Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Email from a fellow Christian brother!

For my supporters....Please help financially, working on two projects that need your help and prayers. The funding needed is trickling in but lacking. (Thank you) The goal is $2000.

I asked if I could post this, the answer was yes! 
(Thanks Mike S.)

I read a sign the other day at a church  “Jesus is the reason for the season”  I used  to believe that. But the more time I spend in prayer, the more I study God's word, the more I see society as a whole, the more I think; "No wonder the Bible doesn’t give his (Jesus') birth date openly. I wouldn’t want my name attached to the “Most depressing time of the year” [Time Magazine] or the holiday that puts more people into debt than any other. It’s the worst time of the year for (DUI’s). Worst of all, it’s the holiday we lie to our children and tell them some bearded fat guy in a red suit, who  knows if there naughty or nice, will bring them presents or a lump of coal (Now come on, if this isn’t some kind of veiled, weird, twisted reference to and the replacement of God?  Only he truly knows our heart. Some people actually call this guy the father of Christmas? The list goes on. Granted, there are some good things about the holiday.

But think about it, it’s a holiday based on lies 

A Fat guy in a red suit or the birth of the Messiah, doesn’t matter Santa isn’t real, and Jesus wasn’t born anywhere near Dec. 25th  It bring things more into perspective when we ask ourselves, Who is the father of lies?
Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Christ, but was he really born on December 25th  or anywhere close to it? 

We can thank Coca Cola and Clement Clarke Moore (Author: Twas the night before Christmas) for the fat guy in a red suit. (Commercialization of the Lie)

Those of you who know me, know that Christy and I have been  on a journey that started about 2 ½ years ago. We started asking questions. Simple ones at first, then some tough ones. We prayed and we looked into the Bible, for God's answers. What we found will and has forever changed our lives

This video below is a game changer for some, it’s a refresher for others. Either way it’s the best video to date, That I’ve seen on the subject.
Please get back to me on this , I would love to discuss the information with you.


Mike S. 
Federal Way, WA

119 Ministries '"Sunburned Part 1"

YouTube - Videos from this email

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