Monday, December 17, 2012

2013, 2014, 2015...Correction is coming, are you ready?

If you see value in the following video...please join me in passing a long a "TIP" to Mr. Carroll Gleason for doing this video, loading up the equipment needed, making the drive and return drive from Portland, Oregon to Bonneylake, Washington in order to film it, spending the hours needed to edit this project and then presenting it here on the Internet. Carroll is a humble man....consider blessing his humility!

The following presentation is rather remarkable. Those of you who realize that everything our five sense can evaluate occurs because Abba, Father can and does communicate. He uses Planets, Stars, the Suns, and the Moons, Wind, Earth, Water, Thunder, Lightening and yes, even a voice. All of which come out of His being, His essence and desire to share with us what he is doing.

What Carroll Gleason is presenting featuring Pastor Mark Biltz is connecting us to the manner of our great God, astronomically. If what you experience blesses you and makes it easier to share with friends and family members, who are searching the scriptures please, consider clicking the "TIP THIS VIDEO" tab below the Video and offer a blessing for what is presented. Thank you. I know that Mr. Gleason will be appreciative.

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Signs in the Heavens from Carroll Gleason on Vimeo.

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