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I remember several years ago being invited to a function at a Jewish Synagogue (Shaarie Torah) in Portland, Oregon. While there I went to be seated at a table where a Jewish woman, all of about 38, maybe 40ish quipped, "I suppose now I have to hear you try to convert me to your Christianity." I responded, "Can I just enjoy a cup of coffee with you and talk about our kids?" She presented to me a wonderful smile becoming completely disarmed at my presence.

I wrote the following today in a response to a post of facebook:

Jesus was Jewish....he did Jewish stuff. Our Great God planned for that Jewish stuff to be something important, he planned for the country Israel to be something special and he started sending those Jewish people back to the land knowing all the nations around them would have a fit. (REPEAT) Those Jewish people are now possessing the land that became Israel back in the days of Joshua and they are preparing the land for something spectacular. He has not done the same thing in the churches over the last 2000 years but the churches over the last 2000 years have committed atrocities against the Jewish people who were scattered all over the globe and treated like dogs, yet they survive. They did not celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter or any other such holiday because most stuck to that Jewish stuff that Jesus practiced according to the will of God. They even maintained the national identity of that Jewish stuff while being scattered all over the globe. I tell this to people who want to hear the ROOT of our Kings story. Those who do not want to hear this don't want to know the God that the Jewish guy named Jesus presented to 12 Jewish men when speaking about Moses. These Jewish guys were not hearing about this for the 1st time.
John 5:46...For if you believed Moses, you would believe me; for he wrote about me. 

I try to walk with those Jews who have always walked with HIM! I do so realizing they made boo boo(s) too....... Big ones and little ones, we are so, human!

I also want to know what the Jews know that caused them to keep alive all of that Jewish stuff because they did what Jesus was doing..Even those who have never walked with him know volumes about God. They have maintained the heart of the Father in this earth for centuries. He has done this through that Jewish stuff. How any Christians can walk into any church on this earth carrying a book full of Jewish stuff and not want to know the miracle of how the Jewish people continue to exist was once beyond me. When I understood what antisemitism was I began to break things down and see the depth of this hatred throughout New Testament theology. This is no longer beyond me. When I began to accept the Jewish people God did something amazing to and for me. I did not even know that I did not accept them? I have been changed ever since that day. Prior to this I did not even realize my connection to the Jewish people because I had been taught that they killed Jesus, did not believe in him and therefore were lost or blind. This is what I was taught as a Christian. The Jewish people have struggled over this issue for many centuries...I did not know any of this.

This is possibly the most heinous, most venomous distortion of truth that exists in the world. [And so it goes.]

The name Jesus is not the name that the Jews who followed him knew...but so what! Those Jews became Christians and stopped being Jewish the instant they were called to follow a Jewish man who did what Moses said he would do....This is what I was taught. Can you see the mixture? Can you see the lie? Can you see the antisemitism. Apostle Paul converted to Christianity...No he did not but this is what we are taught. In other words he became something better than Jewish? Really? This is very antisemitic and also a flat out lie!


I have never wanted to kill anyone for being Jewish, most of us have not. They however, have had nations chase them through the pages of history actually doing just that...Killing them..... 
Millions of Christians have been taught about the Jews by those nations! That's the problem!

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