Saturday, December 22, 2012


Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000. 

On this Shabbat I am mindful of all of my personal foibles, daily failures and overall character issues that I live with. I think of how much of who I am improves and also areas that don't improve at all. Some things I do overtly and others I do in ignorance. The issue is always Holiness. Is what I do, how I live, and how I love people honoring my Holy Father, my wife, my children and those he has put in my path? 

We live in difficult times and deal with difficult issues all while dealing with flesh and sin. I look back over the year and see how my life has been blessed, what have I accomplished, where have I failed etc, etc. .......It is extraordinary to be catapulted into an arena where a daily focus is people. The differences among all of us, our beliefs, passions, and conviction tend to center around God or at least this is true for me and those who are connected to where I am in this arena. It is a never ending self assessment really, because we are called to study and present....
I look at my shortcomings and realize that I cannot live as though they don't exist but rather in all that I do these too must continue to line up with Abba, Father for he is Holy... I am direct, opinionated, and wired in such away that I head straight into confrontation....I often ask, Father, why did you wire me like this?
I challenge, Santa Claus in God's house, I challenge rejection of his Torah, I challenge not knowing the Old Testament, I challenge those who really, truly do not see who the Jewish people are because of the horrible deception concerning the law. I confront the person who does not think God's Festivals, God's calendar should be a part of REALITY...They are reality! I think it is wrong to paint and egg and toss it behind a rabbit while rejecting the seven appointed times of the House of Israel commanded by God.
I see the lie and we all exist in it. It's like a parallel reality....
When God showed to me ISRAEL, I instantly saw the fake reality and realize I too have learned to accommodate the choice Adam made. I understand the damage more so than ever before as well as the consequence. 

Our Father keeps drawing us back to him. Through this process our foibles, character flaws, and issues reveal to us that which separates us from one another and from him....So on this Shabbat I am mindful of where I too, drop the ball or fail to see. It's a funny thing to be appreciated by so many people while at the same time not appreciated by so many others. What is most important is that I personally! I do, and so I don't allow my failures to stop me, character flaws to rule me and or mistakes guide the things that I do. I ask Father to help me sort it out and to do better, be better with those who he has placed into my path........

Nevertheless, if you are a Christian who believes Jesus fulfilled the Law knowing me will be a struggle for you. If you are a person who lives and breathes racial identity as opposed to Kingdom identity while calling my God, your God we are going to have conflict. If you hate Israel.....well, you have missed everything anyway! [We are in constant conflict].....
What I don't want to do is tell any of you that you don't matter because what I think is more important. If this has been your experience with me...Please, forgive me and I am sorry.....As I continue to "Return to the Beginning" I continue to self improve as well. Thank you Adonai Tzva'ot.

We have a horrific year ahead of us....A separated BODY will be catastrophic!

Isaiah 66:2 For all these things has my hand made, and [so] all these things came to be," says Yahweh: "but to this man will I look, even to him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at my word.

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