Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas & Armageddon

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I attended a Christmas celebration last night at the church members of my family have attended for 30 years or more. The celebration was what all Christmas celebrations are focused on in Western churches. Jesus was born in a manger, while a census was demanded. Mary and Joseph had produced the Savior of the world via the Holy Spirit. A story was read to the children who were now gathered upon the stage about the candy cane, it's origin and how the strips of red and white represented the blood strips of Jesus. Finally,  how one day everything would be made "White as snow!" The children were encouraged to share the story with other children.

I don't know the biblical story in this manner anymore but I understand the heart of the Father. I sat in the audience praying that the rest of the story would filter into the hearts of everyone present. I reminded myself too, that I am not any better than these folks. What I now understand concerning God's word and Israel only makes me saddened that the people sitting in the audience last night have one narrative raised up by those who believe what was interpreted to them by non Jews.The Disciples would not know the Christmas Story.

As they were reading the story concerning the manger, I saw in my head a nasty pig feeding tray. The census, I saw Feast of Tabernacles taking place. The birth of the Messiah, well, I saw him talking with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knowing that he was in the beginning too. I have another mindset altogether than what was presented last night. I see two eyes of fire, a two edged sword, blood everywhere! I see what Christianity cannot see.

Meanwhile....the race to Armageddon continues:

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