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Those "Damned" Jewish people!

I remember attending a rally against Israel in Olympia, Washington. A young Jewish girl, she was no more than 23, or 25, years young at best, took the microphone. She proceeded to address the crowd, "I think that the American white people ought give back the land they stole from the American Indians and pay retribution to all of the black people due to the injustice of slavery. I also think that my country should divide the land of Israel and stop killing the Palestinians!"
I asked a question of her after the event, "Have you ever lived in Israel?" Her answer was no! I knew this would be the case.
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This particular event was full of emotionally charged, completely ignorant people who were consumed with and idea that largely is just not true. The poor Palestinians are being subjugated to a living hell by the horrible task masters that are the Jewish people of Israel; pure rubbish!

Every time that I hear a Jewish person suggest that Israel should be divided in order to support the former Arabs of Jordan and Egypt I equate what I hear to black people suggesting that we all be put back in chains and relearn how to pick cotton!
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The facts:

(I typically use Jewish references because I find the information meticulously recorded. I site the Bible as probably the most exceptional of examples.)

Millions of Arab refugees from Jordan and Egypt were displaced not because they were living in the land given to Israel but because Jordan and Egypt refused to allow them to return to their respective countries. The fact is they rejected the passports of many. Jordan actually slaughtered thousands of it's citizens, Black Friday due to the fact that many did not want the Arab refugees to remain exiled in Israel. Jordan, formerly known as Transjordan is also a country created out of thin air due to Winston Churchill  reversing on the Belfour declaration via what is famously referred to as the White Papers
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For all of you who do not readily understand the history let me offer a paraphrased summary:
The Jews were tossed out of the land in the year 136 AD by Emperor Hadrian who was a gay dude that hated the Jews. He renamed the land of Israel Phillistia or Palestine thus, successfully wiping most of the Jews off the map. Years later, the British Empire successfully decapitated the Ottoman Empire and began to dice up the area that the Ottoman Turks (Islamic Empire) controlled since Constantinople. Much of Africa was enslaved by Islam during this time period. The Balfour declaration of 1917 basically restored the land of Israel and the Jewish people, after nearly 1800 years of being dispersed all over the world. After the Ottoman Empire was decapitated the French and the British were trying to avoid a war between the Hashemite clans and the Saudi clans.....Oil was at stake and so Churchill took 80% of the land set aside for the Jewish People back from the agreed upon land in the Balfour Declaration. The nation of TransJordan (Jordan) was created instead. The Jews were thrown under the bus! During all of this double dealing the Jews living in the land who had always been living in the land were called...Palestinians!

The so called "Arab Spring is the attempt by the Moslem Brotherhood to revive the Caliphate system of the Ottoman Empire. These are those who took an oath to restore the Islamic Governmental System many in America [and Western society] think to be a religion.
Duh, As long as we think this we won't see nor understand the Trojan Horse, now parked at the White house. "Great Deception" is actually an understatement of biblical proportion!
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During the wars that the Arabs waged against Israel after 1948 (To date, Israel has never started a war) many of the Arabs were displaced who are now the world's longest people who have lived as refugees...This is who the Arabs have brilliantly caused people like the Jewish girl above to believe deserve a nation..I think that she told me her name was Propaganda Cohen (?)

So, I was at another function against the Nation of Israel whereby a bunch of modern day lunatics were decrying the treatment of the so called Palestinians. One young man stood and addressed the crowd speaking about the suffering of the nation of Palestine. I sat and listened to his very impassioned and emotional rant thinking, "I wonder if human combustion can be a nuclear event as this is how my insides were feeling!" My turn came, I stood and asked the following:

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Can anyone in this room name for me the ancient kings and queens of the Palestinian people. While you are at it, name too for me the scientific, academic, theological, and archeological contributions noted, of relevance concerning the Palestinian people. Please share with me the historical advances that have defined this people that you now are all referring to an occupied people. I sat down and was summarily dismissed. Not one person in the room challenge or attempted to answer my question. Of course, the facts are such that not one person in this hate rally against Israel could. We love the lie and hate the truth is what the folks across most of American colleges celebrate.....meanwhile the Arab civic groups pour money into the college campuses as though it were...oil!
The Arabs must think that the American people are brilliantly, stupid!
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Here I am, a lone black man standing in a room full of imbeciles challenging them on the facts...I am as odd to them as would be a Hobbit, hopping around the room offering coffee or tea! I am not a professor or lecturer, I just love the truth! The beautiful thing about truth is that it is almost never lost, just obscured.

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Albeit, the real truth is as obvious as is the computer age but most of the people who believe what they do are simply an extension of what the sixties caused: a bunch of rebellious offspring, from a bunch of rebellious parents who consider truth to be in the abstract. Well, these folks and the children they bore are now running the asylum. The children of the sixties screwed all of us!
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I was recently listening to a group of high school youth singing [In Seattle] the much celebrated songs of the sixties. I thought it ironic that these kids were singing about LSD, Rebellion, Emotional Peace, Brotherly love, (Love everyone and have sex in your parents, neighbor's front yard) debauchery, sexual immorality and lasciviousness! Our world has flipped! The kids were quite good but completely oblivious to the birth of drug culture that they were celebrating.

If the world system successfully kills the "Jewish State" the obvious question is, whose next? After all, the Arabs that insist on distorted truth celebrate death!
Incidentally, the land surrounding Israel is predominantly Arab controlled. For those of you who think this is a land issue, the ability of your conscious thought has truly, and dare I say, remarkably, been dead for years!
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Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, ABRAHAM (Singular) and will curse those who curse you, ABRAHAM (Singular) and through you all the nations will be blessed..
[We really should give this verse back to the Jews]

Acts 3:25 You are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham, 'In your seed will all the families of the earth be blessed.'

Romans 9:3-4 For I could wish that I myself were accursed from 'YESHUA'  for my brothers' sake, my relatives according to the flesh,who are Israelites; whose is the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the service, and the promises;

Those "Damned" Jews are not so damned after all now are they folks? The truth is in you but you have to "seek out a matter" or you can listen to the Beatles and CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, FOX news, Al Jeezera, and the world system lie to you daily!

You shall tell Pharaoh, 'Thus says Yahweh, Israel is my son, my firstborn,

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