Saturday, December 29, 2012


Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

I have had the good pleasure of being with a very small segment of our rather huge family here in Rochester, NY. I wish I that I could have visited with everyone. So many that I won't be able to connect with. I leave in a few hours. Three different flights home are ahead of me. That ought to be fun, fun, fun! Nevertheless, I am grateful that My Elohim allowed me to come home, see our Mother who is doing much better than I thought and to spend time with one of my four brothers and to be with our two sisters. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you, my Father. 

You see, I happened to call my brother who was in China at the time [Thank God for Skype] who offered to get me and my wife here for the Christmas holidays that my family has always known. My Heavenly Father made sure that I could come to see our Mother having prayed about it. Michele, my wife was not able to make the trip. Abba, Father, answered her prayer and gave to her the employment opportunity that did not allow her to then turn around and take a week off. She was missed, having been a part of our family for 26 years now.

Our mother is in her mid 70's She has had three strokes, nearly lost her life days after getting out of the hospital via a rather horrific car accident [with my sister driving, not their fault] Mom buried two brothers and one sister this year. Of the fourteen children born in her family they are down to just five left.What a year huh? I take great comfort in knowing that my Abba, my Father holds the entire life of our mother in his hands. She has walked with him for 37 years. She loves what he is showing the family through me, a return to our root!

My life is privileged because, I depend on Abba, Father for everything!  He knew that between the cancer, the recent surgery, bringing my wife home and all that has happened in our lives this year he is driving the limo that I am doing life in and I get to see everything that HE is doing while he takes me to where we are going!

I left Rochester, NY in 1976...I have been gone ever since. Our generation of children are all in our late 40's, 50's and even early 60's. I had to go wipe the tears from my eyes a moment ago because...I am home and soon to leave. Being older now, wiser means the emotion of it all is now rather poignant!

To my eldest brother.....Thanks bro!

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