Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cornerstone Baptist Church Salem, Oregon: THE LIGHT IS ON!

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I have linked various pages from the website of Cornerstone Baptist Church to Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher's name so click the blue!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher yesterday afternoon having asked him to give me a call via Facebook. I had no sooner hit the "send button" when my phone rang. A wonderful conversation ensued.

I awoke about 30 minutes ago with our conversation still resonating in my mind. You see, one of the disadvantages of "blog writing" is the loss of intimacy, at times. For people such as myself who are rather blunt, and or outspoken...lost intimacy can often make or obscure the main point being conveyed. My conversation with Rev. Dr. Chesher reminded me of how wonderful the intimacy of being believers in the one God of Israel is no matter what level of knowledge one has achieved concerning Biblical study.

I write primarily to Christians {who don't know a thing about Jesus the Jew} and to believers who live as a result of skin color or who identify themselves due to race. I  challenge both groups with one thing as the "cornerstone" in my thinking...We are "KIDS OF THE COMING KINGDOM" Our history is absolutely tied to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or ISRAEL. We are so interconnected to the Old Testament and yet both groups [for the most part] do not know the Old Testament or Tanakh. How it is written or why it is written in the manner it was blows the human mind. Too many Christian minds are flat, never been inflated so to speak! I contend that if the Christian does not know these things or if a person honors the God of the Bible as a white person or a black person rather than a person who is created at the whim of the Creator.....98% of the Bible is lost to this individual. Far too many leave the faith because they are working with a flat! 
The faith of Christianity, like all religions is flawed, duh! The belief in ONE God is why the garden was created...Adam was not a religious man.

To those folks who hate the Bible...well, I don't want to talk to you anyway. Really, we have nothing in common.

When speaking with Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher....the heart of being a believer is not lost to this person. The fact that his Baptist congregation meets on Saturday observing the Sabbath or that he teaches TORAH, reconnecting the Gospel to its foundation is Biblical, not "Messy" and is done without the "Antics"  

Far too many folks who are awake to Torah are dead to simplicity

Now, all of you who follow my blog know that I can be very, VERY HARD on the Christian who is comfortable with [in my opinion] following a "Golden Calf"

For clarity sake...long before he was purposed in the flesh he was establishing his identity through Israel. He was doing what the Father had purposed in the beginning which means he always was afoot in the garden as well as in the planting of the garden.

"Let US make man in our image" Genesis 1:26 is not a misprint.

The wonderful conversation with a fellow believer who is from a Christian background but who is sharing the Gospel and Torah completes our mandate. We have much in common! The entire Bible is returning us back...not catapulting us into a place of confusion. The idea is and has always been to RETURN, to TESHUVA back to the Father. I am confident that Rev. Dr. Rick Chesher is doing exactly this and he is sharing the journey with others.

I don't hate Christians, I am one. However, I do not live blind anymore to TORAH. I confront the lies that some are comfortable with living.The more that I learn from Abba, Father's, word the more I realize the lie.
Jesus was a Jewish man on purpose so, we have to go back to Genesis in order to begin to understand why. It is like going from the abacus to the Super computer....Cornerstone Baptist Church is now plugged into that computer! A great big, gigantic light is beaming out of this place, of this I am sure! When one begins to look at, "Why the Jewish stuff"....the key to understanding the unlimited God of the Nations is now in your hand, ready to unlock what is intrinsic to men, found within the human heart...That key replaces wicked and stupid all at the same time. You get a new heart folks while confirming a coming ruler who delivers the government of God that was supposed to be established in Eden.....In the garden of Eden, Israel was planned....just as was the Revelation.

I cannot wait to get down to Salem, Oregon in order to meet these folks.

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