Friday, November 23, 2012

Why didn't we ask the question?

In most science books, found in most American high schools, the subject of dinosaurs usually begins like this, "Millions of years ago." From this moment forward the student is thinking the earth is millions of years old......the premiss is now fixed and the lesson now abstract from biblical truth.

If I were a religious Jew prior to "Jesus" I would have been studying the Scriptures. I would have known a vast amount of Jewish history as a result and would have been directly connected to the "Scattered Tribes" of Israel living under Roman oppression... I would have lived according to TORAH and the instructions given to Moses. Furthermore, I would have experienced an array of religious groups with various synagogues teaching differing doctrines concerning a Messiah to come. I would not know what a Christian was if one were to come up to me and "Kick me in the crotch!" I would have been 100% Jewish, raised with a culture that was created in the desert with Moses some 1500 years earlier. [Why was this culture created?]
 This would have included various concepts, insights and cultural distinctions that evolved as a result of the history, division of the Kingdom, persecution and successes/failures of Israel and ever present "handed down" stories based on actual occurrence.  Almost every Jews on earth would have known about the parting of the Red (Reid) Sea as one example. Deception and sin, ever present, would have also mired Biblical truth. However, just as today the Jews have maintained the TORAH portions, Commanded Sabbath and identity of Israel. The same was true back then. If I were Messianic Jew, I most likely would have followed Jesus like so many did because he was not, NEW but rather, promised. I would have recognized the promise! [Many did.]

In modern Christianity, in particularly with the lay person, but also the seminary trained most overlook Judaism and the Jewish people. (I know that I most certainly did) The concept in Christianity is Christian, replete with Western theology and "Replacement" theology as a back drop [in most cases these two are foundation or in other words, "Millions of years ago." The original, people, their unique historical and miraculous existence is somehow diminished. So much so, that in 1948 when this nation was revived the incredible miracle that took place, which continues to defy explanation is challenged as opposed to embraced.

I am re-reading the book, "They Loved the Torah" by David Friedman. I realized long ago that if I read the scriptures from a "Church" mindset much of the actual content and explicit, contextual differences are not even noticed. As a result, one reads the first verse in the "New Testament" The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. [Matthew 1:1] From this moment on Jesus Christ (Yeshua, in the original) is something other than Jewish or Jewish in the abstract. Why was he Jewish, becomes a question not asked or even thought of. 
In the Epistle of John we read, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." As an American born Christian the fact that his name was not John is not noticed or that Jesus was in deed, in the beginning is also not connected to the Garden in Eden...In fact, we don't even see him in the, "Garden in Eden" mentally because Mary (Mariam) had not given birth to him.....The Garden of Eden is abstract at best because many don't realize that God gave to Adam a parcel of land in a place called Eden. Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua all were given a land covenant... God has given to his son a place called Jerusalem and a throne, established by David...also a Jew who most likely Knew Yeshua was coming!

'Wonder what all that means' not even considered.
When I point out the following scripture to fellow Christians: 2 Timothy 3:16 the thought of the scriptures being referred to  are, "Old testament." is almost immediately overlooked. 2 Timothy (Rabbi Shaul) was not referring to New Testament books...they had not been written. Yet most Christians do not know the Old Testament and completely accept the notion that God is both Old and New while accepting the fact that HE NEVER CHANGES in the same breath. The idea that Jesus would come and do away with the Law/Torah all the while the Jews are under the oppression of Rome as a result of not keeping the Law/Torah is not even considered. This is what "Church" concepts lead most of us away from.

When I ask fellow Christians, "Why were both temples destroyed?" Almost immediately the answer is because the Jews kept disobeying God.....I ask how so? They did not keep the commandments, is usually the response.....I always ask, "The ones Jesus did away with, fulfilled, made obsolete, which commandments?" Often I hear...I had never thought about it like that? 

Which takes me back to the story of the dinosaurs. And God created the Church and the Nation of Israel.
Israel,...what for?

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