idol worship that was rampant in Israel. We also think these guys are a bunch of wide eyed Jews learning how to be Christians. They were Jews. They would have known their history well. There would have been all types of worship of other gods. When the Messiah was there in flesh the time was very lawless, corrupt. The consequence of their unbelief was ROME! Nevertheless, they were all made to study TORAH (No New Testament existed at the time) Jewish kids had to study from a very young age and memorize Torah (See Bet Safar, or House of the Book) Questioning the Messiah's legitimacy was due largely to all of the gods that were being worshiped and or due to the corrupt teaching that was also "mixed" into what Moses was taught as well as Abraham......

John 6:46 Not that anyone has seen the Father, except he who is from God. He has seen the Father.
So who taught Abraham and who taught Moses face to face?

Yeshua walked on the water hence he was not limited by any god, anywhere. His students realized immediately that he was kicking Baal to the curb!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I had another powerful dream last night!

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I was watching a news program or some sort of program on TV. This was a black and white program, the folks were dressed in what appeared to be 1950's clothing. A lady was at the microphone, she was addressing the people [not sitting at a desk] Suddenly a person came in and began to whisper something into her ear. She in turn announced that a "Gigantic" deadly, chemical, attack had just occurred in the United States of America. Moments after making the announcement, the woman at the microphone fell to her knees and begun to pray. Seconds later people who were out of camera range suddenly appeared joining the lady in prayer. I am watching this on a television screen thinking, "No body does that anymore!" In my spirit I was so very, very happy to see their reaction was not one of panic but instinctive, call upon Abba, Father.

While watching all of this, not knowing where the chemical attack had occurred or really even thinking about it, I was focused on what the people were doing. My thoughts, our country has lost the heart of the Father because the folks in this program were connected to him, reacting to him without reservation. This is not what we as a nation do anymore.

A voice in my dream spoke to me saying "No one in this nation fears me enough to pray as in the day that I raised up this people for my purposes"

That was the dream!

A friend on Facebook sent to me a website of a blog, "Short little Rebel" (Thanks Tristen) I have been reading through some of the posts and articles. I love the bio of Susan Shannon (Blog Owner) In a word, "Refreshing!"

In 2007, the year after I sold my company I was a news junkie, political conservative with gigantic ideas. I was the black conservative who was going to change things. I remember having a profile test done via Idak Group. The cost of this very extensive profile testing was $800.00. After a week of testing the results were in. It was determined that I was motivated by the following:
1) I loved people
2) I wanted to present to "African Americans" true history as opposed to what John Dewy taught in the schools systems. [John Dewey may as well have been chief operational administrator for Satan himself! See for yourself Click Here]
3) I was committed to my faith
4) I was not the personality to sit behind a desk. I have to be involved, hands on!
For $800.00 I was now defined. I actually agreed with much of the report that came back. I was satisfied with this testing and what resulted.

So, I started to create an umbrella organization that would bring "Black Conservatives" together reaching out to high profile leaders among the Republican party. I began to write a blog on and a few other conservative sites. I was jumping in to the fray, wanting to do something. I soon found out that bringing black leadership together was as difficult as is burning water. The Republican party for the most part is a network of politicians who serve themselves etc, etc. I began to pray about what Yahweh wanted me to do. I have long held the belief that the Democrat Party is born of hell. Today , the line between the parties is blurred, in my opinion.

In 2007 I received a download of information from Heaven. I also was made to somehow understand that God, Creator and King of the universe was crushing the system that men have raised up. The governmental system that all political systems are based on was being prepared to replace the chaos of men. I was made, rather succinctly aware that Yahweh wanted me out of politics. The kingdoms of the earth are being broken and so too are the religious systems. Everything has now entered the bottle neck and the pressure is building!

As I read through Susan Shannon's blog I get it, man do I get it! However, Abba, Father, wanted me to get something else and so for nearly seven years I have been warning Christians that we are out of God's will. I have been warning racially minded people who profess to be God fearing, "YOU are out of sinc with the God of Israel"

The dream last night is the Father letting me know again, What he is doing is not about Republican or Democrat, Christian or non Christian.....He is restoring Israel and preparing the throne of Dawid [King David] for it's final occupant.

When the next person walks up to the microphone announcing a catastrophic judgment occurring will the Christian who was purposed to keep covenant with the God of Israel fall to the floor and begin to pray?

We did not do this during 911

And we don't understand, as Christians what is happening with the clarity by which it is occurring.

As Christians we don't understand the blood moons

We don't understand the biblical "Appointed Times, God's calendar, the Cycle of the Moon and how he uses Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Meteors, Comets, Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Signs in the Heavens to communicate to "HIS PEOPLE"

I have dedicated my life to bringing a very difficult message to Christians and many Christians do not want to hear this.

If my people will pray (He is writing this to Ancient Israel. Understanding this is GIGANTIC!)

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The United States of America is under judgment and does not yet realize the magnitude of what is occurring!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

I have had the good pleasure of being with a very small segment of our rather huge family here in Rochester, NY. I wish I that I could have visited with everyone. So many that I won't be able to connect with. I leave in a few hours. Three different flights home are ahead of me. That ought to be fun, fun, fun! Nevertheless, I am grateful that My Elohim allowed me to come home, see our Mother who is doing much better than I thought and to spend time with one of my four brothers and to be with our two sisters. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you, my Father. 

