Friday, November 2, 2012

The differences mean everything, the discussion must not end!

I was not able to be there for the following video presentation. However, what Mr. David Nekrutman speaks about is quintessential to understanding how our Jewish brethren comprehend the Holy Scriptures.

The differences is in the fact that they understand their history, we understand the interpretation of it less the mindset of being Jewish 3500, years ago, 2000 years ago or 15 minutes ago.

It is not what we disagree on that should be the focus but rather how different they know their scriptures and how well we have interpreted that history....Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish (?)

Interestingly, Mr. Nekrutman, when discussing Yeshua (Jesus) he credits him with Jewish knowledge but does not examine why Yeshua would challenge the "Lawyer" I found this part of his discussing curious....?

The spirit of our Elohim was with me as I watched this....I literally held back tears.
The Jewish people are wondering what is happening in Christianity that would cause us to...LOVE THEM!

To God be all glory!

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