Friday, December 14, 2012

My son said to me "Dad, I feel like I have gone to Bible school" In Your Home!

I am going to trust the Master for the days ahead. We are going to experience a very, very difficult time. If you are seeking wisdom that is great but if you are collecting knowledge what good will you be when great, great darkness covers the land?
Christine Darg
Diana Dye

Hollisa Alwine

Bill Cloud


I am putting together a focus group to present Christians who are returning back to the Biblical understanding that is the ROOT of what has transpired over the last 1900 years. God did not change, we changed him...both Jew and non Jew. 
He is calling millions out of what we have become and returning us back to who HE is. I want to dispel many of the lies that are circulating concerning the movement back to Biblical fact verse NEW AGE nonsense concerning the revival of the Bible and the root of its purpose...

Yahweh is soon to announce the King of the Jews, the Messiah of Israel and all who would follow this King. A return of the Nation of Israel also presents to the world a return of the King.
I need to raise nearly $2000 in order to have a professionally done video.....If Abba, Father moves you to support this effort....please help!

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