You see, I happened to call my brother who was in China at the time [Thank God for Skype] who offered to get me and my wife here for the Christmas holidays that my family has always known. My Heavenly Father made sure that I could come to see our Mother having prayed about it. Michele, my wife was not able to make the trip. Abba, Father, answered her prayer and gave to her the employment opportunity that did not allow her to then turn around and take a week off. She was missed, having been a part of our family for 26 years now.

Our mother is in her mid 70's She has had three strokes, nearly lost her life days after getting out of the hospital via a rather horrific car accident [with my sister driving, not their fault] Mom buried two brothers and one sister this year. Of the fourteen children born in her family they are down to just five left.What a year huh? I take great comfort in knowing that my Abba, my Father holds the entire life of our mother in his hands. She has walked with him for 37 years. She loves what he is showing the family through me, a return to our root!

My life is privileged because, I depend on Abba, Father for everything!  He knew that between the cancer, the recent surgery, bringing my wife home and all that has happened in our lives this year he is driving the limo that I am doing life in and I get to see everything that HE is doing while he takes me to where we are going!

I left Rochester, NY in 1976...I have been gone ever since. Our generation of children are all in our late 40's, 50's and even early 60's. I had to go wipe the tears from my eyes a moment ago because...I am home and soon to leave. Being older now, wiser means the emotion of it all is now rather poignant!

To my eldest brother.....Thanks bro!


Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

What is Satan so busy doing and where does he get the power to do it with? Who ever supplies him with that sort of power must have a reason for doing it.....ya think?

While here I have had an opportunity to consider much. The one thing that was in my spirit today was Satan or Evil be or not to be?

Evil Inclination is not a term familiar to most Christians. Comedian, Flip Wilson coined the term, "The Devil made me do it" back in the early 70's and for a generation Satan get's blamed for just about everything! Just ask my friend Torahcents:

Within  Judaism the term "Click here-Evil Inclination" is used more often than not with regard to an individuals proclivity towards good and evil. Adam or Adama chose a reality that was not the one Abba, Father, had hoped he would make. From the moment he made the choice however it was done, mankind has lived with two opposing forces Good verses Evil. Both cause the death of men.

Genesis 2:17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die."

The turmoil of good and evil is like a trademark placed upon how all men do life. This is the choice Adam made for all of us. He sort of caused the programming to live and die in a world of good and evil. He did not choose life and therefore that program is not turned on, the "APP" is sitting unused if you will.

Without the light of the eternal Creator turned on in a person's life, that person lives in a perpetual state of Good and Evil. The soul flip flops throughout that person's life doing cartwheels in order to balance Good and Evil. Peace is not afforded that life. This is where people like Flip Wilson capitalized on Satan. 

We fail to accept the Light, the Word, the Torah or instruction of a Holy God thus, we look for someone else to blame. Again, we follow the protocol of he operating system that was hand picked by Adam. He and his wife blamed Satan for Adam's failure. The character of men was now defined.

We really need to stop blaming Satan for everything! This tends to make him some sort of god or demi-god. when the truth of the matter is that he did not partake of the forbidden fruit. Nor did he steal from God. In fact, what he did was suggest something else, add to what was commanded.
Satan loves the attention. He proved that by showing up in the first place!

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Kids and God's Kids Refuse to Listen!

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

I awoke this morning to a persistent thought coursing through my spirit. As I prepared my day knowing I have to board a plane tomorrow (Saturday) to fly across the United States I kept going over this thought. My mind kept thinking about it, pondering why, always asking why!

My friend, Laurie Cordoza-Moore founder of PJTN whose core mission "Is to educate Christians about their Biblical responsibility to stand with their Jewish brethren and Israel against the "new" anti-Semitism.
People have called me a Jew Lover, Sellout,Uncle Tom, just about every derogation, disparaging, hateful and yes at times hurtful names you can imagine because, I get what Laurie is advancing. I know that it is true, as Christians who want to enter the Kingdom of God a prerequisite is in play. In Christianity that prerequisite is "Accept Jesus and Live" In the Torah, "Keep the Commandments" The Messiah and the Commandments are virtually the same thing. I understand Laurie Cordoza-Moore concerning what she does as well as understanding the love that I have for my children!

Many Christians are not familiar with TORAH and, or the implication of TORAH. We have been taught that the church was started to advance the Gospel. We don't have the concept that Abraham was chosen to advance the plan to bring forth a nation, the nation of Israel.

I have children that do care about either. They live according to the world. We all have kids, relatives who live for the moment. Nothing in all of my reality is more difficult for me to live with, nothing! It occurred to me this morning that God called Israel his 1st born. I know the scriptures surrounding his love for Israel that are peppered throughout the Bible. [Hundreds of them] However, like my children, much of Israel lives according to the world. This is the thought that clicked into my head somewhere while I was sleeping. Israel has struggled to represent being the first born of Elohim for centuries.

Exodus 4:22-23 You shall tell Pharaoh, 'Thus says Yahweh, Israel is my son, my firstborn, and I have said to you, Let my son go, that he may serve me;" and you have refused to let him go. Behold, I will kill your son, your firstborn."

Romans 9:4  Who are the children of Israel, whose was the adoption of children, the glory, The Covenant, The Written Law, the ministry which is in it, The Promises,

Hebrew 12:23 And to the church of the firstborn ones who are written in Heaven, and to God The Judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous who are made perfect, And to Yeshua, The Mediator of The New Covenant, and to the sprinkling of blood, which speaks better than that of Abel.

The Renewed Covenant is made with the Ist born.
What is the Renewed Covenant? - Part 1 (28 mins)
What is the Renewed Covenant? - Part 2 (28 mins)
What is the Renewed Covenant? - Part 3 (28 mins)
What is the Renewed Covenant? - Part 4 (28 mins)

Well, back to my persistent thought.

