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America's Fatal Mistake

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Exodus 4:22-23 You shall tell Pharaoh, 'Thus says Yahweh, Israel is my son, my firstborn, and I have said to you, "Let my son go, that he may serve me;" and you have refused to let him go. Behold, I will kill your son, your firstborn.'"

[If the Christian does not get the layers of meaning presented in the above two scriptures, especially in these last hours, the God of Israel might push that Christian "into the Mediterranean Sea".] Most Christians do not understand Torah and so they don't see the layers of meaning or  P.A.R.D.E.S

The title of this blog post is borrowed from John McTernan's three disc set DVD presentation, "America's Fatal Mistake" of which I am currently reviewing.

Before I continue: A good, and wonderful, loyal friend typed the following to me last evening while chatting on line

"I guess I see you as being critical of others when you don't see eye-to-eye in their presentation and that is a bit bothersome to me. It "seems" you tend to see the negative rather than the positive." He added, "I know you are very direct and don't hold back."

Based on the content of our discussion I understood his criticism. I probably would have received a different comment had he been raised in New York or perhaps Chicago. Nevertheless, I did not dismiss his criticism.

I have this sort of dialog many times and with many people. You see, I confront Christianity and the emotional, feel good, "stepford", mentality that today's Christian comprehends as "godly"Our country has gone to hell, the Christian sits in the pews getting a weekly fix of New Testament theology while gay men are having sex openly in many urban centers around our country. They (the gays) march for human rights and marital equality. Certainly not all Christians are subdued or simply living dead. Nevertheless,  I address those who are and many don't want to hear it.

 I also address the horrific and brutal history against the Jewish people inflicted upon them over the course of centuries by the church, both Catholic and Christian, the hell that many blacks endured; these are all based on sin but, they don't want to hear that either.

So the criticism that I face is as common as is breathing. I also address the idiocy of racism and the "I'm Black and I'm  Proud " mentality" in the black church and community...they dislike me even more, and so it goes. In fact, I am that "Kid of the Kingdom" who would stand before Louie Farrakhan or Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr and tell both of them that they can kiss my "You know what" and that I personally cannot wait to see them catapulted into hell! I don't believe in having lunch with these people in the same way God did not enjoy Amalek. Does not mean that I don't and won't pray for them.I am just saying that I would have been the side kick of King David running out with him to face Goliath had the story unfolded in this manner..........okay, deep breath!

John McTernan's presentation concerning the Blackstone Memorial and William Eugene Blackstone, a dispensationalist who came to prominence in the late 1800's caused me great difficulty. I am well read on the subject. Equally, his accolades heaped upon the church and Christianity as a result of a handful of clergy praying for the reunification of the state of Israel or the Zionist movement is not without bias. Understandably, John is a Christian of this mindset. I am not.

In the 1st DVD the Zionist movement is covered with sound historical facts but Mr. McTernan, in my opinion, gives a great deal of credit to Christians for saving Israel. I have studied Theodore Herzl as well. What I recognize is God's hand doing something in the hearts of both camps at roughly the same time. Those Christians who have always pursued the heart of the Father as well as the Jews who have always had the heart of the Father responded to the call. I don't see a conversion happening because the Jews are the ones who taught to all of us about God. The issue of the deity concerning Yeshua, [Jesus if you are Greek minded] never caused God to throw them under the bus and renege of his covenant promises. Nor did God raise up a church because the Jews just ain't getting it! This mantra, so horribly cemented into the Christian psyche drives me nuts.

The 2nd DVD concerns how God is communicating warning to the United States of America concerning our treatment of the Jews. I am well studied on this issue as well. This DVD literally disarmed me. I actually sensed the Father encouraging me to "HEAR Mr. McTernan out". My nature is abrupt but my heart is to honor my Abba, my Father and so I listened and learned a few things that I did not know. I fact checked last night confirming certain events that are presented and found Mr. McTernan's assertions correct. This portion of the DVD is spot on! Here is the problem....If you tell certain people that the Earthquake or the Hurricane is God's way of saying..."I am pissed off with what you are doing"...The "Stepford" folks cringe! You are essentially messing up Sunday for them! "America's Fatal Mistake" is two fold....the Stepford folks exist every Sunday morning and America is currently tossing Israel under the bus.....the later being a death sentence to our country!
 The Sepford Wives 1975

 I will listen to Disc number three today.....

Now you know what I think, so far!  But you might not be expecting what I am about to share? My friend knows me well enough to know that this had to come next....

If you don't find away to get the set of DVD's and see for yourself and then do something...this blog post is not meant for you. If you don't stand for the God of Glory and His first born you would not have listened to Blackstone or Herzl either........

Note to John McTernan....Thank you for what you are doing. May Abba, Father bless you with great vision and commitment to the end or the beginning!

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