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Abraham would have scratched his head and perhaps had nightmares if he was faced with Christianity!

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I have attempted to write about why the average Christian does not see the Bible from its original context for seven years come this July. This blog has over 870 articles addressing this issue in one form or another. One would think that 870+ articles would at least have some sort of impact? I understand the issue with the kind of clarity best compared to looking up at the brightness of the sun. Some things take no explanation. The simplicity of God's word is just that, very, very simple. However, years of interpretation have so skewed the simplicity that in today's world we have literature up the wazoo, explanations, a plethora of complexity and examination.

We don't understand the ancient customs, legal ramifications of vassal  kingdoms, or protocol of how civil laws worked in various ancient communities during various shifting generations. We see the Bible from our reality, with our emotion, and the social structures that our parents and grandparents related to us. Think about an ancient kingdom; what or how were the boundaries of the Kingdom established? Why would something like knowing this matter? The answer begins with realizing Yehovah has always been setting up  vassal kingdoms with the seat and authority of Jerusalem spreading the desire of a Holy and righteous God over all of creation.

As I study the ancient societies that governed during the various times of the writers of the Holy Scriptures they too, were writing based on a couple of generations. The mindset of these people, whether it was Ezra or Rabbi Shaul was communicating  from the reality by which they lived and did everything through. The societies of their day was vastly different from one another as well as ours today.

I was reading the book of Ezra this morning which caused me to skip back to the book of Esther which in essence was causing me to skip from one generation to another. I was examining the decree to rebuild the temple realizing the politics of the time. It occurred to me that those resisting the rebuilding of the Temple were possibly struggling with the debauchery of Israel that caused the temple to be destroyed. I could easily read the campaign of terror that was conducted against the temple building and the lies. However, I could see too a sense of dread that those fighting against Ezra were feeling because of the harlotry of Israel.

All in all, I think they were just more Arabs [known by a different name] who were following the gods of their societies against the God of Israel. I started connecting the influence of Haman, who would have been a contemporary of those not wanting the Temple rebuilt. With the rise of Darius, the son of Queen Esther, things changed for Israel. The entire scope of what was occurring become the Jews being made to follow the dictates of those who hated them when it comes to building in Jerusalem. Hmmmm, starts to sound familiar when re-connected to our generation. Israel can't build a porch onto a house unless the United Nations and yes, even the United States of America approve. Thank God, Benjamin Netanyhu, not unlike Ezra, persist!
Vassal kingdoms to Eden or Jerusalem as it is now known

Many in the Christian world don't see this as a Jewish/Hebrew issue repeating because they don't know the method of how the Bible is repeating itself over, and over again. Many also do not know what the customs and traditions of various time period represent when reading passages in the Bible for example, The Threshold Covenants or Covenant of Salt or Covenant of blood for that matter which refer to legal issuance's or legal precedent and common practices of the Kingdom.
When a person does the research concerning these common law practices that are Kingdom laws of which Moses re-injected into a redeemed people [not unfamiliar to Abraham] the circumstances now explain what the Jews would have all known as well as non Jews. When reading the scriptures certain passages are abstract and undefined, yet God is imploring a method of communication to the reader that the Christian is not connected to because many don't understand the concepts that are being mentioned. Moses never met a Christian his entire life. The word of God has not changed. Nothing in the New Testament is not already written in the Tanakh.

Another example: 
Joshua 4:19 The people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and encamped in Gilgal, on the east border of Jericho.
Ezra 6:19 The children of the captivity kept the Passover on the fourteenth [day] of the first month.
[Yeshua enters Jerusalem on the tenth day of Nissan or the 1st month click here for clarity]

What one has to know in reading these passages is how they are connected to repeating patterns. The patterns all address the appointed times [Feast of the Lord] that God wanted a very specific thing to occur no matter what generation or custom was in place. He wanted this done for a reason and he wanted Israel to do it for a reason. If the Christian does not understand these events and or why they follow the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation it is because of the manner by which Christianity has presented the Bible. A sort of dual reality that is in the abstract is taught every Sunday across the globe. This is not to say that God is not working in the Churches because he is. He is working in Islam and Judaism too. Nevertheless, Abraham would have not recognized Christianity as part of Torah based on its presentation today.

My concern is that the Christian see the difference. Many refuse to challenge how we have been taught to know the Bible [which is odd to me] but understandable based on the last couple of generations.  I have discovered one commonality to all of this and that is Christianity tends to reflect an emotional attachment to the scriptures as opposed to deeper, cognitive, understanding of the historical implication of the entire story that God is communicating. The Christian sees the Christian evolving instead of the restoration of Israel occurring. The entire Bible is communicating the restoration of a set apart Kingdom which ushers in the rule and reign of the Messiah. From Genesis to Revelation we see the beginning leading us to the beginning, detailing what HE has been doing from the beginning, in order to establish the authority of the God of Israel, the Supreme ruler and Creator of all things upon this earth through men.

I watched a Christmas presentation of the birth of Christ as presented by Christians and thought, this is the very reason why the church does not see the bigger thing occurring. Their are at least 20 layers of Death, Burial, and Resurrection, the churches only know the interpretation of the Greeks through the Roman Catholic church for the most part. This is a gigantic problem but the last several generations don't recognize the problem. To point this out causes an emotional reaction which in turn creates a defensive response and so, I am sure that I will get to 900 articles eventually. My heart's cry is for fellow Christians to return to how MOSES understood what was happening.

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