I have tossed one of my children out of the home, so has God.
I have watched two of my children go to jail, so has God
I have two grand children, one born out of marriage the other within..This is true of God as well concerning Israel.
I have tried to get my kids to listen to me for years, so has God.
I have watched my kids pick up bad habits, idolize things that are not good for them, and make mistakes that will take years to overcome, so had God.
My kids have fornication, lust, rebellion, evil inclinations, and practice a variety of garbage that will ultimately be handed down to their children. So has God endured this sort of heartache with his children, Israel and all of the nations.

I support Israel with the same heart that I support my kids. I get what God is saying in a manner of speaking, "If you want me to support your children than you should at the very least consider supporting my "1st born"

For the Christian to ask, "But what about the failure of the Jews and what about the fact that they don't believe in Jesus" is no different then saying to God, Well, what about your kids, they are not perfect either and I want nothing to do with them.....This is what we have done for almost 1800 years.

I absolutely believe that I have a biblical responsibility to support the brethren of Yeshua in the same way that I have a biblical responsibility to stand for my children. It's not about being a Jew lover but rather being understanding of the heart of the Father. How can I not as a father myself?

We replaced God's first born with the church idea in order to be the first born. We changed concepts, context and translated the word of God in a manner that makes us look more prominent, more like God than the Jewish people.
It seems to me that Ishmael and Esau had a similar problem

All the while God is asking us to get along, to love one another.
I keep asking my kids to get along, to love one another. I truly understand the Father's heart when it comes to loving our children.

My kids argue and have broken relationships. They are dealing with many of the failures that my wife and I handed down to them. The Father never handed failure to his kids. This happened because his kids have been going their own way ever since Adam.

You can stand before God if you want to and ask him, "Well, why didn't YOU train up a child in the way that they should go?" I am not that stupid! I think that what I will do is support those brothers and sister who are not trying to kill my children or his and see how far that takes me.

This father, and this mother, with these children were slaughtered because the world does not understand what Pharaoh did not understand! Click Here

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abraham would have scratched his head and perhaps had nightmares if he was faced with Christianity!

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.
December 2010: Jeff Morton on God's Learning Channel Part 1 from El Shaddai Ministries on Vimeo.

I have attempted to write about why the average Christian does not see the Bible from its original context for seven years come this July. This blog has over 870 articles addressing this issue in one form or another. One would think that 870+ articles would at least have some sort of impact? I understand the issue with the kind of clarity best compared to looking up at the brightness of the sun. Some things take no explanation. The simplicity of God's word is just that, very, very simple. However, years of interpretation have so skewed the simplicity that in today's world we have literature up the wazoo, explanations, a plethora of complexity and examination.

We don't understand the ancient customs, legal ramifications of vassal  kingdoms, or protocol of how civil laws worked in various ancient communities during various shifting generations. We see the Bible from our reality, with our emotion, and the social structures that our parents and grandparents related to us. Think about an ancient kingdom; what or how were the boundaries of the Kingdom established? Why would something like knowing this matter? The answer begins with realizing Yehovah has always been setting up  vassal kingdoms with the seat and authority of Jerusalem spreading the desire of a Holy and righteous God over all of creation.

As I study the ancient societies that governed during the various times of the writers of the Holy Scriptures they too, were writing based on a couple of generations. The mindset of these people, whether it was Ezra or Rabbi Shaul was communicating  from the reality by which they lived and did everything through. The societies of their day was vastly different from one another as well as ours today.

I was reading the book of Ezra this morning which caused me to skip back to the book of Esther which in essence was causing me to skip from one generation to another. I was examining the decree to rebuild the temple realizing the politics of the time. It occurred to me that those resisting the rebuilding of the Temple were possibly struggling with the debauchery of Israel that caused the temple to be destroyed. I could easily read the campaign of terror that was conducted against the temple building and the lies. However, I could see too a sense of dread that those fighting against Ezra were feeling because of the harlotry of Israel.

All in all, I think they were just more Arabs [known by a different name] who were following the gods of their societies against the God of Israel. I started connecting the influence of Haman, who would have been a contemporary of those not wanting the Temple rebuilt. With the rise of Darius, the son of Queen Esther, things changed for Israel. The entire scope of what was occurring become the Jews being made to follow the dictates of those who hated them when it comes to building in Jerusalem. Hmmmm, starts to sound familiar when re-connected to our generation. Israel can't build a porch onto a house unless the United Nations and yes, even the United States of America approve. Thank God, Benjamin Netanyhu, not unlike Ezra, persist!
Vassal kingdoms to Eden or Jerusalem as it is now known

Many in the Christian world don't see this as a Jewish/Hebrew issue repeating because they don't know the method of how the Bible is repeating itself over, and over again. Many also do not know what the customs and traditions of various time period represent when reading passages in the Bible for example, The Threshold Covenants or Covenant of Salt or Covenant of blood for that matter which refer to legal issuance's or legal precedent and common practices of the Kingdom.
When a person does the research concerning these common law practices that are Kingdom laws of which Moses re-injected into a redeemed people [not unfamiliar to Abraham] the circumstances now explain what the Jews would have all known as well as non Jews. When reading the scriptures certain passages are abstract and undefined, yet God is imploring a method of communication to the reader that the Christian is not connected to because many don't understand the concepts that are being mentioned. Moses never met a Christian his entire life. The word of God has not changed. Nothing in the New Testament is not already written in the Tanakh.

