Saturday, December 29, 2012


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What is Satan so busy doing and where does he get the power to do it with? Who ever supplies him with that sort of power must have a reason for doing it.....ya think?

While here I have had an opportunity to consider much. The one thing that was in my spirit today was Satan or Evil be or not to be?

Evil Inclination is not a term familiar to most Christians. Comedian, Flip Wilson coined the term, "The Devil made me do it" back in the early 70's and for a generation Satan get's blamed for just about everything! Just ask my friend Torahcents:

Within  Judaism the term "Click here-Evil Inclination" is used more often than not with regard to an individuals proclivity towards good and evil. Adam or Adama chose a reality that was not the one Abba, Father, had hoped he would make. From the moment he made the choice however it was done, mankind has lived with two opposing forces Good verses Evil. Both cause the death of men.

Genesis 2:17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die."

The turmoil of good and evil is like a trademark placed upon how all men do life. This is the choice Adam made for all of us. He sort of caused the programming to live and die in a world of good and evil. He did not choose life and therefore that program is not turned on, the "APP" is sitting unused if you will.

Without the light of the eternal Creator turned on in a person's life, that person lives in a perpetual state of Good and Evil. The soul flip flops throughout that person's life doing cartwheels in order to balance Good and Evil. Peace is not afforded that life. This is where people like Flip Wilson capitalized on Satan. 

We fail to accept the Light, the Word, the Torah or instruction of a Holy God thus, we look for someone else to blame. Again, we follow the protocol of he operating system that was hand picked by Adam. He and his wife blamed Satan for Adam's failure. The character of men was now defined.

We really need to stop blaming Satan for everything! This tends to make him some sort of god or demi-god. when the truth of the matter is that he did not partake of the forbidden fruit. Nor did he steal from God. In fact, what he did was suggest something else, add to what was commanded.
Satan loves the attention. He proved that by showing up in the first place!

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