Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Among You!

Their are two ways to make a contribution:

The PayPal tab on this blog site or my website
Those who make a contribution will be listed in the credits of the two hour filmed discussion so I need to know if this is okay with each of you.

Every dime that you contribute will go towards the project. I am not a 501 C3 so, a contribution to me is considered income....Not sure how that will work for the project!

Those of you who have already sent a gift towards this effort let me know if I can use your name and addresses will be published

I am putting together a group of people, Christians who have added the understanding of TORAH to our Biblical understanding....We will film the discussion and post it for free

My heart is to share with Christians what has happened in the lives of ordinary folks who have reconnected the Gospel to the Torah or who have returned to the beginning of God's word

I am desiring to produce a high quality filmed discussion and could use addition financial support.

This is not a new idea of mine...I simply cannot sit back and do nothing...I just can't do life this way. Sometimes I need help carrying cost. This is one of those times.

When I reach the additional dollar amount needed I will make it known.

Thanks for reading my blog, visiting my website, buying my book and supporting the life and times of this God Fearer...

A small contribution multiplied by many of you is better than a large contribution by one or two of you! I Think?


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