Another example: 
Joshua 4:19 The people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and encamped in Gilgal, on the east border of Jericho.
Ezra 6:19 The children of the captivity kept the Passover on the fourteenth [day] of the first month.
[Yeshua enters Jerusalem on the tenth day of Nissan or the 1st month click here for clarity]

What one has to know in reading these passages is how they are connected to repeating patterns. The patterns all address the appointed times [Feast of the Lord] that God wanted a very specific thing to occur no matter what generation or custom was in place. He wanted this done for a reason and he wanted Israel to do it for a reason. If the Christian does not understand these events and or why they follow the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation it is because of the manner by which Christianity has presented the Bible. A sort of dual reality that is in the abstract is taught every Sunday across the globe. This is not to say that God is not working in the Churches because he is. He is working in Islam and Judaism too. Nevertheless, Abraham would have not recognized Christianity as part of Torah based on its presentation today.

My concern is that the Christian see the difference. Many refuse to challenge how we have been taught to know the Bible [which is odd to me] but understandable based on the last couple of generations.  I have discovered one commonality to all of this and that is Christianity tends to reflect an emotional attachment to the scriptures as opposed to deeper, cognitive, understanding of the historical implication of the entire story that God is communicating. The Christian sees the Christian evolving instead of the restoration of Israel occurring. The entire Bible is communicating the restoration of a set apart Kingdom which ushers in the rule and reign of the Messiah. From Genesis to Revelation we see the beginning leading us to the beginning, detailing what HE has been doing from the beginning, in order to establish the authority of the God of Israel, the Supreme ruler and Creator of all things upon this earth through men.

I watched a Christmas presentation of the birth of Christ as presented by Christians and thought, this is the very reason why the church does not see the bigger thing occurring. Their are at least 20 layers of Death, Burial, and Resurrection, the churches only know the interpretation of the Greeks through the Roman Catholic church for the most part. This is a gigantic problem but the last several generations don't recognize the problem. To point this out causes an emotional reaction which in turn creates a defensive response and so, I am sure that I will get to 900 articles eventually. My heart's cry is for fellow Christians to return to how MOSES understood what was happening.

My Brother Wept!

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. html   (Thank you) The goal is $2000. 
Chicho Thompson, Rodney Morton, Daren Thompson
I had the occasion a few nights ago to share with my brother, the Root of our Christian faith. My sister and I who both have reconnected Torah to the Epistles and the writings of Rabbi Shaul, more commonly known as the Apostle Paul. Many of you who read my rants know how hard I am on Christian doctrine. Admittedly, I am very hard, so hard that many people who defend Christianity with their lives refuse to listen to me, or read my blog, book, articles you name it! The other night was no different when speaking with my eldest brother who is a practicing Christian for 30 years. I began to show to him why for example there were five loaves of bread and two fish with twelve basket left over concerning the time when YESHUA feed the 5000

I began to show to my brother the method God used that is encoded in Jewish DNA that most Christians, every Pastor, Minister, Catholic and Bishop that I have spoken with who do not study TORAH absolutely, unequivocally  do-not-know!The most learned Christian teachers who do not understand the TORAH know about 2% of the information that is unlimited in the scriptures. Those people know Christianity very, very well but lack a Hebrew concept of what they know. This very thing is what blocks the Bible from transforming or restoring the Christian doctrine back to what Moses understood. My brother saw the difference and so he wept. This is nothing new for me but very, very personal.

Matthew 14:17 They told him, "We only have here five loaves and two fish."
Matthew 14:19  He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass; and he took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, broke and gave the loaves to the disciples, and the disciples gave to the multitudes. [Notice how he does not asks the Father to bless the food]

1. thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances: an abstract idea.
 One should understand the difference between how Jews wrote the Bible and how Christianity interpreted it. We see in the abstract...the Jewish teachers do not!

Matthew 14:20 They all ate, and were filled. They took up twelve baskets full of that which remained left over from the broken pieces.

What is being communicated in the above scriptures are precise. Five Loaves of Bread. Two Fish and Twelve Baskets left over.

The context is YESHUA demonstrating compassion to Jewish people who had no food to eat but who were following him, listening to him, watching him heal the sick.

Matthew 4:23 Jesus [YESHUA] went about in all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness among the people.
Deuteronomy 18:18-19  I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. It shall happen, that whoever will not listen to my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.
Acts 3:22-23 For Moses indeed said to the fathers, 'The Lord God will raise up a prophet for you from among your brothers, like me. You shall listen to him in all things whatever he says to you. It will be, that every soul that will not listen to that prophet will be utterly destroyed from among the people

The people came to listen to him and he feed them...he did not cut them off.

Those people are the descendants of the two kingdoms of Israel. They are his brethren.
He is the bread of life, fish represent the letter Hebrew Noon, which is a picture of fish swimming through water. Another presentation of this would be male sperm producing life when connected to the female egg. God is a God of precision and order.
The five loaves of bread represent the Torah of 1st five books. Yeshua is the "Bread" of life, the living word, the instructor raised up but who was from the beginning now returning the crowd back to the understanding that was given to Moses in the beginning [after leaving Egypt.] He was restoring the "Living Word." to his people. Hence he had compassion! The twelve baskets are symbolic of what his mission is all about. When all is finished the 12 tribes of Israel shall be restored, full, over flowing in the land appointed by God the Father, himself. This was the promise made to Abraham. Abraham represents the patter of a man, given land in order to teach the ways of the Father. This has always been the plan. Yeshua is the coming King who was given the land, earth to bring forth the authority of God almighty.

