Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project "Back to Breisheet"

I have received a ton of emails asking me about the little post I made concerning a project that I am hoping to realize.

Here is an outline for project "Back to Breisheet"

I want to put together about 10 to 12 people in order to have a round table discussion concerning how we Christians are returning to Torah and the effect this has had on our lives. I am looking for the average person who like many of us heard the Gospel message, accepted Jesus and who literally had a life changing experience. I am looking to have a discussion from that point forward concerning what has happened since reconnecting to TORAH. (Or at best, understanding what Moses was sharing concerning Abraham when he wrote: "because Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my requirements, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws." Genesis 26:5

I am looking to have at least four cameras and preferably a studio atmosphere with cameras and microphones etc, etc. I hope to involve a few pastors in the discussion. In addition, I am looking for a quality editing job that does not shred the content. I have asked Carroll Gleason of Carroll Gleason Productions to assist in this effort. I am wanting to film a two hour discussion.

The goal is to have Christians share this experience and to also have a spirit led conversation concerning the impact to faith and how the understanding of God's WORD has changed our concepts of the Holy Scriptures, Israel, and the Nations.

I am not a 501 C3 so anything that is donated for this project is not a tax deduction for those wondering.
I am meeting a few folks on Monday night to see what feed back is offered.

At this point this is just an idea that I am moving forward on.

I have three goals as this year winds down (and the next begins) that I would like to accomplish and could use your prayers.

1) Support El Shaddai Ministries Live Streaming
I have been doing what I do for 6 years, nearly seven. The ministry of El Shaddai led by Bill Voice, Pastor Mark Biltz and Art Palecek, [for Christians wanting to understand the Hebraic Root of our faith] is the best resource that I have come to know...I have a personal bias for this reason.

2) Hold four Pastor's luncheons during the course of 2013 in order to build bridges as a result of what the body collectively understands and to keep discovering what is being revealed in these days as one.....I feel the way this happens is if we learn how to have lunch together.

3) Project "Back to Breisheet"    
My blog is not getting 1000 hits a day nor is this a goal of mine. I just love to write and use this forum to express what goes on in my head. It is the core desire of everything that I do to influence God's kids to get out of a skin color mentality and put on a kingdom mentality, our King is coming!

I also think that to not know what our Jewish brothers know about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a travesty and gigantic tool used against those of us who cherish the Holy Scriptures....We have fought one another in disagreement for centuries....Well, what do we agree with? Let's have lunch and talk about it!
Thank you for supporting the effort and reading my stuff!

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