The sages declare these points in many of the Jewish writings that have been handed down for centuries. Their was  time when Messianic Judaism was not so obscure but you have to research these things. You have to return to the Root of our Biblical concepts. You will find that the ones YESHUA [Jesus] was addressing were all very Jewish! Many of the orthodox Jews of today were not the same 2000 years ago and this is true of Messianic Judaism as well. The Christian concepts for the most part come from Catholic dominance of the early church not Hebraic thought. This is why I am hard on Christianity because we don't include a Hebraic concept thus our understanding is in the abstract. We glean the scriptures with very little Jewish foundation, Hebrew mindset.

And who was the focus of Yeshua's  mission:
Matthew 15:24 But he answered, "I wasn't sent to anyone but the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
Acts 3:26  God, having raised up his servant, Jesus, sent him to you first, to bless you, in turning away everyone of you from your wickedness."

Mezuzah nailed to the entrance of the house?
Once I showed to my brother in greater detail how to see the method God used to share his word, non abstract but with layer, upon layer of meaning he began to listen. We were in one of our sister's upstairs bedrooms just hanging out like we did years & year ago. Very intimate, all grown up.

I shared a few other things with our brother who has been a Christian for 30+ years. I connected dots basically from abstract thinking to more relative thinking about context. When we concluded the evening he was in tears exclaiming, "Why don't we Christians know any of this or how to see the Bible in this way?
The one thing that I shared with him that caused the tears was about the Mezuzah. This will be for another time though. How many Christians know what a Mezuzah is, why it is and what it represents to those who believe in the first coming of the Jewish Messiah who was the beginning? Come Lord, Come!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas & Armageddon

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000. 

I attended a Christmas celebration last night at the church members of my family have attended for 30 years or more. The celebration was what all Christmas celebrations are focused on in Western churches. Jesus was born in a manger, while a census was demanded. Mary and Joseph had produced the Savior of the world via the Holy Spirit. A story was read to the children who were now gathered upon the stage about the candy cane, it's origin and how the strips of red and white represented the blood strips of Jesus. Finally,  how one day everything would be made "White as snow!" The children were encouraged to share the story with other children.

I don't know the biblical story in this manner anymore but I understand the heart of the Father. I sat in the audience praying that the rest of the story would filter into the hearts of everyone present. I reminded myself too, that I am not any better than these folks. What I now understand concerning God's word and Israel only makes me saddened that the people sitting in the audience last night have one narrative raised up by those who believe what was interpreted to them by non Jews.The Disciples would not know the Christmas Story.

As they were reading the story concerning the manger, I saw in my head a nasty pig feeding tray. The census, I saw Feast of Tabernacles taking place. The birth of the Messiah, well, I saw him talking with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knowing that he was in the beginning too. I have another mindset altogether than what was presented last night. I see two eyes of fire, a two edged sword, blood everywhere! I see what Christianity cannot see.

Meanwhile....the race to Armageddon continues:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I was in the beginning and born, I can do all things!

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John 12:49  For I spoke not from myself, but the Father who sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

 Did he begin doing this only in the flesh or did he start doing this in the beginning?

I had a long discussion with a [FELLOW] Christian who wanted to know why HE was wrong. I asked, why do you think you are wrong? He said, "I read your 6 questions and realized, admittedly that I did not know a thing about the Jewishness of the entire Bible." He mentioned his seminary training but stated, "The more I look into the "Hebraic logic" (his words) of the Bible, the more inadequate I feel" I showed to him several patterns and manners that God uses to communicate what he is doing via the "Old Testament" and how to see the books as repeating events not stories......At the end of our conversation he shared, "Man, I really don't know the Bible" I encouraged him by telling him "But Abba, Father knows your heart".....He represents why I say and will continue to say, "Many of us Christians know Christianity but we don't know God's word" We see darkly just as the Jews are partially blind.

1st Corinthians 13:9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part:
[I too, do not know the other part.....But I am learning about the Jewish stuff! Jesus was!]

This Christian is a Pastor in Atlanta, Georgia. We have spoken a few times

People hear Jewish and react is intrinsic to how we have been taught about anything Jewish. And yet the Revelation of our Great God comes through them...the deception against JEWISH is astronomical, totally demonic. This is our battle front.....Notice I said Battle Front...the enemy is circling this nation for a reason!!!!!!!!!

God is blessing those who side with Israel...This is the beginning and the end of the discussion for him....If you miss this boat, the Messiah of ISRAEL won't even look at you let alone accommodate you in these last days.....

Choose whom you shall serve? He is returning to them for a reason! Learn why that JEWISH STUFF exists...most of it it ain't Jewish at all but it is how God imparted his commandments..They were never Jewish alone..."key word"... but they gave the Jewish people a separate identity.....

One better figure this one out before the Lion of the tribe of Judah starts swinging a two edged sword. God does not have two brides Israel and the church.......therefore their are not two stories one old and one new...God never changed...He was never Old and then New. If you agree that Jesus was in the BEGINNING before he was born, WHAT WAS HE DOING?

John 1:18 No one has seen God at any time. The one and only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he has declared him.

Now, I would suggest to you that we know who Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron, Moses, King David, all of the disciples, and Rabbi Shaul were dealing with!

John 5:46 For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about me. Notice that he did not say "MY FATHER" But that from the previous verse he was completing the Father's will.

HE was busy in the beginning and when HE was born? He is still busy preparing to rule and reign over His Father's house. THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL
 For some reason the Christian must insist on being something other then grafted into the House of Israel....?
I actually know the reason. It is called, "Replacement Theology!" 

"The Jews worship in a den of Satan"....if  you believe this then you are justifying this theology.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000. 

On this Shabbat I am mindful of all of my personal foibles, daily failures and overall character issues that I live with. I think of how much of who I am improves and also areas that don't improve at all. Some things I do overtly and others I do in ignorance. The issue is always Holiness. Is what I do, how I live, and how I love people honoring my Holy Father, my wife, my children and those he has put in my path? 

We live in difficult times and deal with difficult issues all while dealing with flesh and sin. I look back over the year and see how my life has been blessed, what have I accomplished, where have I failed etc, etc. .......It is extraordinary to be catapulted into an arena where a daily focus is people. The differences among all of us, our beliefs, passions, and conviction tend to center around God or at least this is true for me and those who are connected to where I am in this arena. It is a never ending self assessment really, because we are called to study and present....
I look at my shortcomings and realize that I cannot live as though they don't exist but rather in all that I do these too must continue to line up with Abba, Father for he is Holy... I am direct, opinionated, and wired in such away that I head straight into confrontation....I often ask, Father, why did you wire me like this?
I challenge, Santa Claus in God's house, I challenge rejection of his Torah, I challenge not knowing the Old Testament, I challenge those who really, truly do not see who the Jewish people are because of the horrible deception concerning the law. I confront the person who does not think God's Festivals, God's calendar should be a part of REALITY...They are reality! I think it is wrong to paint and egg and toss it behind a rabbit while rejecting the seven appointed times of the House of Israel commanded by God.
I see the lie and we all exist in it. It's like a parallel reality....
When God showed to me ISRAEL, I instantly saw the fake reality and realize I too have learned to accommodate the choice Adam made. I understand the damage more so than ever before as well as the consequence. 

Our Father keeps drawing us back to him. Through this process our foibles, character flaws, and issues reveal to us that which separates us from one another and from him....So on this Shabbat I am mindful of where I too, drop the ball or fail to see. It's a funny thing to be appreciated by so many people while at the same time not appreciated by so many others. What is most important is that I personally! I do, and so I don't allow my failures to stop me, character flaws to rule me and or mistakes guide the things that I do. I ask Father to help me sort it out and to do better, be better with those who he has placed into my path........

Nevertheless, if you are a Christian who believes Jesus fulfilled the Law knowing me will be a struggle for you. If you are a person who lives and breathes racial identity as opposed to Kingdom identity while calling my God, your God we are going to have conflict. If you hate Israel.....well, you have missed everything anyway! [We are in constant conflict].....
What I don't want to do is tell any of you that you don't matter because what I think is more important. If this has been your experience with me...Please, forgive me and I am sorry.....As I continue to "Return to the Beginning" I continue to self improve as well. Thank you Adonai Tzva'ot.

We have a horrific year ahead of us....A separated BODY will be catastrophic!

Isaiah 66:2 For all these things has my hand made, and [so] all these things came to be," says Yahweh: "but to this man will I look, even to him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at my word.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Email from a fellow Christian brother!

For my supporters....Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

I asked if I could post this, the answer was yes! 
(Thanks Mike S.)

I read a sign the other day at a church  “Jesus is the reason for the season”  I used  to believe that. But the more time I spend in prayer, the more I study God's word, the more I see society as a whole, the more I think; "No wonder the Bible doesn’t give his (Jesus') birth date openly. I wouldn’t want my name attached to the “Most depressing time of the year” [Time Magazine] or the holiday that puts more people into debt than any other. It’s the worst time of the year for (DUI’s). Worst of all, it’s the holiday we lie to our children and tell them some bearded fat guy in a red suit, who  knows if there naughty or nice, will bring them presents or a lump of coal (Now come on, if this isn’t some kind of veiled, weird, twisted reference to and the replacement of God?  Only he truly knows our heart. Some people actually call this guy the father of Christmas? The list goes on. Granted, there are some good things about the holiday.

But think about it, it’s a holiday based on lies 

A Fat guy in a red suit or the birth of the Messiah, doesn’t matter Santa isn’t real, and Jesus wasn’t born anywhere near Dec. 25th  It bring things more into perspective when we ask ourselves, Who is the father of lies?
Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Christ, but was he really born on December 25th  or anywhere close to it? 

We can thank Coca Cola and Clement Clarke Moore (Author: Twas the night before Christmas) for the fat guy in a red suit. (Commercialization of the Lie)

Those of you who know me, know that Christy and I have been  on a journey that started about 2 ½ years ago. We started asking questions. Simple ones at first, then some tough ones. We prayed and we looked into the Bible, for God's answers. What we found will and has forever changed our lives

This video below is a game changer for some, it’s a refresher for others. Either way it’s the best video to date, That I’ve seen on the subject.
Please get back to me on this , I would love to discuss the information with you.


Mike S. 
Federal Way, WA

119 Ministries '"Sunburned Part 1"

YouTube - Videos from this email

America's Fatal Mistake

**A little note from Jeff to those who support why I do any of this: Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.  **

Exodus 4:22-23 You shall tell Pharaoh, 'Thus says Yahweh, Israel is my son, my firstborn, and I have said to you, "Let my son go, that he may serve me;" and you have refused to let him go. Behold, I will kill your son, your firstborn.'"

[If the Christian does not get the layers of meaning presented in the above two scriptures, especially in these last hours, the God of Israel might push that Christian "into the Mediterranean Sea".] Most Christians do not understand Torah and so they don't see the layers of meaning or  P.A.R.D.E.S

The title of this blog post is borrowed from John McTernan's three disc set DVD presentation, "America's Fatal Mistake" of which I am currently reviewing.

Before I continue: A good, and wonderful, loyal friend typed the following to me last evening while chatting on line

"I guess I see you as being critical of others when you don't see eye-to-eye in their presentation and that is a bit bothersome to me. It "seems" you tend to see the negative rather than the positive." He added, "I know you are very direct and don't hold back."

Based on the content of our discussion I understood his criticism. I probably would have received a different comment had he been raised in New York or perhaps Chicago. Nevertheless, I did not dismiss his criticism.

I have this sort of dialog many times and with many people. You see, I confront Christianity and the emotional, feel good, "stepford", mentality that today's Christian comprehends as "godly"Our country has gone to hell, the Christian sits in the pews getting a weekly fix of New Testament theology while gay men are having sex openly in many urban centers around our country. They (the gays) march for human rights and marital equality. Certainly not all Christians are subdued or simply living dead. Nevertheless,  I address those who are and many don't want to hear it.

 I also address the horrific and brutal history against the Jewish people inflicted upon them over the course of centuries by the church, both Catholic and Christian, the hell that many blacks endured; these are all based on sin but, they don't want to hear that either.

So the criticism that I face is as common as is breathing. I also address the idiocy of racism and the "I'm Black and I'm  Proud " mentality" in the black church and community...they dislike me even more, and so it goes. In fact, I am that "Kid of the Kingdom" who would stand before Louie Farrakhan or Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr and tell both of them that they can kiss my "You know what" and that I personally cannot wait to see them catapulted into hell! I don't believe in having lunch with these people in the same way God did not enjoy Amalek. Does not mean that I don't and won't pray for them.I am just saying that I would have been the side kick of King David running out with him to face Goliath had the story unfolded in this manner..........okay, deep breath!

John McTernan's presentation concerning the Blackstone Memorial and William Eugene Blackstone, a dispensationalist who came to prominence in the late 1800's caused me great difficulty. I am well read on the subject. Equally, his accolades heaped upon the church and Christianity as a result of a handful of clergy praying for the reunification of the state of Israel or the Zionist movement is not without bias. Understandably, John is a Christian of this mindset. I am not.

In the 1st DVD the Zionist movement is covered with sound historical facts but Mr. McTernan, in my opinion, gives a great deal of credit to Christians for saving Israel. I have studied Theodore Herzl as well. What I recognize is God's hand doing something in the hearts of both camps at roughly the same time. Those Christians who have always pursued the heart of the Father as well as the Jews who have always had the heart of the Father responded to the call. I don't see a conversion happening because the Jews are the ones who taught to all of us about God. The issue of the deity concerning Yeshua, [Jesus if you are Greek minded] never caused God to throw them under the bus and renege of his covenant promises. Nor did God raise up a church because the Jews just ain't getting it! This mantra, so horribly cemented into the Christian psyche drives me nuts.

The 2nd DVD concerns how God is communicating warning to the United States of America concerning our treatment of the Jews. I am well studied on this issue as well. This DVD literally disarmed me. I actually sensed the Father encouraging me to "HEAR Mr. McTernan out". My nature is abrupt but my heart is to honor my Abba, my Father and so I listened and learned a few things that I did not know. I fact checked last night confirming certain events that are presented and found Mr. McTernan's assertions correct. This portion of the DVD is spot on! Here is the problem....If you tell certain people that the Earthquake or the Hurricane is God's way of saying..."I am pissed off with what you are doing"...The "Stepford" folks cringe! You are essentially messing up Sunday for them! "America's Fatal Mistake" is two fold....the Stepford folks exist every Sunday morning and America is currently tossing Israel under the bus.....the later being a death sentence to our country!
 The Sepford Wives 1975

 I will listen to Disc number three today.....

Now you know what I think, so far!  But you might not be expecting what I am about to share? My friend knows me well enough to know that this had to come next....

If you don't find away to get the set of DVD's and see for yourself and then do something...this blog post is not meant for you. If you don't stand for the God of Glory and His first born you would not have listened to Blackstone or Herzl either........

Note to John McTernan....Thank you for what you are doing. May Abba, Father bless you with great vision and commitment to the end or the beginning!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fighting for Justice in our Society

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000. (a little know from me, Jeff to those support the effort)

Fighting for Justice in our Society

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by Stan Moore - 11/15/2012
This year marks the 205th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in England, an achievement due to the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce, a parliamentarian and Christian. His battle against slavery spanned 20 years and he saw victory only three days before his death.
As a new believer in 1784, William Wilberforce, seriously considered leaving politics to better pursue spiritual growth. But ex-slave trader John Newton, a pastor and the writer of Amazing Grace, convinced him that his most important spiritual duty was to stay in the political world and live out his witness. On October 28, 1787, after a conversation with Newton, Wilberforce made a memorable entry in his diary:

“God Almighty has placed before me two great objects: the suppression of the Slave Trade and the Reformation of Manners.”By “manners”, 

Wilberforce was referring to the moral climate of his day. England in the late 1700s was under the influence of a growing movement called The Enlightenment, a worldview that increasingly questioned religious orthodoxy and espoused the intellectualism of science and reasoning. Wilberforce realized that he could not stop the evil of slavery without a fundamental change in the society that supported it. 

His methods of pursuing his goal offer a valuable model for Christians in any era who seek to address the evils of their day and make a major difference in the world. First, it is imperative to know the Biblical and theological basis that motivates the cause. If there is a Biblical teaching at stake, the interpretation of the Bible must be solid and the application legitimate. This will instill a spiritual confidence in the cause and the truth.

Wilberforce knew he could not sustain the battle alone, so he linked up with a support community to pray, work, and struggle together. With the slave trade so essential to the economy, who would have given such a small minority any chance of succeeding against such overwhelming odds? But they were convinced of the rightness and righteousness of their cause and confident they could in time prevail.

Wilberforce also knew he could not get the needed support of political leaders who were afraid of the pressures from those whose economic interests were threatened. So he chose to build a broad base of support by taking his case to the people and developing grassroots support. This could only be done by addressing the larger picture… the overall moral climate that accepted slavery. His plan was to reach the society from the top down as well as from the bottom up using the media of his day. By teaming with artists, poets and writers, he was able to educate the masses through works of art and prose.

Hannah More was one such educator, writer and social reformer writing on abolition and encouraging others to join the anti-slavery movement. In 1788, she wrote ‘Slavery, a Poem’, to coincide with Wilberforce’s parliamentary campaign for abolition.

The poem dramatically described a mistreated, enslaved female separated from her children and it questioned Britain’s role in the slave trade. Short stories and tracks functioned as the “Youtube videos” of the era reaching out to and educating the masses.

Then, as today, the way to reach people was through a powerful story well told, through art that provoked the mind and the spirit. Wilberforce proved the adage, the pen is mightier than the sword, and Laurie Cardoza Moore and the PJTN team are proving it today. The evils of anti-Semitism and Islamofascism seem as unstoppable now as the scourge of slavery once seemed. But in the face of great challenges and in the face of evil, we must rise to confront them. PJTN strives to incorporate not only the spirit of Wilberforce but the methods of his battle as well.

The world thirsts for people who will stare down evil and face seemingly insurmountable challenges with courage and self-sacrifice.  Laurie Cardoza-Moore continues to walk this path with fortitude and faith. Throughout her life, from defending the meek in school, to standing up for the unborn in the legislature, to fighting to defend God’s people, Laurie has always strived to proclaim and stand for justice despite the odds.  As a communicator and man of God, I am continually inspired by her resolve in the face of this great challenge and find myself blessed to work beside her and to walk with her on life’s path.

Stan Moore
MP Films, Inc.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



I remember several years ago being invited to a function at a Jewish Synagogue (Shaarie Torah) in Portland, Oregon. While there I went to be seated at a table where a Jewish woman, all of about 38, maybe 40ish quipped, "I suppose now I have to hear you try to convert me to your Christianity." I responded, "Can I just enjoy a cup of coffee with you and talk about our kids?" She presented to me a wonderful smile becoming completely disarmed at my presence.

I wrote the following today in a response to a post of facebook:

Jesus was Jewish....he did Jewish stuff. Our Great God planned for that Jewish stuff to be something important, he planned for the country Israel to be something special and he started sending those Jewish people back to the land knowing all the nations around them would have a fit. (REPEAT) Those Jewish people are now possessing the land that became Israel back in the days of Joshua and they are preparing the land for something spectacular. He has not done the same thing in the churches over the last 2000 years but the churches over the last 2000 years have committed atrocities against the Jewish people who were scattered all over the globe and treated like dogs, yet they survive. They did not celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter or any other such holiday because most stuck to that Jewish stuff that Jesus practiced according to the will of God. They even maintained the national identity of that Jewish stuff while being scattered all over the globe. I tell this to people who want to hear the ROOT of our Kings story. Those who do not want to hear this don't want to know the God that the Jewish guy named Jesus presented to 12 Jewish men when speaking about Moses. These Jewish guys were not hearing about this for the 1st time.
John 5:46...For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about me. 

I try to walk with those Jews who have always walked with HIM! I do so realizing they made boo boo(s) too....... Big ones and little ones, we are so, human!

I also want to know what the Jews know that caused them to keep alive all of that Jewish stuff because they did what Jesus was doing..Even those who have never walked with him know volumes about God. They have maintained the heart of the Father in this earth for centuries. He has done this through that Jewish stuff. How any Christians can walk into any church on this earth carrying a book full of Jewish stuff and not want to know the miracle of how the Jewish people continue to exist was once beyond me. When I understood what antisemitism was I began to break things down and see the depth of this hatred throughout New Testament theology. This is no longer beyond me. When I began to accept the Jewish people God did something amazing to and for me. I did not even know that I did not accept them? I have been changed ever since that day. Prior to this I did not even realize my connection to the Jewish people because I had been taught that they killed Jesus, did not believe in him and therefore were lost or blind. This is what I was taught as a Christian. The Jewish people have struggled over this issue for many centuries...I did not know any of this.

This is possibly the most heinous, most venomous distortion of truth that exists in the world. [And so it goes.]

The name Jesus is not the name that the Jews who followed him knew...but so what! Those Jews became Christians and stopped being Jewish the instant they were called to follow a Jewish man who did what Moses said he would do....This is what I was taught. Can you see the mixture? Can you see the lie? Can you see the antisemitism. Apostle Paul converted to Christianity...No he did not but this is what we are taught. In other words he became something better than Jewish? Really? This is very antisemitic and also a flat out lie!


I have never wanted to kill anyone for being Jewish, most of us have not. They however, have had nations chase them through the pages of history actually doing just that...Killing them..... 
Millions of Christians have been taught about the Jews by those nations! That's the problem!

Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000